chicken-is-not-my-style asked:

do you know any good fanfics? I'll literally read anything that's well written. Even something along the lines of the milk/skin fic.

alot of the omegle rp’s are surprisingly good, so you could possibly look in the phanmegle tag? you could check the phan tag as well. I literally just read this one and it’s fantastic. Have you read Fat Chance? This one is my favorite one ever and these are great too. :D

chicken-is-not-my-style asked:

Good morning! I'm just hoping you're having an ok day, I hope nothing saddened you today, and if something did, then, aww. Maybe you should re-watch an episode of Merlin, or listen to a MCR song? Just so you can cheer up! Also, writing to your inbox is no problem at all and if you ever want me to write to you again, I could!

this is so cute and sweet thank you so much, it made me smile :D how was your day? 

if you want to talk, i’m always here :D