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Jasper au: you moved into my best friends apartment while yours is getting redone and you keep eating all my snacks

Jason had had a key to Annabeth’s apartment since she moved into it two years ago. He’d been walking, uninvited, into her house since their freshman year of college and never once encountered a problem. Well, except for that one time which taught him to avoid certain hours of the morning and evening after she started dating her current boyfriend - but they don’t talk about that.

He let himself in now, at half past five on a Wednesday afternoon, and called out Annabeth’s name before he dropped his bag on the floor of the hallway.

The answering voice did not belong to Annabeth but to Percy, the aforementioned boyfriend. “She’s not home yet.”

Jason sighed and walked down the hall into the living room, holding the boxes of pizza he’d bought on the way up triumphantly. On seeing him - and more importantly, the pizza - Percy shot up from his lounged position on the couch and grabbed the boxes from Jason.

“I love you, man.”

“Save that for your girlfriend,” Jason said as he walked into the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge.

On opening the white door though, he found the shelf which usually held half a dozen beer bottles almost empty.

“Hey, Perce,” he called.

“Yeah?” Percy answered thickly, clearly having already started the pizza.

“Where are the beers?”

“I dunno.”

Jason grabbed one of the few remaining bottles and crossed to the cupboard to get a bag of chips but encountered the same problem. He always kept a supply of food at Annabeth’s, mostly for nights like this when he came over to watch a game with them. But someone had attacked his stores.

“What the fuck?” he muttered.

“You come into my house,” a voice said from behind him, “you swear in my kitchen.”

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James Potter, punching fourth year Severus Snape in the face in front of Lily Evans . Remus and Sirius being there too, and James can’t recall the exact string of insults Snape had spat at them, but he had called the three of them privileged. 

Lily being furious and James getting called to McGonagall’s office for the incident. 

James would be the first to admit that he is indeed, as Snape suggested, privileged. His family are well known, well respected and wealthy. James himself is confident and highly intelligent and he knows it. 

But Sirius has a surname that is a burden to him and a family that call him a blood-traitor and Remus goes through hell and back once a month and still manages to smile and laugh. Sirius wakes shaking from nightmares and asks quietly in the dark if James is awake while Remus pretends he’s not in pain the day after so that nobody worries about him. Sirius receives letters that make his hands tremble as he shreds them and Remus had a panic attack when they told him they knew his secret because he thought they were going to go public and get him kicked out of school. 

Snape can call him whatever he likes, but he does not get to call Sirius and Remus privileged, James won’t stand for it. 

He says as much to McGonagall who spends a long time staring hard at him.

Eventually she tells him he needs to write an extra 15 inches on his transfiguration homework and dismisses him without detention. 

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A cute scene with aomine where he screwed up?? :D

Aomine swallowed as he reached to push your doorbell nervously, bouquet of roses clutched tight in his other hand and tie choking at his neck. It was uncomfortable and he felt uncomfortable and everything fucking sucked, but he also felt terrible and stupid and—

“Daiki? What are you doing here?”

Surprised, Aomine fumbled with the roses before pushing them into your face. “HERETHISISFORYOU,” he blurted, almost shouting.

“Uh…” You peeled the bouquet away from your face and glanced at the twelve perfect (well, nearly perfect—some petals had been crushed against your cheek) flowers wrapped in pink tissue. “Thanks, but…”

You glanced up and immediately noticed that Aomine had an expression of horror on his face.

“I’m sorry.” Your boyfriend looked genuinely distressed and uncomfortable in his crisp shirt and tie as he fidgeted on your doorstep. “I’m really sorry.” He dug around in his back pocket and pulled out a nicely wrapped box. “I was a dumb fuck and you’re right to be angry at me.”

You accepted the gift, confused. “Daiki? Are you okay? What’s with the getup? And the presents? And the…weirdly penitent attitude?”

Aomine’s head whipped up as he adopted an equally befuddled look. “Wasn’t it your birthday yesterday?”

Suddenly, it dawned on you. You snorted. “It’s tomorrow, genius.”

Aomine groaned, ripping the tie from his neck and stuffing it into the pocket of his slacks. “Dammit, Satsuki,” he swore.

Chuckling, you reached up to kiss him lightly on the chin. “Well, thank you for the early birthday presents anyway. Wanna come in and hang out before you chew Satsuki out later?”

Aomine’s grimace softened slightly as he hooked an arm around you and followed you into your house.

“This is embarrassing,” he muttered sullenly.

