glad you came | emma/hook (1/1)

title: glad you came

summary: They’re in New York just to pick up her and Henry’s stuff, and maybe eat some pizza and Asian fusion takeout, but Emma’s getting paid partially for her last job in the scumbag’s concert tickets, she’s not in the mood to argue, and what the heck, might as well go.

Days later, when asked, she’ll say it was a “good concert,” and leave it at that.

notes: did I write canon compliant cs drunk & high concert smut. yes, yes, i did

this could not have been written without Ali, Sandy, and Daphne…so blame them

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alright, i’m late with this and it isn’t even what i promised to write for you (that’s still a wip which i WILL finish OKAY) but happy belated birthday Rachel!!

you are a incredible writer and all round good egg and i am so so happy that mari introduced us because now we’re collabing and this au is in my life and i’m so damn happy

ANYWAY. this fic is a little missing scene from Rachel’s phenomenal Spellbound AU which y’all need to read immediately. when i read part two, this one line really stuck with me and i told rachel that i’ve been dying to expand on it and she gave me permission to (*cough* and has been nagging me to) write it. this is pretty spoilery for the fic so please do read that first if you haven’t already.

NSFW content below xo

“No strings attached.”

It’s something between drunken stupor and denial that carries them back to his flat on those words. Both barely believing that they can be anything of the sort when they have always seemed to be entwined so irrevocably that simply snipping those strings that bind them would do nothing to separate them. They are bound, the two of them.

Percy’s mouth is insistent on hers, but gentle too as he backwalks her into the flat, treading the familiar path to his bed where she falls, dragging him right along with her. His eyes are trained right on her, transfixed and she can feel his gaze like the fingers that trace her skin, drawing clean lines up her thighs to bunch the skirt of her dress. Annabeth lifts her hips slowly and he drags the material up.

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Starkquill Fic: Regret

A/N: For the anon who wanted Steve to look at Tony and Peter being happy together, and feel regret for what he lost.

I hope you’re happy. Writing this made me cry.


It’s not like Steve expected Tony to wait around on him or anything. And he certainly can’t say that he has any prior claim on Tony. They are two grown men who owe each other nothing. 

But that doesn’t make it hurt any less to see him with someone else. 

He knows it’s hypocritical. He’s seen Tony with Bethany, with Rumiko, even with Henry Hellrung. He’s seen Tony in love before – so why should this be any different? 

It takes him an embarrassingly long amount of time, and a lot of late nights brooding when he should be asleep, to finally figure it out. 

He’s never actually seen Tony happy before. 

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based off of just a little bit of your heart by ariana grande


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I don’t ever ask you where you’ve been
And I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with
I can’t even think straight, but I can tell
That you were just with her

Y/N glances up from the pad of lined paper she’d been glaring at for the past who knows how long. No one can blame her, really. She’s never liked maths. Like, when the fuck would she ever need to use the Fourier series in her lifetime? She doesn’t intend on going into something that would require using aforementioned series. The question she’d copied down from her laptop, onto the paper, is just taunting her now. 


She hears a deep chuckle, then there’s a large hand on her forehead, pulling her head back slightly and then she feels the softest of pressure to the back of her head coming from his lips. “You okay?”


Y/N gulps. She isn’t even proper looking at him and she’d just gotten a whiff of what he smelled like before he let her head go and she was back to her slightly hunched over position. But she could smell it. The perfume. It wasn’t cologne. It wasn’t what Michael had spritzed on before he left, earlier that night. This was a women’s perfume and it was so strong. 

She bites down on her bottom lip. “Don’t say anything. Don’t ruin it anymore than you probably already did," she tells herself, then she’s clearing her throat and turning her head slightly to look at him and pout her bottom lip as though she couldn’t smell the perfume, couldn’t see that his hair was messed up from obviously having hooked up with someone (she would know), couldn’t tell that he’d positioned the collar of his jacket just so that it’s perfectly covering the whole side of his neck. 


"Why am I doing this to myself?" She whines (and maybe she’s also referring to how she’s letting the fact that he’d obviously cheated on her slip past her).


Michael snorts playfully, “‘Cause you’re dumb,” he says then he’s flashing her a shit-eating grin. “Kidding,” Michael leans forward and plants a kiss on her forehead. (The action’s so mindless and so loving that she almost forgets what she’d observed about him.) “‘Cause you’re a lil genus and you’re gonna be some hot shot CEO or something. Now continue studying, I need a shower…” he trails off, mumbling the last of his sentence as his phone dings with a new text message and he’s pulling it out of his pocket, walking away. 


(And Y/N can feel her heart slowly shatter as though there’s a little person bringing a jackhammer to her most vital organ because as he pulls open the text and walks away, a smile slips onto his face. The smile so mindless, so loving.)


I don’t ever tell you how I really feel
'Cause I can't find the words to say what I mean
And nothing’s ever easy, that’s what they say
I know I’m not your only

Y/N looks at herself in the mirror, cocks her head to the side a little. She’s going out to meet with a few mates for the night, so she’s dressed up. Put an effort. And she looks nice. She looks pretty and she feels pretty. But no matter how pretty she felt, she still wasn’t good enough for her own goddamn boyfriend. 


She breathes out a shaky breath, finally turning away and then she’s making her way out the bathroom. Michael’s in the lounge room, playing the xbox, probably. When she exits the bathroom though, she can’t hear the sound of gunshots and whatever other sound of whatever game he was playing blasting loudly around the lounge room. Y/N shrugs to herself, going to the kitchen. She’s supposed to meet her mates in fifteen minutes, she’s got time. Time to talk to Michael about how she really wants him to just stay loyal to her. 


Y/N’s in the kitchen for about ten minutes before she hears footsteps entering the kitchen as well. She turns, ready to open her mouth and finally tell Michael what’s been running through her mind when she stops herself because of how Michael’s dressed up, too, the smell of his cologne wafting into her nostrils. 


He shoots her a smile, raising a brow and nodding over at her, “Going out?”


She clears her throat, “Yeah,” she says with a nod. “I told you, didn’t I? Like, last night?”


"Oh yeah," Michael hums, nodding, too. "Well have fun," he says before he’s turning and about to start walking away. 


"Wait, Mikey," she says, regretting it the moment the words leave her mouth. He turns, raising a brow and humming in his throat questioningly. Y/N’s tongue darts out to dampen her suddenly dry, dry lips. Don’t leave. Please stay. I’ll stay, too. We can talk this out. I’m not mad. Just, please stop seeing other people. I’m not doing that to you. Don’t you at least owe me the same? 

