Review of Dita von Teese at Cafe Ole, Space Ibiza 2014

Arriving close to 1AM, there is no doubt that the Café Olé crowd is… different. Partiers of all sorts of styles and backgrounds queued quite happily in the infamous Space parking lot, glittering from every angle and every age.

The energy at Café Olé is fueled less by the rough and rowdy youth of some events on the island, sparked more by the unabashed erotic expression of true (and legendary) Ibiza fans. That’s not to say that Café Olé is any less impressive, and it certainly has its own version of a rowdy fiesta on the White Isle. Café Olé is branded each year as a glamorous display of sexuality in movement and design, and boy does it deliver.


Space’s entrance and adjacent rooms were a mild introduction to the Café Olé world, but gave a definite glimpse into the style of the evening. DJs tossed top hits into danceable techno beats, and a mixed bag crowd of party people smiled as they started to loosen up. As the crowd got into the Monday groove, it was hard to find anyone in the room without a smile, loving the night and loving the DJ to the tune of “he’s a funky wee bastard, isn’t he!”

In the main room, Café Olé really began to take shape. The DJ was as impressive as even some of the big name performances, dropping music designed for movement, and, let’s be honest, a little dirty dancing. Gorgeous bodies performing acrobatics worthy of a circus tent on the ground and in the air took the stage in little more than sleeves and leotards. Gorgeous costumed drag queens of top tier quality wiggled on dance floor islands, men took the Café Olé stages in varying amounts of leather glued to bodies that can be described as nothing other than delicious, and tasty dancers draped in pearls and nipple pasties got down and dirty, really, all night long.


Café Olé has invited superstars that fit its style all season long and in seasons past, but none quite match up to the true Burleque queen, Dita von Teese. After an introduction wrapped in a rendition of Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, sing-alongs in the style of the most glamorous divas, and outfits suited expressly for the Café Olé stage, the name on everyone’s lips was Dita.

By the time the curtains opened on Dita’s world-famous Carousel act, I was breathless with anticipation. Dita von Teese has made a name for herself representing the true spirit of burlesque, building her empire on everything from her sexuality to her lingerie line, and of course her expert skill in strip-tease. I was surprised how difficult it was to watch Dita live – I was mesmerized. I felt my mouth dangling open while she owned the stage with her burlesque expertise. I noticed after the fact that she had removed articles of clothing, constantly distracted by a feather fan here, a line of glitter there, a bedazzled crop and gentle spank, and her quite frankly perfect shape.


The circus style lights and carousel music fed in and out of juicy burlesque tunes, and Dita straddled her glittering plastic pony from every direction, twirling in her trademark tease and flaunting it all in a show combining the naughty and classy in a way only few can master. I felt I had waited four hours to see ten minutes of Dita, and every Space car park fight and Café Olé latex bunny mask was worth it for her delicious performance.

I have waited two years to see Dita von Teese perform at Space Ibiza. Truthfully, I might not have made it to Café Olé without her, but the successes of her performance and the event at large made Café Olé a double whammy. I wasn’t sure what to expect on my way to the show, but I admit, I’ll be back. There’s nothing like a little shameless fun on the White Isle, and if you’re going to let loose in the wildest way, you might as well do it at Café Olé.

Originally published by IBZ.TV at Ibiza 2014. 2013 - 2014 Contributor.


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