just some of the sickest murals ever!

INSA - MORE Exhibition.

INSA started out as a graffiti writer in the back streets of London and now he has broaden his audience by capturing the hearts of fans around the world. He has been in California for some time now and have completed several large scale outdoor murals in his famous provocative style. Furthermore his activities are not limited to the streets, as he is teaming up with FIFTY24SF and Upper Playground for an exhibition showcasing all new works.

MORE will feature nine completely new works utilizing mix media from sculpture to paintings and custom made lightings were placed to accentuate each piece.

Also on display are his signature Heel prints and selection of photographic prints that aided in gaining his popularity.

FIFTY24SF Gallery
218 Fillmore Street | Map
San Francisco, CA 94117
TEL #: 415-252-9144

Exhibition Dates: February 3rd (Thursday) – February 28th (Monday)


La sucursal capitalina de la galería de San Franciso, FIFTY24 se apersona estos días en la muestra de arte contemporáneo internacional Scope, en Miami, Florida, la cual está abierta al público del 4 al 8 de diciembre.

El talento que representa a la propuesta de la galería incluye a los mexicanos Saner y Pedro Friedeberg, la francesa Miss Van, Paul Insect del Reino Unido,  Meredith Dittmar de E.U.A. y Ericailcane de Italia.

Si puedes visitar la muestra de Miami, la dirección es el número 1000 de Ocean Drive.

Si quieres visitar la FIFTY24 México, está en Colima 184, colonia Roma, D.F.