"Yeah, Y/N?" He prompts when she’s been silent for presumably far too much longer than it would be deemed normal. 


Y/N opens her mouth, but no words come out. Then she’s sighing silently and shaking her head, painting a smile onto her painted lips. “S’nothing. Have a good night, Mikey.”


"You too, babe," he grins slightly and then he’s turning on his heel to go out the front door.

And Y/N knows, she knows that this isn’t how it’s supposed to play out. She’s supposed to get a boyfriend who’ll just want her and only her. She got him, for a while. Then things changed and now she was just another girl to him, and it sucked and it wasn’t right. But Y/N couldn’t walk away no matter how much she wanted to because all she ever wanted, all she ever needed, was just a little bit of his heart.

A/N: [ unedited ] ngl i shut the song off after the first 30 seconds so if the lyrics are wrong then blame azlyrics 


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“Desculpa não ter respondido antes, estava sem sinal e a Mari tá parecendo uma mãe controladora do meu lado, cuidando pra eu aproveitar o curso e bla bla bla…saudades! Te vejo hoje¿” – Clarinha.

Li a mensagem umas 4 vezes bem lentamente, decidindo se fazia ou não o que meu corpo e meu coração mandavam desesperadamente. Sim, eu precisava ver a Clara hoje de qualquer forma. Pode parecer loucura, mas eu já estava morrendo de saudades dela, do seu beijo, daquele olhar marcante, do seu timbre doce, do cheiro que me dá coisas só de pensar e do sorriso inesquecível que não saia da minha mente.

Saí da ONG apressada, sequer me despedi da galera. O único que ganhou um aceno rápido foi o recepcionista, que só deve ter visto um vulto meu de tão corrida que estava. Apertava as chaves do carro na mão, destravei as portas, colei as chaves, liguei o carro e saí dirigindo o mais rápido possível, se quisesse vê-la, teria de ser rápida.


Vanessa não respondeu minha mensagem, havia mandado por volta das 17:30 e nada. Já estava na hora de sair do curso, ou seja, 19hs e nada dela. Acabei sendo pega numa conversa por Mari e alguns outros DJs e por mais que eu odiasse admitir, ela era uma mulher bem interessante mesmo. Entramos no assunto do meu trabalho e talvez depois de Max e Vanessa, é por isso que mais sou fascinada nessa vida. Fiquei ali perdida na conversa.

Foi então que em uma virada rápida de cabeça, girando os olhos pelo local, meus olhos bateram com o dela e no momento exato em que meu cérebro percebeu a informação de que Vanessa é quem estava parada ali, meu corpo começou uma reação em cascata. Mãos suadas, frio na espinha, batimentos cardíacos totalmente descompassados, respiração ofegante, olhar preso, pernas trêmulas, sorriso gigantesco no rosto.

Ela segurava uma caixa nas mãos e sorria cada vez mais, percebendo que a tinha notado, percebendo minhas reações tanto quanto o possível por conta da distância. E eu sorria mais, como se fosse possível.

E as palavras de Machado de Assis saltaram dentro de mim, tentando desesperadamente explicar aquela conexão entre eu e ela, tentando explicar aquele efeito magnético e inexplicavelmente só dela sobre mim: “Dizem por aí, mas não tenho certeza, que meu sorriso fica mais feliz quando te vejo, dizem também que meus olhos brilham, dizem também que é amor, mas isso sim é certeza”.

Sorri com a lembrança da passagem memorável de um amor bem escrito. Será que a nossa história seria tão bem escrita assim¿ Como na obra de Machado de Assis¿

Só sei que meu corpo nota a sua presença, talvez eu tenha virado porque a senti ali mesmo sem realmente saber que ela estava presente. Não tem a ver com desejo, mas minha alma, mente e coração a reconhecem, quando eu a vejo cada poro parece ser sentido, toda emoção parece pura.

Clara se despediu rapidamente sem conseguir tirar os olhos da bela morena que a esperava encostada no carro, sorrindo de orelha a orelha e com um tom rubro na face, provavelmente envergonhada.

Mari e os outros que conversavam com a loira notaram imediatamente os olhares da amiga e avistaram a bela mulher ali parada. Vanessa podia ter percebido o olhar de desagrado e repulsa de Mari, mas não notou, estava ocupada demais com o olhar preso na melhor DJ do mundo na sua concepção.

Clara também não percebeu, apressou-se para atravessar a rua porque tudo o que mais queria depois daquele dia angustiante era um abraço gostoso daquela linda menina que a esperava. E assim aconteceu, logo quando chegou, a loira tratou de circundar os braços no pescoço da outra e juntar seus corpos com ares de quem não via há dias, mas apenas horas se passaram desde o último encontro.

Talvez essa saudade esteja demais, talvez tudo esteja acontecendo rápido como ela não queria. Mas nos braços de Van ela não se importava, muito menos a outra criava alguma barreira, ao contrário, ela estava ali pelo mesmo motivo: saudade.

V: Nossa, o que eu fiz pra ganhar esse abraço tão apertado¿ - ela falou em tom zombador, sentindo-se estrangulada pela loira.

Clara riu um pouco sem graça. Definitivamente deveria estar sufocando Vanessa. A loira então a soltou e olhava diretamente nos olhos mantendo aquele sorriso arrebatador no rosto. Vanessa não conseguia ficar imune, ela se perdia naquele jeito de sorrir de Clara, perdia suas próprias reações, perdia a fala e o rumo do pensamento. Apenas ficava encarando sorrindo de volta, como uma grande boba.

C: Eu gosto de apertar você! – brincou e deu um rápido abraço apertado em Van, seguido de um selinho rápido e roubado.

Vanessa riu e corou levemente. Amava o jeito espontâneo e aparentemente descomprometido da loira.

V: Pra você! – estendeu a caixa que segurava em um de suas mãos.

Clara deu uns semi pulinhos de alegria, Vanessa riu da reação dela. Pela primeira vez a protetora percebeu que dar presentes para loira era algo reconfortante, desde que sempre ela tivesse essa mesma reação de felicidade infantil e natural. Talvez dali em diante presentear Clara seria um dos passatempos mais incríveis de sua vida.

A DJ abriu a caixa já sabendo do que se tratava, era chocolate. Mas não qualquer chocolate, eram trufas e pareciam caseiras. Clara olhou para Vanessa curiosa.