“It’s okay,” you replied happily. “I’d be more mad if you forgot our anniversary anyway.” You paused. “You do remember our anniversary, right?”

There was a long silence.

“…Happy birthday, baby—”


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Can I just say that the struggle is real when looking for a good (exo) fanfic seriously everytime it's either a shitty plot or the descriptions/dialogues are to cringe for because of the bad English :/ Do you have any good recs? Thank youu

oh man i know. i started reading one because the plot description seemed promising but it didn’t deliver as much as i’d expected. idk what your ships are but here are some A++++ fics for you


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

“Does this look okay?” Jude asked, pursing his lips as he turns his head from side to side, examining his face in the mirror.

Callie glanced over at him and frowned. She’d been looking through the bottles on the windowsill for moisturiser (she’d forgotten hers when she came back home from college on Spring Break), but apparently judging her brother was more important than that.

“Don’t people normally only wear face-paint to Football games?”

Jude shrugged. He didn’t care what people usually did. If he wanted to wear facepaint to a baseball game, then he’d lather his skin with whatever colours he wanted. And today, he wanted to wear green, navy and white – the school colours. “I dunno. That’s not important. But does it look okay? Are the colours even? Does this navy look like navy, or does it seem more black to you?” he wondered, beginning to ramble a bit as he narrowed his eyes at his reflection.

“Yeah, it’s fine, I guess. I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she replied, returning to her search.

With that ringing endorsement, Jude sighed and thought to himself that it would have to do. Not like any of the players would be able to see him properly all the way up in the stands, anyway.

“So, big game today,” Callie mused, obviously waiting for him to expand on the topic.

He hummed absentmindedly, clearly not picking up on her hint.

“Is Connor nervous?” she asked pointedly, realising that Jude wasn’t going to tell her anything without being specifically prompted.

He considered the question for a moment, before answering.

“A bit, I think. He gets pretty worked up about this kind of stuff, sometimes, and it’s the first game of the season, but he’ll be fine. He’s been practicing like crazy. The whole team has.”

Jude began collecting the plastic face-paint containers and sponges, to put them away. Mariana had lent them to him, so he didn’t want to just leave them lying around.

“Hey, I’ll drive you, if you want. I haven’t been to one of Connor’s games in forever, if you’d like me to sit with you?” she said, ending her suggestion in a tone of voice that made it seem like a question. She’d finally found the moisturiser.

“That’d be cool,” Jude agreed, smiling happily at her. “Taylor’s coming too, but we’d love the extra company.”

Callie appeared to be pretty surprised by the fact that he’d made a sign, as well. “Wow, you really went all out.” But she just shrugged and lead him to her royal blue, beat-up truck, which was parked in the driveway.

It was a sunny day, which was fairly typical of Anchor Beach. Jude loved the fact that his boyfriend’s sport was played in such sunny weather. Since it was the end of spring, and the baseball season was just beginning, most of the lawns on their street had just been freshly mowed, and Jude breathed in the smell of summer. It was a little humid out. To keep the air in the truck from getting stifling, they rolled the windows down, letting the breeze rush through their hair. It was enough to cool them down.

By the time they got to the stadium, Callie was dreading having to sit through over two hours of that heat. She had no idea how Jude did it. Or how the players did it, for that matter.

But her brother seemed pretty excited, so at least he was happy. Must be used to it, she supposed. Plus, he got the benefit of seeing the object of his affections in uniform. That was probably a big motivator.

Jude had been eager to get there early and see Connor before the game. He and Callie parted ways as she went to buy some snacks for the game – if she was going to melt under the glare of the sun, she was at least going to have an ice-cream to keep her company. She gave him her keys so that he could go back to the truck and get his sign after seeing Connor.

“Do you want me to get you anything?” she called after his retreating back as he jogged off towards the dugouts. He simply waved his hand at her in a vague meaningless gesture, too busy rushing off to see his personal eye-candy to worry about getting actual candy.

“Hey, babe,” Connor said when Jude came to a halt in front of him. He’d been leaning against the wall near the locker room, but when he saw Jude heading towards him, he’d wandered over to lean against the paint-cracked bars of the dugout instead. His lips turned up at the corners, the way they did every time he saw Jude, his smile growing wider the closer his boyfriend came.

“Hi,” Jude said, returning the greeting, and leaning on the opposite side of the bars with his forearms.

“Nice…” Connor trailed off at the end of the compliment, waving at Jude’s decorated face.

