hey i will no longer be using the tag fichcomic for my comic! for personal reasons im not fond of the name anymore and i’m changing it to rybkomic with the help of donut-brando on wordplay ideas, huehuehue. i just made a blog of the same name which i will begin updating as the official comic blog at some point, but for now thats just a saved url and you can find all my work in this tag on my blog! i intend to begin working on the comic more seriously now; i dunno when itll actually HAPPEN but ill be posting up concepts and stuff more regularly. STAY TUNAD!!!!! (like tuned, but with tuna, because the comic is about fish.)

Even though I draw Snoot as a big pathetic baby creature, I forget to stress the fact that his job is actually working for the city to p much do construction, work as a tool for the police force and kill people

He’s so polite though