DINAGSA 2015 // Cadiz City, PH

It’s an annual routine. Last Sunday, my friends and I went to Cadiz City, just a bus ride away from Bacolod to enjoy and experience the festivity there. It’s called the Dinagsa Festival! It’s almost the same as the Masskara Festival here in Bacolod - there are also street dancing competitions and street parties (and a lot of drinking). But what’s more fun and unique is that the Cadiz locals celebrate their fiesta with the aid of colorful paints. Upon arriving in the city proper, we were greeted with tourists and locals all alike, painting our faces with different colors. I bought my own paint and tried to join the painting game. I don’t really see the point in it all, but it’s so fun and gleeful to see that at the end of the day all of us will more or less look like a colorful and abstract canvass. 

The best thing about Filipino fiestas is that there’s variety. Each and every town/city in the country will always have its trademark that will certainly make tourists come back for more. And Cadiz will surely be one of those. 



The book of life fandom wants to wish you a happy birthday!!!!!!

May this day be amazing for you! I hope you get to celebrate this day with a big fiesta!!!! :D

You are a big inspiration and a awesome man who always motivates us to never give up in our dreams! And to give us the inspiration to write our own stories of our lives.

Happy birthday Jorge r. Gutierrez aka Mexopolis! ^_________^