“War paint?” Jude suggested, grinning.

Connor snorted at the running joke and adjusted his baseball cap, brushing at his fringe. It was a little difficult to keep it spiked up when he kept getting hat hair.

“Will it smudge if I kiss you? Don’t wanna ruin all of your hard work,” Connor inquired mock-seriously.

Jude rolled his eyes playfully, before ducking down to press his lips against Connor’s in a well-practised gesture. The only reason he had to duck down was beacause of the sunken floor of the dugout. Otherwise, they were the same height.

He only closed his eyes at the last second, because he liked to watch the way Connor’s fluttered closed. They only did that when Jude initiated the kiss. Whenever Connor made the first move, he always squeezed his eyes shut, as though the moment was too intense for him to look.

“You wearing sunscreen?” Connor inquired as he pulled away slowly, eyeing his boyfriend’s t-shirt suspiciously.

Jude rolled his eyes for real this time, exasperated by his boyfriend’s over-protectiveness. Sometimes, it was as though he thought Jude was a small, fragile flower that could be trampled on and broken at any moment.

“Yes, Callie made me put some on, because apparently I’m five years old and can’t take care of myself,” Jude huffed, annoyed. “Can’t you smell the suncreen?”

Connor sniffed curiously.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied sheepishly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do the over-bearing thing, I know we talked about that,” he apolgised, eyebrows drawing together as he pursed his lips in a guilty frown.

“I know you’re a big worry wart, and I know you’re trying. We’ll keep working on it,” Jude sighed, already forgiving him. He’d forgiven worse.

Connor nodded distractedly, gripping the bar and leaning back. He curved his spine, stretching his arms, muscles tensing and… and Jude decided that this was as good a time to go as any. Shaking his head to wake himself out of the daze that he’d fallen into.

“I’d better go, before all the fangirls come to get a look. I wanna get good seats. Good luck,” Jude murmured as he leaned down once more – this time, to lay a kiss on Connor’s cheek.

“You telling me you don’t come for the view too?” Connor teased, winking at Jude and making him trip over nothing as he walked backwards away from him. He laughed when Jude just made a bitch-face in reply.

Jude made his way back to the stands after retrieving his sign, picking out a few seats about halfway up the stands and settling himself down to wait for his sister and his friend.

He was startled when someone sat down heavily next to him. The stands weren’t empty but they aren’t exactly teeming with the masses, either. There was plenty of space for people to sit… anywhere that wasn’t right next to him.

When he darted a look over to see who was on his left, he was about as surprised as a fisherman who’d just caught a bra.

Connor’s dad nodded at him in solemn acknowledgement, before turning his gaze forward in grim determination, as if he’d made the decision to sit next to his son’s boyfriend and he was going to stick to it damn it, but that didn’t mean he had to enjoy it.

Jude swallowed, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans, and hoping that Callie would hurry back from the concession stand, or that Taylor would turn up. Neither of those things seemed to be happening any time soon.

After a few minutes of tense silence, Jude began fiddling with one of the corners of his sign, which he’d propped against the back of the seat in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Adam glance down at the sign. The smile that flashed across his face was gone so quickly, it was almost as if it had never happened. Almost.

But it had happened, and when Jude looked out accross the playing field towards the dugouts he could see Connor staring at his father in shock, before his expression slowly morphed into a hesitant smile. Connor’s dad pointed at Connor’s team-mates, obviously encouraging him to turn back around and focus, but his son took a second to grin happily at Jude and wave, before turning away.

In that moment, Jude felt more comfortable around Adam Stevens than he had in the two years since he and Connor had started dating. He still didn’t exactly like the man, but… well, he disliked him a little less. Anyone who tried to make Connor happy couldn’t be all that bad.

It wouldn’t even matter if Connor’s team won – it was already the best baseball game he’d ever been to.

Just Following the Arrows

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A/N: Inspired by those shirts and that anon post about them! The idea was just too cute to pass up!

Dean stirred a little in bed, cracking an eye open as he heard the door open and close. A small smile curved his lips as he recognized the soft footsteps that could only belong to Castiel, who was clearly trying his best not to wake him. It didn’t work, but Dean was relieved anyways.

Cas had been busy with his own stuff lately and it had been a long time since they spent the night together. Dean hadn’t been expecting him tonight, but he could feel something tense in his chest unwind as he heard the angel root through his belongings on the floor. It was nearly pitch black in the room, so finding what he wanted was taking longer than usual. Cas had a tendency to grab a t-shirt and sweatpants of Dean’s to wear into bed. It was endearing, even if telling Cas as much usually just earned him a frown.

