Boxer Luke

You wouldn’t admit this to anyone but you had always wanted to try boxing. Ever since you were a teenager and you tried to box in your fitness class for a few days, you were addicted to the adrenaline pumping through your veins and the satisfaction of letting your emotions out and beating them into the punching bag. 

This was probably why you were initially drawn to Luke Hemmings. You had first seen him when he was training at the local gym - much like he was today. His blonde hair was stuck to his sweaty forehead and his very nice body was on display in the large boxing ring. Even at first glance you could see the countless amount of scars littering his otherwise clear skin. Some were more prominent than others but they all blended in to create the intimidating aura around the tall male. His hits were strong and quick coming from all that muscle.  

Before meeting Luke you avoided any events that suggested physical exercise. But that day you had been forcefully dragged to the gym by one of your friends who was determined to start working out and eating healthy regularly. (That only lasted a week until she went home and came back with containers filled with homemade greasy goodness.) 

Now, two years later, you can still mentally thank your friend over and over for dragging her to the gym and putting you in the vision of Luke. He had smirked over at you the same way he was doing now. 

It was also thanks to Luke that you now worked out a bit more regularly and had a fitter body than before. 

You felt the strands of your hair brush your neck as your ponytail swung back and forth as you ran on the elliptical. You had been running for almost half an hour when you decided to switch exercises since you knew Luke was still going to be a while. From your spot you could see his deep frown as he concentrated on nailing his punches on his trainer. He never stopped moving, always hopping on the balls of his feet as his trainer coached him through his best techniques. 

“Hey there, pretty girl.” You turned away from the gorgeous sight of your boyfriend to see a tall, bulky man towering over you. You stepped back from the close proximity and smiled awkwardly before moving to step around him. 

The man blocked your way causing you to step back. 

“I saw you running there on the machine. You gotta a nice ass, I gotta say.” He lifted his arm towards your butt but you slapped his hand and moved further back. 

“Don’t touch me.” you snarled through your teeth.

He lifted his arms up in surrender. His muscles were huge and you would be lying if you said you weren’t a little bit intimidated, “I was just giving you a compliment, sweet cheeks. Calm down.” 

You were just about to spit back some not-so-nice words when you heard your boyfriend’s voice, “Sweetheart!” 

Luke signaled for you to go to him and you didn’t eve turn to look at the gross man behind you before making your way over to Luke and climbing through the rope into the ring. You grabbed a hold of Luke’s hand which was wrapped in tape and let him pull you closer until you were chest to chest. His sweaty chest was pressed against your bare abdomen and before you knew it, Luke had swooped down to kiss you stealing the breath from your lungs. 

Your hands had a mind of their own as they traveled to Luke’s hair and wound themselves into the thick, damp strands. A part of your brain still had warning bells ringing from the awful encounter with the other male but if there was anything you could guarantee in this world, was that Luke would do anything to protect you and that included scaring off any person who made you uncomfortable. 

Luke was still kissing, his soft lips tasting sweet and salty at the same time. His head was tilted to get closer to you and you held him close with your arms wrapped around his neck. You could sense Luke’s jealousy as his hands traveled down your back and grabbed a hold of your ass. Once you both broke apart for air, Luke’s eyes stared directly behind you, his jaw clenched tight as his face showed clear irritation.     

That was another thing you loved about Luke. He could be so angry yet he was still so gentle with you. 

You pressed your fingers into Luke’s cheek to get him to turn back to you. You were just about to lean up for another kiss when Luke spoke, “I’m going to teach you to fight.” 

There was no question in his voice. Holding your hand, Luke lead you over to the corner of the ring where he sat down on a stool and pulled you to stand between his legs. Quickly kissing your knuckles, he wrapped the same tape he wore around his own hand, around your hand. 

For the next hour and a half, Luke taught you the correct ways to punch and the best ways to beat your opponent. Not only did you love being able to box with your boyfriend, Luke made sure you knew all the ways to defend yourself “in case your big, strong and incredibly handsome boyfriend isn’t around”. Luke would hold the punching bag as you continuously punch the shit out of the leather bag and he even let you take a couple of swipes towards him (unfortunately you were a bit too slow and no where close to his professional level). 

It was nearing the time that the gym was closing and Luke was standing directly behind you with his arms on your hips. 

“Now, remember what we went over.” his deep voice sent chills down your spine, “What do you do if they attack you from behind?” Getting ready to defend yourself, you lifted your leg slightly but doubled over in laughter once you felt Luke’s fingers tickle your sides. He didn’t stop even when you were lying on the floor breathless from laughing. His fingers danced along your sides as you squirmed underneath him. Luke finally stopped tickling you and gave you a chance to breathe as he stare down at you with his beautiful smile. 

“Remember, don’t get distracted.” he said while holding your chin gently.

“I hate you.”

“You love me.”

You rolled your eyes but admitted it anyways, “I do love you.” 

It was days after the incident with the intimidating stranger that you, unfortunately, had to see him again. It was one of Luke’s matches and the man was standing directly across from you on the other side of the ring. He winked at you and continued to stare as the match went on. You kept your eyes on Luke who gave it his all against his opponent who appeared to be much stronger than Luke by the looks of his bulging muscles. 

But Luke was better. He was faster and his punches had an immense amount of power behind them. By the end of the match, Luke face was shining under the bright lights with sweat and his lucky black t-shirt was sticking to his skin as if he had just submerged himself into a pool. His hair was flat and he was breathing heavy but he was still the most handsome man in the room.   

He had beat his opponent (not surprisingly) and was once again named the best fighter in the region. 

It was after the fight as you were waiting for Luke near his dressing room that you felt a large presence behind you. 

“Nice to see you again, sweet cheeks.” The man caged you in against the wall with his large, meaty arms and you cringed at the overwhelming odor of sweat and alcohol coming from him. 

Instead of waiting for him to do anything else, you pushed his arms away with your hands and hit your palms against the side of his head. He staggered back as you stepped forward and push your palm up towards his nose and heard a crunch under your palm. The intoxicated man held his nose as it started to bleed which left him unguarded. You lifted your left and kicked him straight in the crotch, then lifted your knee so his bent head made contact with your solid knee cap. He fell over groaning in pain and you stepped back, dusting your hands off on your pants. 

“Don’t ever come near me again.” 

You heard a whistle and looked up to see Luke walking towards you in a fresh t-shirt and a slightly pissed off look. 

He walked up to the groaning man and gave him one solid punch to the face before walking over to you and bringing you into his arms. 

“Damn, sweetheart. That was totally badass.” 

You laughed quietly as your heart still beat fast and the adrenaline rushed through your veins. 

“Let’s get out of here.” Planting a firm kiss on your lips, he led you over the now-unconscious man and pulled you out of the venue. 

“Hey, Luke?” 

He stopped near his car and turned to face you, “Yeah?” 

You bit your lip, “Is there any chance I could start training with you?” 

Luke’s face broke into a smile as he grabbed your face and kissed you gently, “Thought you’d never ask.” 

♫ en un mundo lleno de gente,
en donde no puedes viajar con personas
que no tienen la voluntad de volar
¿no es una locura?
locura…en un mundo lleno de gente,
en donde no puedes viajar con personas
que no tienen la voluntad de volar
¿no es una locura?
locura…locura…locura. ♫

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Top 5 moments fo the tournament my group organized just some days ago, sadly moments 2 & 3 lack sound because of a techincal goof up on my part, I tried to make this video in the same vain that Capcom FIghters do their top 5 of SF IV tournaments, dunno if I succeded tbh but I can only get better from here I guess.