I’m not exactly sure how to start this off, but hello there!

I’m Sasha, and I’m currently enrolled in San Francisco’s FIDM campus, for Fashion Design.

In order to compromise with my addiction to tumblr, I’ve decided to actually post my schoolwork here, and share my experiences.

Lets see how this turns out, yes?

Fro Yo

Hands down the frozen yogurt place I went to in L.A. is better compared to  any of the ones in the Bay Area, but I still needed to get my fro yo fix in today! Especially because its been warmer lately.

I’m still in the midterms portion of my quarter, so I’ve definitely been at home a lot more, so it was actually nice to take a break and go run a few errands. I’ve dropped the ball quite a few…

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Going to bed while the sun is still out.

Exhausting weekend was exhausting. SO GREAT, THOUGH! Finished my finals last week (#hurrah), worked for a few days, then after work on Friday I jetted up to Sacramento for my boyfriend’s little brother’s high school graduation! So proud of him. Spent the rest of the weekend partying it up with their fantastic Italian family and generally having a wonderful time, as per ushe.

Then today! Ohmgosh, you guys. I had my first-ever meeting with an admissions advisor at FIDM in San Francisco! It was incredible, and I was absolutely blown away by what the school has to offer. Knowing the way that I work and the way I go through my creative process… It kind of seems like it might be a perfect fit for me! Anna, the advisor I met with, was SO helpful and patient. She really made it seem like FIDM genuinely cares about each student that walks through their doors and that vibe definitely came across during my time there today. They’re really proud of their alums and the work that those alums produce all over the world. Really exciting times, guys. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for me.

Oh also, check out my last post about Stirpicus’ live-tweeting the Teen Wolf episode tonight. Gonna be goooooood. 👌

Anyway, goodnight.

Summer Quarter 2015

Ugh so yea it’s time to get back to reality and go back to school. I’ve been doing three online classes for the past 2 weeks, but I also enrolled in 2 in-class classes. It was nice to see all of my friends from school again, but I’m definitely not in school mode yet. I went from working in a buying office to now doing school projects again…what a jump!

I honestly miss working, my heart isn’t…

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