Castiel must have found what he was looking for, because the footsteps were suddenly getting closer to the bed. Dean hummed softly to himself as he felt the mattress behind him dip down under the weight of a knee. Cas settled next to him in a flutter of cloth and a whoosh of breath. Dean didn’t turn around, opting to pretend he was still sleeping so neither had to stumble through greetings or explanations. There was a moment of quiet with no movement, and then an arm was curling heavy around Dean’s waist from behind and the warmth of a chest pressed against his back. The hunter smiled and then let sleep overtake him once again.

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James Potter in first year being the first to notice that Sirius has a lot of nightmares. He’s not a light sleeper (quite the opposite in fact) but he makes sure Sirius knows it’s okay to wake him up if he wants to, and if the nightmares do wake James up he always gets out of bed and goes and sits with Sirius. 

James Potter standing up for Peter when the Slytherin’s tease him because he might not know the quiet kid that shares his dormitory very well yet, but he’s certainly not having any of that. Him telling Peter that he’s not got to take crap from anyone and vowing not to let anyone until Peter can stand up for himself.

James Potter noticing the ragged scar that goes right around Remus’ left shoulder, seeing the way Remus squirms when he realises James has seen, so he doesn’t ask.

James Potter, horrified, telling Remus he is not to refer to himself as a freak again because he is so much more than that. 

James Potter, angry, telling Peter he is not to say he’s useless because he’s not and all he’s doing is selling himself short.

James Potter, crestfallen, telling Sirius he isn’t a blood-traitor, he is his own person who made the horrendously difficult decision to go against his family’s ideals.

James Potter, who never takes notes, taking them meticulously after the full moon so he can give them to Remus later.  

James Potter, telling Sirius in fourth year that he can come over whenever he wants for as long as he wants in the holidays, making sure to offer to have him over every holiday for the full duration of that holiday because he knows things are getting worse in the Black house.

James Potter running to the kitchens during break to make cups of tea and taking them up to leave by Remus’ bed after the full moon.

Tactful, kind, dorky, loving James Potter making sure all of his friends are happy and healthy and okay. 

James Potter, the mother of his little friend group.

My take on the infamous tent scene. Also partly inspired by the pinkie holding scene. One shot, drabble. Let me know what you think!


It was the last night of the school camping trip and the chaperons had just called lights out. Jude and Connor sat in their shared tent, whispering to each other, giggling, reminiscing about the past few days.

“Man, I wish we didn’t have to go back,” Connor sighed leaning back on his sleeping bag.

“Me too,” Jude agreed leaning forward, placing his elbows on his knees. “This was my first time camping but it sure was fun.”

“You’d never been camping before this week,” Connor asked propping himself up.

Jude shook his head. “Nope. Although moving around so much was kind of like camping I guess.” Jude looked down at his feet.

“We can go camping,” Connor blurted out.

“We are camping,” Jude laughed.

“No, I meant,” Connor said shaking his head. “I mean we can go camping again. When it’s not a school trip. Then we can stay up as late as we want and won’t have to deal with so many people.”

“I’d like that,” Jude said shyly. Connor smiled rolling onto his side. The boys smiled at each other, not speaking, just looking at one another.

“Lights out boys,” They heard Lena call from outside the tent. “That means time for bed.”

Both boys settle into their respective sleeping bags, though in the small tent they remain fairly close to one another. Jude is on his side, face towards Connor who’s looking back at him. Connor smirks at his friend shyly. Jude feels his face getting warm and is suddenly grateful for the relative darkness around them so Connor can’t see the pink creeping across his face.

“Hey Jude,” Connor whispers so quietly that the other boy almost doesn’t notice.

“Yeah,” Jude replies just as quietly.

“I…never mind,” Connor says after a pause.

Jude squints towards his friend in the darkness trying to get a read on the other boy but Connor turns away.

“G’night,” he hears Connor mumble into his sleeping bag.

“Night,” Jude sighs back closing his eyes.

They settle into silence, only the sound of the crickets chirping and the rustling of the wind in the trees to keep them company. Jude’s on the precipice of sleep when he hears rustling coming from Connor’ side of the tent.

The smaller boy cracks open his eyes slightly, and sees Connor turning back towards him.

“Jude,” Connor whispers even quieter than before. “Are you asleep?”

