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A comment on feminism vs equalism: the term equalism should be applied to fighting all inequalities while feminism is better for fighting the patriarchy in particular because it clarifies the issue as the degradation of "feminine" things and people

Eeh?  Like, we do desperately need a broad word for that sort of thing but equalism and egalitarianism have already been pretty definitively hijacked.  Definitions should make communicating information easier and “I’m an equalist” prompts a conversation that’s likely going to leave the person confused.

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Rape Culture has been debunked and also statistics didn’t support the theory in the first place.

And yet Feminists still claim there is “rape culture”

This is not surprising at all since the wage myth has been debunked at least 20 times and yet they still claim, there is a wage gap.

Because Feminism is anti logic.

Feminism is anti science.

Feminism is ANTI equality.

Feminism is Lies.

I wrote this comic forever ago, but lately there’s been a lot of crap on my radar about how girls shouldn’t or can’t do blahblahblah lately and to be quite honest it has gone beyond ridiculous and into jumping sharks.

Go cosplay, go make comics, for the love of $diety go make games. Just don’t forget that whenever somebody says that you can’t do something - particularly if it’s out of a gender norm - IF YOU DON’T DO IT, THEY WIN.  DON’T LET THEM WIN.

Comic made in Photoshop, all the way.

“FEMINISM is not a dirty word. It does not mean you hate men, it does not mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan, and it does not mean you are a ‘bitch’ or ‘dyke’, it means you believe in equality” - Kate Nash

Feminists: Why are people not feminists? Why are people against feminism? Do you hate women? Do you hate equal rights? Does the idea of women being equals to men scare you so?

Anti-Feminists: um.. No, equality is good. Equal rights for women is great. But feminism has a bunch of toxic and corrupt people. There are feminists who bash trans-individuals . There are feminists who bash men.There are feminists who bash women who don’t agree with them. Feminists have doxxed people, they have harassed people. They have sent bomb threats, death threats and even rape threats. And yet “good” feminists refuse to call them out.

Feminists: *closes eyes*

Feminists: *covers ears*

Feminists: *walks 5 feet away*

Feminists: Why are people not feminists? Why are people against feminism? Do you hate women? Do you hate equal rights? Does the idea of women being equals of men scare you??????

“I call myself a feminist when people ask me if I am, and of course I am ‘cause it’s about equality, so I hope everyone is. You know you’re working in a patriarchal society when the word feminist has a weird connotation." - Ellen Page

Does Patriarchy really benefit men?

According to Feminists, Patriarchy is a system that was created by men to give men privileges and power and to oppress women.

At the same time, If you bring up men issues, feminists will claim that its patriarchy “backfiring” and patriarchy hurts men too.

Lets see “Backfiring”

  • Men aren’t suppose to show emotion.
  • Men can’t be raped.
  • Men can’t be abused.
  • Men are rapists.
  • Men are pedophiles.
  • Men are murderers.
  • Men are abusers.
  • Men are deadbeat parents.
  • Men only care about sex.
  • Men’s lives are disposable.
  • Only men can be bread winners.
  • Men are dumb.
  • It’s ok if men kill themselves.
  • It’s ok if men die in the line of work.
  • It’s ok if men are homeless and poor.
  • Men must be tough.
  • It’s ok if men die by the thousands.
  • Men must be a walking pile of muscle.
  • It’s ok if boys struggle through school.
  • It’s ok if boys fall behind in education.

How does  a system that benefits men also denies their suffering? So rape,abuse,murder of men is backfiring? Backfiring is a minor unexpected and undesired result. Rape, abuse and murder are not “minor”, regardless of gender.


First photo-set of today’s protest at Rick Perry’s mansion. We stood outside the governor’s mansion, with locals who we had met while doing outreach in different neighborhoods, and some who were compelled to take part on the spot, to oppose this governor’s woman-hating agenda, which will drive women back to the dark ages. We shared stories of women who died from illegal abortion; stories of women who today, face the shame and stigma that is heaped on women for obtaining this most fundamental right; and stories of women who were forced to have children against their will.There is nothing legitimate about his position on abortion, and unless the people rise up, he will get away with driving women backwards, to the days of illegal abortion, where an estimated 5,000 women died every year from botched illegal abortions.