V: Tem uma moça lá perto da ONG que vende essas trufas. São caseiras, mas as melhores e mais baratas que já comi!

C: Eu amei! – disse dando um selinho, agora mais demorado em Vanessa, que por sua vez era só sorrisos.

Elas não percebiam, mas estavam sendo observadas atentamente por uma Mari nada satisfeita.

V: Você sequer provou…

C: Não preciso provar pra amar. Já amo o fato de que foi você quem me deu! – ela corou bobamente.

Vanessa sorriu e ficou mais vermelha do que gostaria.

C: Eu amo quando você fica com vergonha. Acho tão lindo você vermelhinha!

V: Ai, Clara…- ela deu um apertão na cintura da loira – assim você me deixa pior. Anda – ela abriu a porta do carona – entra logo aí, peste…vou te levar pra jantar!

C: Gosto mais quando você está agindo como uma mulherzinha apaixonada!

Clara riu, Vanessa revirou os olhos e os semicerrou. A loira riu mais ainda e depois prendeu o riso, apertando um lábio no outro e levantou as mãos como em rendição.

C: ok, ok – entrou no carro – só deixo você me raptar porque irá pagar o jantar!

Vanessa riu e saiu quase correndo para entrar no carro também.

Clara falava sem parar sobre o que aprendeu no curso e quando Vanessa percebia ela já estava falando sobre o possível apartamento que alugará e de repente lá estava ela falando sobre o emprego no meio da semana que estava quase certo. Ela trocava os assuntos tão rápido que deixava a protetora tonta, mas por algum motivo estranho Vanessa gostaria muito de congelar esse momento de cumplicidade entre ambas e viver nele pra sempre. Amor? Não importava o nome do que sentia, desde que ela continuasse acordando com aquela deliciosa sensação de felicidade que era obviamente consequência da presença de Clara em sua vida.

Clara, percebia como Vanessa lhe dava atenção e como não reclamou por um só instante daquele seu falatório quase sem limites. A loira amava o fato de poder ser ela mesmo, sem precisar agir ou mudar algo em si para agradar ou encantar a pessoa com quem ela estava. Com Van era tudo mais fácil simplesmente porque embora ela sentia a necessidade de encantar a morena, isso só acontecia quando ela era ela mesmo e era a primeira vez que Clara era amada por ser quem era.

A conversa fluía. Vanessa perguntava mais e mais, ora ou outra falava sobre os problemas da ONG, o projeto de expansão, os amigos. Clara também ouvia e indagava. Era uma troca que acontecia sem forçar de barra. Toda vez que elas se conheciam mais, ao invés de se satisfazerem, sentiam crescer a necessidade de conhecer ainda mais. Era uma espécie de fome, mas ao invés do alimento saciar, ele apenas as fazia mais famintas. Vanessa sentia que poderia ouvir a loira pelo resto da vida e Clara sentia que poderia contar todo santo dia sobre sua rotina para Vanessa. Aquilo era reconfortante, talvez a primeira vez que elas experimentavam algo mais cotidiano e estavam amando.

Tudo aquilo fez Vanessa pensar. Afinal, o que falta para sermos namoradas? O que é de fato namorar alguém? Às vezes queremos tanto nos enganar sobre nossa situação real que criamos mentiras, contamos para nós mesmos repetidamente e acabamos por acreditar nelas. A verdade era que embora Clara não pressionasse, um rótulo era importante para ela, por conta de seu filho, de sua mãe…para Vanessa esse rótulo era importante apenas por uma coisa: poder finalmente dizer em voz alta para quem quisesse ouvir e até mesmo para seu reflexo em qualquer espelho que Clara é dela. Possessivamente dela.

Mas como fazer isso? Como fazer esse pedido? Vanessa nunca pediu alguém em namoro, não era algo fácil, só de imaginar uma recusa ela tremia e sentia seu corpo gelar. Ela precisava ter certeza da resposta de Clara antes. Mas porra…ela já não tinha? DEUS, como os homens conseguem fazer isso o tempo todo? Acho que eles já são treinados para isso, tamanha a cara de pau de alguns…na verdade, acho que é uma questão de necessidade e costume. A questão é que ela necessitava e se não tinha costume, iria aprender.

O jantar continuava animado. Clara era ótima companhia e Vanessa aproveitou a ida dela ao banheiro para fazer contato com seu maior parceiro de aventuras.


V: Quero pedir a Clara em namoro. Tá decidido!

J: OPA! Finalmente, vai chover até canivete hoje huahuahua.

V: Idiota! Tô falando sério seu puto!

J: Tá bom tá bom. Vc tem um plano?

V: Tenho um lugar, um vestido…

J: Já entendi tudo…quer minha conceituada consultoria em pedidos de namoro, certo?

V: Aham!

J: OK. Amanhã conversamos sobre isso. Vou pensar em como fisgar a Clarete rs.

C: Demorei? – sentando.

V: Uns 3 anos! – brincou.

Elas riram. Não poderiam estar mais fodidas. 

The Bet

Based on liamsdunbar's post: I want a fic where Brett asks Liam out because of a bet and when Liam finds out he breaks up with Brett and Brett realizes he really likes him and tries to win him back

Liam’s head snaps up when he hears his name being spoken across the field, but he forces himself to focus back on tying his cleat. It’s not right to eavesdrop on the other team’s plays. Except…
“Dude, when are you gonna break it off with him?” the same voice makes its way to his ears, and apparently no, they’re not talking about plays at all. He listens harder, making sure to keep his eyes averted.
“Who says I’m breaking it off?” comes Brett’s voice. Oh, good. Just some of his friends messing around. That’s fine, that’s-
“We’re not paying you any extra the longer you keep it up.”
What? A hard lump starts forming in Liam’s throat.
“Yeah man,” another voice chimes in. “Fifty bucks is enough. You proved you could get any guy, but going on longer than a week might be verging on cruel.”
There’s laughter then, loud and haunting, the only thing Liam can hear. No. No, he has to be misunderstanding them. There’s no way Brett’s dating him for money.
“I mean you could keep it up till the finals, if you want. Distract him a little. We’d be sure to win that way.”
“Maybe we could up it to seventy-five, if you did that.”
The raucous laughter is back, ringing in Liam’s ears as he jumps from the bench, storming across the field.
Devenford’s team stares in alarm as he approaches, stopping short right in front of Brett.
“Liam-” he tries, but Liam’s having none of it.
“You’re dating me on a bet?” he seethes.
“It’s not-”
“What? It’s not what it looks like? It LOOKS like-” he shoves the taller boy backwards, and if he puts some werewolf strength into it, it’s hard to blame him, “your stupid friends-” and again, “-dared you or bet you or whatever to ask me out. Is that all it is to you? A bet?” he rages, shoving Brett so hard this time that he sprawls backwards, landing on the ground. “You asshole,” he growls in a very inhuman way, and suddenly there’s hands on him, dragging him away.
“Dude what’re you doing!?”
“Let’s go.”
“Come on buddy, back inside, c’mon.”
He barely registers Scott and Stiles, their voices tripping over each other as they pull him into the school.
He squeezes his eyes shut as they go, half because he’s afraid they’re yellow at this point, half to stop the hot tears pouring down his cheeks. The last thing he sees is the pained look on Brett’s face. Good. 

