Me and my parents and sisters got invited to a quinceañera party!

If some of you don’t know what’s that. Its a Mexican tradition that gets celebrated when a girl turns 15.
Its a sign when a girl finally turns into a lady. First we do a mass in a church, then that’s when we make a party where the birthday girl does a lot of dances. Its really fancy and beautiful when its about quinceañera parties. Not only that, the quinceañera also get to wear a amazing dress, its almost like a Disney princess kind of dress X3
And also, the parties can have a theme. The quinceañera party that we are going to, its gonna have the theme of…. phantom of the opera!
And yes, that photo of the bat mask, that’s my mask for the party X3
I can’t wait to see everyone’s masks, its gonna be so cool!
My mom is going to take photos. So I think like in a week I’ll upload the photos from the party ^____^
For now, here are photos of me and my sisters all dressed up for the party :3

Later! ^______^

Hangtod karun nalipong gihapon kos among gipangsakyan. Nagsakit japon akong ulo. Hoooh. Naa pay Discohan dires amo na hastang sabaa, di jud ko katulog.
Tabangi nalang kog hurot ani bi, wa mahurot. Haha. Para makatulog lang jud ko. Char. Aylageh. Haha.