“Mmhmm,” Jude sleepily mumbles, keeping his eyes shut.

Connor doesn’t say anything for a bit, only blinks in the darkness of the tent, staring across at Jude. He takes in every inch of Jude’s face, his eyes coming to a stop on the boy’s lips. Connor unconsciously bites his own lip as he steadily moves closer to the other.

Jude can feel Connor’s eyes on him but he still doesn’t open his, just keeps pretending he’s asleep. Connor’s face is inches from Jude’s by now. So close that Jude can feel the warmth radiating from his friend.

“Hey, Jude,” Connor whispers shyly. He’s so close now, Jude can feel Connor’s breath ghosting against his lips. “Can…can I kiss you?”

Jude’s heartbeat skyrockets at the thought but he doesn’t show it.  He flickers his eyes open, met by Connors own. They’re so close now. Almost touching. Jude is staring into Connor’s eyes, a low glow from outside the only light that’s illuminating them. Connor moves closer still, their noses grazing each other now. Jude leans in and whispers out a soft “Mmhmm.”

Connor hesitates for a second but all hesitation is lost the moment his lips touch Jude’s. Both their chests feel like they’re about to explode. Jude’s head is rushing a mile a minute while Connor’s has almost completely shut down.

The kiss lasts for all of 2 seconds but to either of them it felt longer. Connor pulls away first, his cheeks burning from his massive blush. Jude leans back slightly. He opens his eyes, which he didn’t know he had closed to begin with.

A smile tugs a Connor’s lips while Jude is still in awe over what just happened. The younger boy touches his fingers to his lips where he can still feel the sensation of Connor’s lips on his. Warm and tingly. Soft yet firm.

“Wow,” Jude says without realizing it. Connor’s smile falters.

“Like bad wow,” He asks, heart accelerating out of fear.

“No,” Jude says louder than intended. “No. Not bad. Unexpected, but definitely not bad.”

Connor sighs, relieved. Then reality comes crashing back on him when he remembers what he has to go home to. His dad would kill him if he ever found out what happened tonight.

“We can’t tell anyone about this,” Connor frowns.

Something inside Jude breaks but he nods, silently agreeing. Connor tucks himself back into his sleeping bag. Jude does the same, lying on his back staring up at the roof of the tent.

“Night,” Connor says morosely, turning his back to Jude.

“Night,” Jude says just the same.

Jude is lying flat on his back, hands at his sides, unable to sleep. The kiss keeps playing over and over in his head like an endless loop. If he’d known they weren’t going to be able to do that again he’d have made it last longer. He sighs softly, not happy with the situation but contents himself to being happy with having Connor as a friend than not at all.

There’s a pang in his chest as he plays Connor’s words over in his head. ‘We can’t tell anyone about this.’ The word’s echo around his brain, bouncing around his skull making his chest tighten. Jude shuts his eyes tight, trying to clear his mind so he can sleep. No luck.

He hears Connor shifting again, turning so he too is face up. Jude looks over at his friend, the other boy’s head is turned away still. Slowly Jude feels Connor’s had slide over next to his.

Jude’s chest tightens again. This time in a good way. Connor’s pinky slowly reaches out for Jude’s. The younger boy extends his own pinky, meeting Connor’s halfway. Connor takes the invitation and wraps his pinky around Jude’s who does the same to his.

Connor lets out a content sigh and shifts so he’s a little closer to Jude. He has a small smile on his face though Jude can’t see as he’s still turned away.

The smaller boy looks down at their intertwined pinkies and smiles. Maybe they couldn’t tell anyone about this. Not yet at least, maybe not ever. But at that moment Jude didn’t care. In fact he was happy not to share this moment, to share Connor, with anyone else.

Jude closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. Connor’s doing the same across from him. Neither one says a word, they just grip their pinkies a little tighter, not wanting the camping trip to end.

Unusual Care

(What was supposed to be just a cute little idea of Anders providing some unorthodox care at his clinic quickly turned into, well, something. So here’s uh… whatever this is. Warning for animal abuse, but everything ends happy, so yeah.)

Anders let out an exhausted sigh as he collapsed into his chair. Maker, it had been a long day. He’d woken up this morning to the news that there’d be an accident at a Lowtown factory, most of the employees having been from Ferelden, forced into such dangerous work for far too little pay, followed by the injured arriving in droves. It had taken almost everything he had to deal with it, between attempting to triage the patients and actually healing them. Halfway through, he’d found himself leaning on Justice for help too much for his liking. The mage had managed to save most of them, but a couple were already too far gone by the time they got there, even for his talents.