Cold water pours over his body as Scott and Stiles hold him under the locker room showers again. His progress had backtracked to his first week of lycanthropy in a matter of minutes. He feels himself lunging at them, fangs bared, and tries reigning in his wolf. He knows what to do, but he doesn’t want to, can’t bring himself to say the words.
Scott already is, repeating them over and over, trying to get Liam to join him. “C’mon, Liam. The sun, the moon, the truth. The sun, the moon, the truth.”
Having to use Brett’s mantra kills him now, but “alpha beta omega” never seemed to work. When his claw nearly catches Stiles’ shoulder, he gives in. “The sun- the sun, the moon,” he takes deep, gasping breaths, ignoring the water filling his mouth. “The sun, the moon, the truth. The sun-” he feels his claws retract, and his anger quells a little. “The moon, the truth.” After a few more repetitions he’s shifted back, and slides down the wall to the floor, content to wallow there in his misery forever. Unfortunately Scott’s not quite ready to let him do that. Stupid true alpha.
He switches the water off and slides down next to Liam, apparently not caring how wet his clothes get.
“I heard what they were saying,” he says softly. “I’m sorry.”
Stiles opens his mouth to ask, but Scott shoots him an I’ll-fill-you-in-when-I’m-not-trying-to-deal-with-my-crying-beta look, and it silences him.
Scott puts a consoling hand on his knee, giving it a shake. “C’mon Liam, he’s just a jerk. There’s a million better guys out there.”
When he still doesn’t answer, Scott stands, pulling Liam to his feet along with him. Let’s get you home, you must be freezing.”
“Yeah, and if Coach finds his two star players hanging around the locker room when the game’s starting he’ll have a cow,” Stiles pipes up, trying to lighten the mood.
It doesn’t work.

Hours later, after insisting and insisting that Scott should go home, Liam finally lays alone in his bed. He’d long since changed into warm clothes, but there was an inner chill that wouldn’t leave him. He hates Brett. Hates him. How could he do this? He’d been Liam’s first boyfriend, his first kiss, he thinks with disgust. After months of his life being like shit, from getting expelled to being bitten to having his name worth $18 million on a hitlist, something had finally gone right. Not only was he dating Brett Talbot, the guy he’d had a crush on since forever, but Brett had been the one to ask Liam out. And, well… you’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Stupid stupid stupid.
A noise at his window interrupts his self pity. “Scott, I told you to go home!”
The person who jumps into the window definitely isn’t Scott.
“Get. The hell. Out.” Liam grits.
Brett puts up his hands placatingly. “I just want to talk.”
“Well I don’t. So leave.”
“Look, it’s not what you think, okay?”
“So you didn’t ask me out over a bet? Because you could ‘get any guy’?” Liam spits.
“Okay technically I did, but you have to let me explain.”
“I don’t want your explanation. I want you out of my house.”
This was going even worse than Brett had thought. “Look I- I brought you these,” he says lamely, pulling a slightly crushed bouquet of flowers from his jacket. It’d seemed like a better idea in theory.
Liam scoffs, not bothering to even dignify the gesture with a response.
“Well fine,” Brett says, dropping the flowers at the foot of the bed. “I’ll see you around.” With that, he leaps back out the window, too quickly for Liam to see the tears pooling in his eyes. Werewolves aren’t supposed to cry.
Liam stares at the yellow flowers for a second before reaching out for them. He thinks of old movies, people plucking the petals away, he loves me, he loves me not. Liam already knows the answer. He shoves the flowers in the trash and climbs back in bed. Wolfsbane would be less toxic.

The next day isn’t much better. Liam has a pounding headache and he just wants to make it through school and crawl back into bed. Of course that can’t happen.
He takes a deep breath, wills himself not to snap. “Yes, Coach?”
“What the hell was that last night?! You can’t just go beating up the other team and then DISAPPEAR. Do you know what kind of explaining I had to do to get us out of that one? You’re lucky that kid claimed it was his fault.” Brett had taken the blame? Coach couldn’t care less about Liam’s new interest, though, just plows on with his speech. “And we lost! 7-0. You know the last time I lost 7-0, Dunbar?” He pokes a finger into Liam’s chest. “Not only did you leave, but you took my captain with you! And don’t think he’s getting out of this either. You’re both doing suicide laps after school. Till. You. Die.” He takes a breath, maybe to finally stop, but tacks on, “Oh, and you took Stilinski too! Really? I had to put in Greenberg. Greenberg!” With that, he throws his hands in the air and stomps back to his office.

As it turns out, werewolf endurance helps with the whole suicide laps thing, and having his alpha by his side helps too.
Thing is, Scott wants to talk. About Brett. Which is pretty much the last thing Liam wants to talk about.
After plenty of “it really could be a misunderstanding”s and “but he’s still a jerk”s and “but maybe you should give him a chance”s from a very indecisive Scott, Liam finally makes it back to the locker room. When he opens his locker, a note falls out. He considers leaving it on the ground when he sees the handwriting, but curiosity gets the better of him. I’m sorry Liam, it reads. It was a bet, but I have a good reason. Meet me at the preserve tonight so I can explain? -Brett
Liam considers it for a second, he really does. But no. He loudly crumples it into a ball and drops it, grinding it under his heel for good measure, knowing Brett must be waiting somewhere nearby. Brett’s insides feel pretty similar to the piece of paper.

