Amphibrood - the SLIME MOM pokemon

Type: fighting

Ability: Adrenaline Rush (powers up fighting type moves in a pinch) or Hydration (hidden ability)

Amphibrood is the evolved form of starnura.

SLIME MOM is inaccurate because these things are hermaphrodites; it’s a SLIME DAD too. They’re usually on the fence about evolving because of the whole alternation-of-generations-parasitic-young thing but the broodlings fight bad guys sometimes so I guess it’s okay.

Due to its permanent slightly bummed out expression it has become a meme among enthusiasts of such things. Its face is usually paired with the text: ‘not a great sensation, guy’.

There isn’t really much else to say about this one. Trypophore calls it a cheap knockoff of itself. Politoed calls it the Worst Frog Ever. Victreebel calls it SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

[I’m nicknaming mine Star Platinum and giving it the moves Close Combat, Bullet Punch, Comet Punch, and Leer.]

Everyone let’s vote here for our fandom : ELF (EverLasting Friend) to show to Super Junior that we’re supporting them !!! The vote finishes on the 3rd May so let’s go !!!! Fighting 👊💙

Tout le monde votons ici pour notre fandom : ELF (EverLasting Friend) pour montrer aux Super Junior que nous les soutenons !!! Le vote finit le 3 Mai donc c’est parti !!!! Combattant 👊💙


Eunhyuk Stay Strong Always and remember that E.L.F. are always here with you…and Choco She will protect you from heaven…like a Beautiful Angel…so don’t be sad and stay strong…I will pray for her to Rest in Peace….Saranghaeee 파이팅‪#‎RIPChoco‬ ‪#‎StayStrongEunhyuk‬ ‪#‎AlwaysLoveChoco‬‪#‎LotsOfLoveForYOUandHER‬ #PrayForChoco 

The signs in a fist fight


Taurus: Will win because the couldn’t accept losing

Gemini: Will swing both insults and closed fists 

Cancer: Thinks about where the punches land to win easily but inflict as little pain on the other person as possible

Leo: These guys are often big and strong with a fragile ego so they will almost kill their victim

Virgo: Tries to make sure the punches hit the correct spots but think to much and fails

Libra: Is afraid during the entire fight

Scorpio: Almost get overpowered and then OOPS a knife slipped out of their pocket

Sagittarius: Punches left and right and kicks and fricken headbutting this is wild

Capricorn: Has had a plan since 3rd grade that they follow precisely

Aquarius: They have experience in fights from the aliens

Pisces: They have an AU in their head were they are kung fu masters, so they overestimate themselves and fails