anonymous said:

Question, how long did it take u to get that binder that's dark blue from ebay?

I don’t have it yet, but ebay is estimating that it’ll be here mid september.  You might want to ask the person from the original post how long it took them to get it…

Edit: I’m assuming you meant the black and red (not blue…although they also had blue on ebay) binder shown here.

The original post was posted by fictionalfeather.  Hope this helps.

9000 posts! It’s only taken me about 4 years to get to that many. lol

Here’s a picture of me and fictionalfeather at Cville Pride with the new pin I got! 


Life back in radford for the semester is still kinda nuts. Lots of friends to hang out with and do crazy shit with. I’ve been going out every weekend to hang out at the bars around town. I usually get someone trying to hit on me. At first it’s kinda flattering, but after a while when you can’t go to wal-mart to get medicine without being hit on, it gets annoying. lol

And I’ve been talking to a guy that lives in Roanoke. So far he’s pretty nice. I usually refer to him as Mistah J :)

fictionalfeather said:

So I just wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU FOR HAVING SUCH AN AWESOME BLOG. Be prepared for me to spam you with likes and reblogs, because I'm busy going through all your dropdown links. Fabulous, just fabulous.

omg i adore you already cmere u 

fictionalfeather replied to your posti just really like it when fandoms get together to…

Gotta say, Im quickly becoming a Homestuck fan just because of the fandom. Theyre immensely talented and do these great things and Im jealous.

This is literally Teen Wolf for me. I only really watched the show because the fandom seemed really cool and talented. (And now TW has sunk its teeth into my soul and I can’t get it out.)

(Uh, no pun intended.) 

Today at guitar my friend Brandy and I were playing Bad Moon Rising and she likes playing in the key of G while I like playing it in the key of D, so at the end we played rock-paper-scissors for which key to play it in from now on.

If she won we have to play it in the key of G (as well playing I’m Alive next week, which is hard for me since I’m still pretty iffy with bar chords), but if I won then we have to play it the key of D (as well as playing Coin-Operated Boy, which she hates playing the bass line for). 


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UGH, SAMMY please explain to me why I'm having so much unresolved sexual frustration over a MAN. I blame you and being stuck in a car with your rampant hormones.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! You were trapped in the car and then we went to a Star Wars improv show where there was an adorable guy and then you were back in the car with me :D so it was all my rampant hormones! which man is this btw? It better at least be an attactive man