As Liam sits in bed with his math homework that night, he gets a second visitor, this one even less expected. Apparently his room is an open invitation sort of place now. At least Lydia uses the door.
It’s not like he even knows her well, not really. With everything that’d been going on lately, there hadn’t been much time for pack bonding. But she was one of Scott’s best friends, Liam knew, and had been Allison’s too, so he doesn’t question it when she lets herself in and sits down in his desk chair, clasping her perfectly manicured nails over her crossed legs.
“I’m sorry about Brett,” she says, getting right to the point. Stiles had mentioned her being a very direct person, one of the things he loved about her.  
“It’s fine,” he says, trying to keep his tone even. Something about her made lying seem like a bad plan, even if she wasn’t a wolf.
“It’s not really fine. He’s a jerk.”
Liam shrugs, and hates the part of himself that wants to defend him. He is a jerk.
“All teenage boys are, though,” she continues, almost conversationally.
“I’m a teenage boy,” Liam points out, frowning.
It seems that’s just the response she was looking for. She gives him a thin smile and says, “I know. I heard you just went over there and shoved him. Heard he offered an apology, too. I can’t say I’d take it either, if I were you. Sometimes circumstances can be everything though.” With that, she stands back up. She smooths out her perfectly straight dress, flicks a lock of red- strawberry blonde, actually. That’s one of the few things he had been told about Lydia- hair over her shoulder, and smiles before heading from the room. She leaves Liam’s head spinning, and he thinks maybe that was the point. Maybe it’s time to hear what Brett has to say.

That’s how Liam finds himself standing in front of the Beacon Hills Preserve sign half an hour later. He knew Brett would show, because Brett probably knew he would show. And they were both right.
“Hey,” a voice says from behind Liam, making him turn.
For a while the silence is deafening.
Finally Brett says, “So if you would just let me explain everything, just- just please Liam, you have to let me explain,” and Liam wouldn’t quite call it begging, but…
“Fine. Go ahead.” He isn’t going to let him off the hook easily just because he sounds upset.
“So I did ask you out on a bet, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.”
Liam only raises an eyebrow, waiting for him to go on.
“It’s just… we were in the locker room last week, right? And we were all joking around, and I said something about being able to get any guy I wanted. It was just a joke, but suddenly people were throwing names out, listing people I could and couldn’t. I wasn’t gonna actually ask any of them out, I wouldn’t do that, but then they said your name.”
“And what? You figured we were friends so it’d be okay to crush me for fifty bucks?” Liam’s tone is calm, too calm, and it’s hard to tell if what’s buried under it is anger or sadness or disappointment or indifference, but any of them hurt.
“It wasn’t like that-”
“Well what was it like?” Liam demands. “It wasn’t like this and it wasn’t like that, but it was like something and I’ve yet to hear what it is.”
“It’s like- it’s like I’ve had a crush on you for a long time.” The stoic look that remains on Liam’s face hurts, but Brett can’t exactly blame him. He thinks he sees the tiniest flicker in his eyes, but it’s probably nothing. The words likely don’t mean a whole lot at this point. “And I mean I’m not exactly supposed to ask out the star player of the opposing lacrosse team, right? But suddenly these guys are challenging me to, literally offering money- and god Liam, the money doesn’t matter, I never even took it anyway, but it was a good excuse- to ask you out. We were only supposed to last a week, but I thought maybe if I did it this way and convinced them that that’s what made me actually like you, they could take it. I mean that would make it their own faults. I didn’t even realize I liked you as much as I did before we started dating, because yeah, that was way more than a crush. But you heard them talking literally right before I was gonna tell them I wanted to actually go out with you and I didn’t even get a chance to explain and I-”
He doesn’t get to continue rambling because suddenly Liam’s grabbing his shirt collar and he thinks he’s probably about to be punched, probably deserves to be punched and then- oh. Liam’s mouth finds his and he walks them backwards into a tree, Brett still leaning down to return the kiss.
“I’m so sorry,” Brett murmurs against his mouth when they pull away for a second.
“Me too,” Liam breathes back.
“I’m such an idiot.”
“Don’t say that about my boyfriend,” Liam practically growls, and pulls him back before he can say anything.
That’s okay. Words would ruin the moment.

66 - Você Me Faz Tão Bem


A porta abriu e eu cai para trás levando Thais comigo.

-Santo cristo - Levantei apressada derrubando Thais e caindo sentada. Era May, ela estava de vestido e eu havia visto sua calcinha. Era extremamente embaraçoso.

-Entra logo, esta frio! - Já tinha ficado tanto tempo ali que o frio da madrugada nem incomodava mais.

Thais se arrastou para dentro e me levou junto, ficamos jogadas ali e May fechou a porta.

-Vamos - Mayra pegou Thais levantando-a - já volto.

Ela arrastava Thais. Olhei para o teto e tudo girava. Meu coração apertou, por toda a noite eu não havia chorado e aquela era a pior hora, mas não conseguia segurar. Eu pensei que havia seguido em frente, mas estava ali rastejando de volta a aquela situação.

Chorava por tudo e ao mesmo tempo, por nada. Queria tudo e não tinha nada.

-Vanessa? - A vozinha de Clara só intensificou meu choro. Coloquei as mãos no rosto numa tentativa frustrada de me esconder. - Levanta

Ela segurou meus pulsos, mas me neguei, não queria que ela me visse.

-Vem aqui - Ela sentou e puxou minha cabeça para seu colo. Deixei as lagrimas escorrerem sentindo seus carinhos em meu cabelo. 

-Não chora. - Ela beijou minha testa. Meu coração acelerou e eu me obriguei a parar, não podia ficar ali no meio da sala chorando.

-eu to bem - Levantei rápido, ficando sentada de costas para ela e secando as lagrimas.

-Olha para mim - Eu hesitei, mas o fiz. Sua aparência estava cansada, mas ela tinha um sorriso fraco nos lábios.

-Eu preciso de um banho - Murmurei tentando levantar e ela me ajudou.

-Eu te ajudo. - Ela passou seu braço em minha cintura e meu braço por seus ombros e fomos cambaleando ate o banheiro.

-Levanta os braços. -  Ela pediu e eu o fiz. Ela segurou a barra do meu vestido e o puxou passando por meus braços, eu quase fui ao chão novamente, mas me apoiei na pia.

-Se divertiu? - Ela perguntou enquanto se abaixava tirando minha calcinha. 

-Muito - murmurei envergonhada e ela levantou tirando meu sutiã.

-Vamos - Ela me segurou enquanto andava ate o chuveiro. Fiquei ali apoiada e ela ligou o chuveiro, a água caiu em minha cabeça me assustando, trazendo um pouco de sanidade.

Senti os seus dedos fazendo o desenho da minha tatuagem em meu quadril, suspirei pesado baixando a cabeça sentindo a água cair, me trazendo uma sensação de alivio.

