naming their hairstyles
  • michael:did it mean name them like give them names like mark?
  • ashton:[points to hair] steve haha
  • calum:you laugh at your own jokes so much
  • ashton:cause i'm fucking funny
  • calum:NO ONE laughed at your joke except you [ashton voice] 'MY NAMES STEVE HAHHAHA' [to michael] dude we moved on it doesn't mean that

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Can you write something where Harry is a football player (American) and he's popular with a cheerleader gf and then y/n is kind of a fiesty/goody-goody who's his tutor when he's failing one of his classes or something? Then feelings begin to develop? He likes her bc she doesn't take his shit like everyone else in school? Sorry I've been watching friday night lights and it's making me crazy

I am Merida, first born descendant of Clan DunBroch.
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I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, or if this belongs here(though I am fairly certain it does), nor do I know if he is Korean, but shisus fucking kaist, I wanted to share him.

This cutie’s (artist) name is Jhameel, and I just happened to stumble upon his fineness a couple of minutes ago.
Thought that I’d share this hot AND awkward MV, which really, is a feat in itself.

My hands will not remain above the belt area tonight.


I dunno if he’s Korean either (I searched the webernets and came up empty) but apparently he speaks Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and to my private parts.