So I had three goals for Saturday at TCAF

A. Meet albinwonderland and tell her how much I admire her

B. Get a ‘Girls Don’t Read Comics’ bag from kateordie and tell her how much I admire her

C. Get Namesake Book 2 from secondlina and savvyliterate and shower them with praise and love.

The first one I accomplished like a boss without even have to walk into the building.  I managed to run into Angelina standing on the corner across the street from TCAF and immediately acted like I wasn’t a raging fangirl and succeeded in getting a couple of photos (the second one was her idea - I SWEAR!) No but for real she was awesome and adorable and so gracious - quite a few people wanted to say hi or take a picture while I was talking with her and she took the time to chat with them and even went so far as to go across the street to meet a friend of someone who was too shy to go up to her - SO SWEET!  And I’m so glad I got a chance to chat with her. ^^ 

Also got to see Deena - although very briefly as she was leaving just as I was arriving - passing like ships in the night! XD

Once inside fierywingtips and I found plus4frostresist and Laura and we all wandered around downstairs.

We discovered the lovely Agnes Garbowska and Megan Carter in their little nook by the stairs  - so great to chat with those awesome ladies again!

Once we got upstairs we found Katie and Shaggy at their table, Adriana didn’t have a table this year but she introduced me to the lovely J R Faulkner and I found Kate and snagged that awesome tote bag!

Finally I found the Hiveworks table - Isa and Megan were very busy and I was very sad to discover that Book 2 wasn’t available yet.  But Isa made me a rad Emma/Warrick sketch which I will treasure. ^^  Plus I got an awesome Wonder Woman pendant to match my outfit!  Also got to meet Cory from The End Comic - extremely talented dude!

After everything had wrapped up a whole bunch of us went for Korean BBQ  with Katie, Shaggy, Heather, Adriana, Jules and a few others whose names are escaping me atm.  After delicious Ramen I went to the bathroom and ran into Megan again who told me that their group (including Isa, Cory and Megan Carter) were eating at a table just around the corner!  So we invited them all to join us for crepes afterwards which was a great walk that included a very bizzare ad for a ‘mens sex maze’ from which lots of delightful conversations were spawned.  And then delicious delicious crepes and back home.

Overall, another excellent TCAF experience!


So FANEXPO was amazing!  jakface came to stay for the week and even though we didn’t get much sleep we still had a ton of fun and laughed our butts off.  We did Ladies Night at the Comic Book Lounge, Canadas Wonderland with ktshy and fierywingtips, we had a studio BBQ with gamma-girl and megankearney, we were invited on to an episode of Shanahanigans Live which you can watch here (if you get the chance, please do, it’s hilarious!)

It was my very first time tabling at Fanexpo and my very first sale was the framed Doctor Who triptic so I was very pleased with that!  Thursday night we did Fanexpo Kareoke with a huge group of people which was a BLAST and I lost my voice and we didn’t get home until 4am so we only got a couple hours of sleep and then we had to get up and head back into Toronto for day two!  

I had a few ‘Get yourself drawn as a Sailor Scout’ commissions but I was very happy to get a couple of comic book commissions, one guy wanted his wife drawn as Power Girl and a Scarlet Witch cosplayer wanted Scarlet Witch and I was very pleased with how they turned out. Friday night we had Ramen with zomgdance and jacob-johnson-art and deenadraws as well as our friend Nicole, and then went home and crashed!  

I got to see the awesome theswearingmime and her g/f dressed up as Peggy Carter and Army Steve and holy am I ever a sucker for ladies in uniforms!!  theswearingmime also cosplayed Captain Marvel on Thurs. but I didn’t get a picture (check her blog, I’m sure there will be tons!) Oh also we got to see imaicosplay in her amazing Battle Armour Sailor Moon cosplay (my absolute fav of hers!) Sat. night was Spaghetti Factory meet up - there were 14 of us and it was an awesome night of chatting, networking and a whole lot of laughter!  

On Sunday the ever awesome Angel came by in his battle Rufio costume which was so amazingly accurate!  I had to get a picture of him with the print he bought!  I bet even rufiozuko himself would be impressed! XD  Thos adorable punk Sailormoon Girls came by a few times over the weekend - if you’ve followed me on tumblr send me a quick message so I know it’s you!  Sunday night we packed up, said goodbye to everyone we could and headed back to newmarket for some Swiss Chalet!  I drove jakface to the airport that night and just like that it was over.

BUT I’ve rebooked for next year and I’m already pumped about having a full table and hopefully jakface will come and stay again whether for fanexpo or another Toronto con!  

I wanted to mention a few other people I saw over the weekend like hopelnicholson keiren-smith tytempleton spartanideal and our table neighbors Alex and Khaiam from smellslikematurity, and Rachel portablecity and Noreen neomonki as well as Andrew from argcomic - you guys are awesome for putting up with our tired and caffeine addled butts! <3


Hey so I forgot to tell you guys I had a birthday back there at the beginning of the month and me and my hubby and a bunch of my friends went out to The Old Spaghetti Factory to celebrate!  MY BEST FRIEND GOT ME A PURPLE UKULELE and I’m so freaking happy about it you have no idea… it was a big group and such a good night, tons of stories and laughs and bad ukulele playing by me… oh man - I’m so glad I know so many awesome people!