Clara subiu suas mãos para tirar os cabelos que caiam em meu rosto e desceram novamente deslizando por minhas costas e trazendo aquele formigamento já conhecido.

Virei-me e ela me observava esperando uma reação. Coloquei minhas mãos em seu rosto puxando-a para perto sem me importar se molharia suas roupas. 

Tomei seus lábios e ela hesitou, mas a saudade era mutua e parecíamos precisar daquilo, ela reagiu tomando meus lábios como se estivesse tão faminta e sedenta quanto eu.

Sua língua deslizava a minha de uma forma deliciosa, seus lábios capturavam o meu com uma agressividade gostosa. Suas mãos passaram em minha cintura colando nossos corpos.

-Clara – suspirei quando senti suas mãos descerem ate minha bunda e aperta-la.

-Eu quero você quando estiver sóbria – ela mordeu meu lábio inferior, sugou e puxou ate solta-lo – Quero te fazer minha, por completo.

- Desculpa por ter bagunçado tanto a sua vida – solucei e xinguei-me mentalmente por estar sendo tão frágil na sua frente.

-Eu que baguncei tudo Vanessa – Ela suspirou ainda sob meus lábios – Eu tenho que me desculpar

Estávamos de olhos fechados, a única coisa em contato era nossos corpos, naquele momento não era preciso o olhar para saber o quanto as palavras eram verdadeiras.

-Eu te odeio – murmurei apertando minhas mãos em seus cabelos.

-eu te odeio – Ela sorriu impulsionando seu corpo para frente e graças a minha falta de equilíbrio, eu fiquei contra a parede totalmente a mercê de seus toques.

-Você não tem idéia do quanto eu senti falta disso tudo – Foi a vez dela de grunhir. Suas mãos subiram arranhando minha barriga ate chega-los aos seios e aperta-los com força.

Eu arfei soltando um gemido involuntário.

-Eu quero te comer de um jeito que eu não posso agora – Ela sussurrou, suas pupilas dilatadas em excitação e eu tinha certeza que meus olhos estavam negros de tesão – Termina esse banho e vem deitar.

Ela afastou-se me deixando sem reação, arfando e quase implorando por seus toques.

-Mas… – tentei argumentar

-Tenho uma sessão de fotos mais tarde e eu quero que você vá comigo – Ela sorriu olhando-me maliciosa – Eu quero te deixar toda marcada e eu sei que você também vai me deixar.

Dei um sorriso de canto e em um impulso afastei-me da parede, ficando sob o chuveiro e tentando acalmar meu corpo que parecia tremer

-Vamos terminar esse banho - Ela se afastou, mas a segurei. Sem jeito tirei suas roupas e ela me ajudou a terminar o banho e eu a observei tomar o dela. Se eu não estivesse tão bêbada eu teria me aproveitado daquele banho

Fiquei jogada na cama enrolada na toalha enquanto Clara trocava de roupa e me jogava algumas

-se troca e eu vou pegar alguma coisa para comer. - Ela puxou a toalha me tirando dos meus devaneios alcoólicos sem sentido.

Ela saiu e eu fiz meu maximo para me trocar, mas desisti e apenas vesti a camisa que batia em meus joelhos.

Clara voltou com cappuccino e algumas frutas ja cortadas. Fiquei deitada enquanto comia sob o olhar de Clara e a obrigando a comer comigo.

-Você ja dormiu? - perguntei observando suas olheiras.

-não, estava preocupada. - Me senti culpada, mas ri de seu tom fofo

-Deita comigo - Levantei o cobertor e ela passou um tempo me encarando - só dormir, eu não vou fazer nada.

Falei sincera e inocente. Ela suspirou aceitando. Cobrimos-nos ate o pescoço e a abracei com vontade, sentindo o calor de seu corpo e seu aroma não demorou muito para ela adormecer  eu fiquei mais alguns minutos ali sentindo-a.


Van - Clara insistiu - você vai e ponto final

Revirei os olhos e ela tambem. Eu ainda sentia minha cabeça pesar em uma ressaca intensa e acordar foi quase impossível.

- o que eu vou fazer la? - perguntei impaciente

-Me fazer companhia - Ela falou como se fosse obvio e eu revirei os olhos novamente, mas ate esse ato foi dolorido

-Vai ter um monte de gente la. – tentei argumentar

-Cala boca e se troca… Tô esperando - Fiquei ali a encarando tentando entender se aquilo era sério e ela parecia realmente falar serio. Desisti e fui me trocar, na verdade coloquei apenas uma calça.

Fomos o caminho inteiro em uma conversa animada em que apenas Clara falava e ela mesma respondia. Eu já não estava bêbada e nem tão frágil, me sentia ridícula pelo papel que fiz mais cedo.

Assim que chegamos fui abandonada em uma poltrona de frente para uma espécie de palco e me perguntava que tipos de fotos eram aquelas. Me distrai ali e quando estava prestes a cochilar o fotografo entrou.

Começaram a organizar luzes e um monte de coisa enquanto eu apenas observava completamente perdida.

Estava prestes a ir procurar por Clara, mas paralisei ao vê-la passar pela porta. Linda, linda era pouco. Estava perfeita, o top tomara que caia representava a bandeira dos estados unidos e o short também. O salto dava um efeito sexy completando toda a peça, deixava-a mais alta e com a bunda perfeitamente empinada.

Meu coração parecia que sairia pela boca se eu não tomasse cuidado, deixei escapar inúmeros suspiros em apenas alguns minutos.

-Gostou? - Ela perguntou sorridente. Aquela mulher não era desse mundo, não era possível.

-Ta… - fiz uma pausa respirando fundo - muito linda

-Otimo - ela me roubou um selinho rapido e eu fiquei meio perdida.

Ela se posicionou naquele palco e agora eu entendia o motivo. Clara era baixinha e era um modo de deixá-la mais alta e parecia estar em um pedestal. Ela fazia caras e bocas e varias poses. Sempre me dava um sorrisinho quando fazia pausa para retocar a maquiagem.

Eu estava prestes a me derreter naquela poltrona por aquela mulher, mas a sessão acabou antes que isso pudesse acontecer.

-Vou me trocar e já volto. - Ela saiu sorridente e algumas pessoas dali observavam nossa interação.

Eu fiquei sem graça, mas os sorrisos demonstravam certa admiração na cena.

-Gostou? - ela voltou ja com as roupas de antes, mas ainda com a maquiagem e os cabelos feitos. Levantei indo em sua direção para poder irmos.

