I know it’s difficult. Trust me, I do. There is a dark space in my mind which I slip in and out of, and often I am lost there for days. Sometimes even longer. 

But that’s okay. We all get exhausted with fighting after a while, and battling with your own mind is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. 

Just know that there is a light, even if you can’t always see it, and you must go to that. The darkness can be overwhelming but you are stronger, and one day you’ll forget it’s even there at all. 

—  Fight the darkness (24/05/15, 22:53)

“When I was a kid my home life wasn’t very good. We weren’t that well off so my parents fought a lot. That was the first time I saw my mom cry. I was just a kid, but I thought of one thing when I saw that.”
“What’s that?”
“People need to be loved.”

“사실 제가 어렸을 적에 집이 좀 많이 안 좋았어요. 집안이 기울다 보니까, 부모님께서 자주 부부싸움을 하셨어요. 그 때 어머니가 우는 모습을 처음 봤어요. 어린 저였지만, 그걸 보면서 든 생각이 하나 있었어요.”
“그게 뭐였나요?”
“사람은 사랑을 받아야 해요.”

Day 378 - Brigarron | ブリガロン | Chesnaught

After massive amounts of bulking, Brigarron becomes a hulking warrior type. Its massive fists are harder than concrete, and its claws are tougher than metal. Its arms can come together and weave into an impenetrable vine shield. It’s a gigantic tank of a Pokémon.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day. More here: http://autobottesla.deviantart.com/gallery)

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THIS IS AMAZING!! Muay Thai champ pretends to be a nerd and pwns gym dudes!

The last thing I expected loving you to feel like was waging a war.
Yes, there were landmines spread around us
but your arms like were bomb shelters
and I couldn’t help feeling safe.
Everything was fine until it wasn’t.

When the first bullet tore from your
machine gun mouth,
I finally knew what heartbreak
sounded like.
I finally knew what it was like
to be thrown into a fight
that you’re not prepared for.
And it is something you don’t understand.

You don’t understand how it feels
to wake up to catastrophe.
To wake up to see all you’ve known go up in flames
and the person you called home
turn into an army.
I wonder if my voice sounds less like a song
and more like a warning siren.
Maybe that’s why you felt right in starting this war.

See, you kissed me and I grew afraid
of victory.
You kissed me and you swallowed
my surrenders.
You kissed me and our tongues were
like battlefields.
All loss and loss and loss.

My heart was a hand grenade
and you started loving the sound a pin makes
when it drops.
Don’t you dare ask why
I’m choking up

—  quitethefallacy , Battlefield Tongues