The Moonshine Howlers live in Rock Cafe Prague

they fuckin’ rock!!!!!!!!

this video is made by me hahah..  this band just started to play, absolutely new. 

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actually the interviewer asked how many girls out there dream about harry doing that (the "fidling with the front of their shirts") to them and i actually find it quite respectful that harry always swerves questions like that. ain't nothing to do with him being gay, just him not wanting to talk about girls in a way that makes them look like sex crazed monsters. but... larries...

I know… Harry is actually very media-wise and I think that’s probably the reason why he always tells boring stories in interviews so interviewers can’t come up with shitty questions while he talks about fish lmao… And it’s really bothering that people can still make up shit no matter what he says or what he does…

I'm so confused

Hope is new in school and has a bad history of depression and social anxiety can she handle the her friend and tormentors or will she lose her mind completely? Contains: suicide attempts , self harm,

I dont think i can do this!

Vic’s P.O.VTony and Jamie sit with us. I dont think that Tony’s to fond of Hope yet. He doesnt usally sit on the branches anymore. I look back at Hope, she was staring at her hands fidling with them…

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It's my first time going to the gym today and I'm mortified!! In need of some reassurance, motivation and tips on how to not make a fool of myself! via /r/Fitness

Dear Redditers,

I am in need of some motivation/ tips/ being told I’m being silly … After getting my first office job at a desk 9-5 , I have put on a lot of weight in the last 10 months (10kg , 22lbs, 1.5 stone). I finally decided it was enough and after seeing a deal online for a 6 weeks bootcamp and fidling with the idea of signing up, by SO decided we would do it together. It was the perfect motivation! It made us so much happier as a couple to exercise together and we both improved the fitness test we took at the beginning of the course, by over 50%! Unfortunately, the full price outside of the deal, to keep going at that gym with a personal trainer is too much for us. But we are determined to keep going!

We found a gym that is within the budget and we are signing up today. But we are so scared! We feel so intimidated by all the people that are there and seem to know what they are doing. We are worried that previously, during the bootcamp, someone was always there telling you how to do things and you never felt like a fool. I know it’s silly. Everyone was like that when they started. But I am scared that my insecurities will put us off going to the gym and we will lose all progress made. I’ve downloaded all possible apps to help at the gym. I feel like I just need to stick to going and doing it!! We also have some classes we can attend. I feel like that will be good at least in the beginning to get used to the gym and feel comfortable.

Soooooo… throw us some tips and motivational stories about how on your first time at the gym you too felt like a fool.

tl;dr: first time gym goers feeling intimidated about their first time, in need of some motivational tips.

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