-Ficou otimo - me assustei com aquele português meio sem jeito- você são um casal?

Me virei e vi o fotografo, estava prestes a negar, mas clara tomou a frente 

-Sim - Ela sorriu e eu tambem.

-Eu pensei em fotografar vocês duas. - Ele sorriu e Clara me olhou animada 

-Ela volta para o Brasil próxima semana

-So - ele me olhou surpreso - eu não quero perder essa chance. I will call you.

Observei-os trocar o numero e ele me sorriu prometendo ligar.

-alem de não morrer ainda conseguiu um trampo. - Clara falou animada enquanto andávamos pela calçada.

Olhei para Clara e me distrai, estava impossível me concentrar com aquela mulher.

-é - me limitei.

-eu achei mó bonitinho ver você babando - Ela me cutucou e eu apenas ri, não conseguia negar.

Chegamos ao ponto de taxi e Clara segurava minhas duas mãos distraída.

-vamos para o hotel? - Ela perguntou. A ultima coisa que eu queria era ficar sozinha com Clara, ia dar curto.

-vamos para algum lugar - Falei nervosa.

-vamos para o hotel - Ela falou séria e eu a encarei o sorrisinho sapeca brincava em seus lábios. – Espere que ele marque a próxima sessão para daqui a uns três dias…

-Clara  - Falei mole

-Será que é tempo suficiente para sair algumas marcas? – ela falou pensativa - olha o taxi

Ela estendeu a mão parando-o. Nao demorou muito para chegarmos e eu enrolava ao máximo para entrar naquele hotel.

annievh said:

Here's a Rumbelle prompt: they adopt a teenager.

Rumplestiltskin wasn’t certain he liked the idea of this. His Belle had wanted a child, but according to Dr. Whale, his years as the Dark One had served to make him— infertile. And with the town line now being crossable, he’d taken her to an orphanage to make both of their dreams come true. To give them, and a lucky little boy or girl, their happily ever after.

He’d expected a baby. Or in the very least, a toddler. But when Belle saw 15 year old Alyx sitting on her own with a book in her hands, she knew they had to give her a home. The girl was rough around the edges, they’d been warned, and with his limited knowledge of the proceedings from his cursed life Gold knew that adopting teenagers held a certain kind of danger.

"Belle— it won’t be the same. We won’t have the chance to raise her and see her grow, she’s already grown!" He’d tried to talk his wife out of it, but she was insistent.

"I know we imagined a baby, but Rumple— look at her. She’s so forlorn and lonely. She needs us." Her eyes shone with the overwhelming need to care for this girl, and how could Rumplestiltskin deny her? "Besides, it’s not as though we couldn’t adopt a baby a little later on once she’s ready to go off into the world."

And so he’d given in. The girl seemed cautious of them and unenthused at the idea of being adopted. She’d rolled her eyes when Belle told her how glad they were to have her join their family, and completely ignored her when she asked about her book in the car.

Rumple scowled a bit. He’d have to have a talk with young, miss Alyx when Belle wasn’t with them.

Belle, sadly, understood. When she’d seen the girl she could feel her loneliness as though it was her own, and she just knew that her bad attitude was little but a defense against being hurt. There was a part of Belle, a part that— while perhaps only a temporary curse— understood what it felt like to be afraid to let in others. And all of her knew what it felt like to be terribly alone in the world.

She would reach out to Alyx, and show her that she was worth being loved, and loving in return. No matter what it took.

for you i'd wait til kingdom come.

Aaaaand it’s another shameful plug-in to the blind!AU that will hopefully start showing up in regular chunks after I settle down for a few weeks. First chunk is here.

This is also the end of summer ship days! I can’t believe it’s been eighteen weeks, holy lord. Everyone’s been wonderful to me and done incredible things all summer. I’m a happy camper, so thanks to all of you!

Final contribution to WardxSimmons Summer, for the Alternate Universe theme.

For one miraculous day in the middle of the week, the early August heat dissipates into a breezy, comfortable afternoon. Jemma thinks it just might be safe to head out into the sun without worry of melting, so she ushers Olive and Henry out into the front yard to play.

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that Natasha fic being asked abt exists I read one that sounds like that. It was called "the masks that monsters wear" or smth close to that. It was rlly good, but I can't find it anywhere either


Sleeping beauty

"I’m coming!" Lydia exclaimed over the phone, making Parrish jump slightly and move his phone away from his ear, yeah, she was definitely going to be the reason of him losing his hearing. "Lydia, okay." He muttered distractedly as he glanced around the station to make sure no one heard her scream in the phone or him saying her name. "I don’t think I will get home before you do, something came up. But you know where the key is right?" Nervously, he scratched the back of his neck and prayed for everything to go well "Yup. I’ll wait for you." She hummed in a lower voice now and once they said their goodbyes, they both hung up.

Jordan couldn’t believe they were actually going to spend the weekend together, but Lydia’s mother was out of the town and no one else would really question her about where she was going so it wasn’t really a big deal.

Except that it was.

It was the first weekend since Lydia’s birthday party and he was pretty sure that things could go in all possible ways when he gets home, which was both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Terrifying because he didn’t want to not live up to her expectations, and exciting because they finally didn’t have to wait anymore, or hide for that matter. Lydia was now a grown up, not that she wasn’t before, but now she legally is, and there was no need for him to pretend he wasn’t checking her out anymore. In fact he could stare all he wanted, he could even imagine and dream about the things he would usually scold himself for and he was 100% sure Lydia was going to use that. Getting his head back in the game, he hurried to finish his work so he could head off home to his girlfriend and spend the weekend with her which was provided to him by the Sheriff, since the elder man thought Parrish worked way too much and deserved some time off. The clock stroke 9 p.m. when Parrish closed the last file and left the station, his stomach pulling at him with each second he got closer to his apartment as he knew he was facing a long, long night.

