Hi everyone ! Voila my post on How to use bristol card. I use bristol cards all the time and that help me because I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner. I use a A5 format. You can buy bristol cards here.If you don’t have Bristol cards you can use a sheet of paper (A4) that you fold in two.

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Can you correct my orthography and grammar because I’m french and I learn English :)

Here’s the story, a good mate of mine spent last weekend at Yamba (northern NSW). The weather was perfect but the surf was annoyingly flat. One of the local boys let the visiting rippers in on a little surf-starved locals only secret. One of the boys Dads is a fisherman, they hi-jack his trawler, load it heavy and run it dangerously close to the sandbars up and down the Clarence River. As you can see is creates some devastatingly rippable little waves. Lengthy tubes, shove-its, lay-backs and other radicalness ensued. Jealous much?