People in the kpop fandom need to appreciate and respect girl groups more. Not only do they have to work almost twice as hard, but they have to deal with slut shaming and shit like that. If a girl dresses in a sexy way, she’s a slut. But when your precious oppa doesn’t wear a shirt, it’s sexy? Give me a break. Also think about the fact that most of these girls probably have had to do promotions during their periods. IMAGINE DANCING AND PERFORMING WITH THE WORSE PERIOD PAINS AND YET YOU HAVE TO SMILE AND PRETEND TO HAVE FUN? THAT TAKES SOME SERIOUS GUTS. Girl groups needs more respect and appreciation. GIRLS GROUPS ARE FIERCE AS HELL AND DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD IN LIFE.


That OC I doodled of Leo’s kid was kind of too cute so I’ve decided to give her a name.


Chris Evans about his role in Griffin Dunne’s Fierce People (2007) [x]

“What fills that void when you have everything? When you’ve been given everything from birth? […] There’s nothing wrong with this kid’s life. Nothing. So I think those inner beasts - that everyone has and that are overshadowed with the problems of day to day life - just step to the foreground and come out in a really ugly fashion.”