"Lydia?" He called out once he got into his apartment and didn’t find her on the couch. "Here, deputy." She called him from the kitchen and as soon as he slipped his jacket off, he headed to see what she was doing. "Wow, this smells amazing." Jordan hummed as he entered the kitchen in which Lydia made herself busy with preparing a dinner for the two of them. His eyes immediately strolled from the top of her head down her shoulders, to her waist and then the short skirt she was wearing, all the way down her fabulous legs to her bare feet. It was a good view and slowly, he moved closer to her, his arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her back against his front as he leaned in and placed a kiss on her neck, making her sigh lightly. "Welcome home deputy. Did you have a long day?" Lydia pursed her lips slightly as she placed down a bowl of chicken salad and turned around to face her boyfriend, her arms instantly wrapping around his neck. "My day is just starting." Jordan whispered in her ear, making her squirm just before his hands trailed from her waist to her ass, squeezing it lightly before picking her up and sitting her on the kitchen counter. "That’s a dangerous thing you just did there." Her eyes sparkled as her legs found their way around his waist, her heels pushing him closer to her, right between her legs. A sharp breath left his lips and Lydia had to bite down on her lower lip to prevent herself from giggling. "Well it seems like I am not the only one doing dangerous things." His voice was husky and his hands were exploring the skin of her thighs as their gazes locked, both fiery and wanting. Needing. Without saying a word, Jordan turned off the oven and pushed away the salad bowl before picking Lydia up, his hands resting on her ass and her legs tightening around his waist as he carried her from the kitchen. They barely made it through the kitchen door when their lips crashed onto each other, fighting for dominance and finally giving into what they both have been denying to each other for the quite some time.

"Jordan." She breathed against his lips and his hands slid under her skirt, grazing the lacy material of her panties with his fingers, earning a low gasp from her. Next thing they both knew, they were on the bed, Jordan on top of Lydia who still had her legs around his waist. "Lydia" he breathed as he started kissing down her neck, his hand palming one of her breasts, making her instantly arch her back so he could touch more. Her hands slipped from around his neck to his shirt, trying to quickly work the buttons, until she just gave up and pulled it open, lips parting at the sight of the perfectly sculptured body, with everything in the right place. "Enjoying the view?" He murmured as he tugged on the hem of her shirt before pulling it up and over her head "You have no idea." Lydia almost moaned as her fingers curled around his belt, tugging it down so she could grind against him. "No. No teasing." He breathed through his teeth as what he did made him grow even harder. He doubt he would be able to take any teasing anymore. They just had to let it out, all the sexual frustration that has been building up since the day they met and even though he wanted to go slow with her, he had a feeling they would go hard and fast… multiple times. And that’s how it was. His pants were off in the matter of seconds and Lydia was busy opening a condom while he got rid of her skirt and panties. "Jordan, hurry!" Lydia panted, causing him to grab the condom from her now trembling fingers and roll it over his hardened length. Her mouth went dry as she watched him and her legs automatically spread open for him and he no longer hesitated. Hovering over her, he positioned himself between her legs and thrusted inside her, groaning at the feeling of her walls clenching around him. Finally. They both groaned at the sensation and nothing around them no longer existed. And yes, Jordan was right.

It was a long, long night.

The rays of sunlight peeked in through the bedroom window, landing right on Lydia’s face, making her wrinkle her nose slightly before her eyes fluttered open. It took her a few moments to blink the sleep away and once she felt alive again, she glanced at the bedside alarm, noticing it was 9.30 a.m. . Quite early consider how long they were up last night. The memory brought a lazy smile on her lips and turning her head to the other side, she could see Jordan’s sleepy face. His lips were parted and he was breathing steadily, unlike last night. When she tried to move closer to him, she couldn’t avoid noticing the way she felt between her legs and instantly, she knew Jordan got her sore enough to have a problem with walking for the next day. But she didn’t mind because it was more than worth it. Leaning in, she took in the sight of him sleeping one more time before softly pressing her lips to his. To her surprise, his eyes opened and she was sure she had never seen anything so perfect in her life like sleepy Jordan. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” She teased and his lips pulled up into a smile that had her melted immediately. “I thought that was supposed to be my line?” He mumbled in a low voice before laughing lightly, his arms wrapping around Lydia as he pulled her close to him and leaned in for one more kiss.

'Baby You're Not Like the Rest' for wutheringwolf (Cora/Lydia, PG-13)

Title:  baby you’re not like the rest
Recipient:  wutheringwolf
Creator: freshbrainss
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing(s)/Character(s):  Cora/Lydia
Warnings:  None

Summary:  “So your ex-boyfriend turned into a lizard? I thought you were joking about that.”

Jackson comes back, Cora talks about her feelings only while jogging, and Lydia is done with being kept in the dark.

AO3 Link:

Made for round two of the twrarepairexchange

[Fic Update][Free!] Between Wind and Water - Ch. 5

pairing: Tachibana Makoto/Nanase Haruka
rating: Teen (for language in future chapters)
notes: Canon Divergence, Mermen, Angst
status: In Progress (5/6)

summary: Makoto makes a wish for Haru to be free, and suddenly, the two find themselves on an adventure that takes them deep beneath the ocean’s surface and into a strange new world—a world where they aren’t quite human. And yet, even far from the life they know, freedom does not come easily to Haru, and Makoto must find the courage to help Haru in the only way he can: by letting go.

ch. 5 excerpt:

“Why did you do it?” Haru rasps, “Why did you want to leave?”

Makoto says nothing. He’s already given his answer.

Haru is barely audible over the waves. “We could’ve made a home anywhere.”

Makoto doesn’t know what else to say, what Haru wants him to say. There had been a reason to go home. What was it? He can’t remember and feels nothing.

He stares at the sky and wonders what home means.

He wonders when Haru stopped being his home.


anonymous said:

I saw a Nerd!Jim and Punk!Bones post you made a while ago and I had a cute thought of Jim playing D&D with a group of friends, but one player can't be there for whatever reason, so he asks Bones to fill in. He thinks it's just going to be a one time thing, but Bones not only becomes a regular, he gets more into it than Jim does and every time someone falls unconscious, Bones acts like they're about to die and goes into "doctor coming to save the day" mode and Jim beams like the sun.

omg, OMG anon, that is the cutest thing EVER.

Like, Bones is really grumpy at the beginning but it’s only becuz he doesn’t know how to play and he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Jim and look like a dummy, but of course they’re both geniuses so he catches on super quick and wait he’s kinda good at this and this is kinda fun.

And he of course becomes the team healer (I’ve never played D&D before so maybe that’s a thing??) and yeah, legit gets too concerned when someone gets hit and stocks up on all the healing potions.

And Bones still gets a bit stuttery and blushy sometimes because the other have been playing forevz and he’s still pretty low level in comparison but whenever Jim looks at him he just feels like he could conquer the world, magical or not.

And the way Jim just worships him afterwards when everyone’s gone, whispering praise and filth as he pins him to the table they were playing on and kisses his awe into Bones’ skin, and the punk just shivers and wow he should have started playing this years ago.