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OH GOD PLEASE WRITE A SOULMATE HARTWIN AU PLEEEAAASE?? Like any Soulmate!au like soulmarks or the first words written down your arm or timers seriously anything hartwin tbh I love the mpreg fix AND I NEED MORE

Soulmate AU (Timers)-


He was not going to find his soulmate in a police station. There was no fucking way Gary “Eggsy” Unwin would allow himself to find his fucking soulmate in a police station. No matter what he told himself, the timer on his wrist was steadily counting down.

Two minutes and counting. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. When he had turned 18 and the timer had started counting down he felt almost relieved that he would have ten more years before he would have to meet his soulmate. A lot of folks found theirs after a year or two others would wait decades. He did like thinking that he soulmate was all ready 18 at least and waiting for him.
It made him think that someone out there would be eventually happy to see him.

But not here, he prayed. Not at a fucking police station, where he’s surrounded by cops and D.I.s and D.S.s. People are fetching coffee and tea and there are criminals-which oh fuck would that be worse to be stuck to some low-life like Dean for the rest of his life. Eggsy wanted to cry.

His soulmate was supposed to be better than this, be a chance at a better life. The timer on his mum’s had been set at zero for a long time and it hurt her whenever she caught sight of Dean’s that was still counting down and would for twenty more years. Eggsy would rather it turn zero right now than to have to face a soulmate that would take one look at him and know he wasn’t worth keeping.

Shaking he signed the papers to go free. He wasn’t sure why he had finally called that number on the back of the medal, only he hadn’t realized that it would be the catalyst to his timer going haywire and shaving off five years in half a second. He was supposed to have time to get himself better. Eggsy was going to make something of himself before he met his soulmate. He wanted to give them things, he wanted to show and prove that he wasn’t the worthless scum Dean seemed to think he was.

With every step, Eggsy felt a lump rise in his throat and his stomach churned. He could barely look where he was going as he stepped out of the precinct. Glancing around he didn’t see anyone, and he took a few more steps out. He hovered there are made sure he didn’t see anyone. The timer still read 00:00:00:03 but had paused there as he was stalling.

Over to the left, he saw a cop heading towards him and Eggsy panicked, he darted down the steps to the right, only making it three steps before-

“Eggsy,” a smooth voice called out behind him. He turned on instinct because he hadn’t known someone was standing around that corner. As he turns, his timer starts beeping, almost insistently and he can hear the responding beeps coming from the man’s. The posh gentleman’s wrist.

“Who’re you?” Eggsy asks, surprised that he can speak at all.

“The man who got you released,” he glances down at his wrist and then over at Eggsy’s before straightening. “And you’re soulmate it appears.” He looks almost curious about the occurrence not the look of joy and love Eggsy had always been hoping for.

“That’s not an answer,” Eggsy returns, and his heart falls. Of course fate would stick him with someone who will never give a shite about him. He wants to rip the damn timer from his wrist.

“Apologies,” the man says and steps down, smooth and graceful. “Harry Hart.”

He extends a hand out and Eggsy wants to decline, to run but he can’t help but want to feel that skin. So he takes the offered hand. Lights spark behind his eyes and a fission of pleasure shoots down his spine before burning through every nerve with a fierce knowing that this man is his. Finally something is as it should be, he thinks. 

When Eggsy opens his eyes, not realizing he had shut them. Harry Hart smiles, tightly, almost like it had been painful for him to feel those things and Eggsy pulls back his hand in fear of causing his soulmate anymore pain.

“Perhaps we should go somewhere to talk,” Harry suggests, gripping his umbrella with both hands. Eggsy nods and follows along, knowing in his gut that he probably would have been better off surrounded by the cops.


Omg I totally didn’t mean to start a thing but here you go Nonnie I hope you enjoy and yes there may be more to this. WTF am I doing with my life.

Expected Fic happenings

Meet by breaking something

Long lost friends

Is best friends relation

Falling, spilling

A trip to the hospital

Fight but it’s ok

One of them hates how they look but the other one loves them nmw

Another hospital trip

Pregnancy but miscarriage

Almost killed

Cute meaningless filler chapters

Plot twist that was expected bc common

Best friend and sig other fight over them

Violence but it’s all good in the end

Quick ending bc they got tired of writing

Ending that takes place 10 years in the future and is confusing bc what happened during those years

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5, and... Kim/Smith? :3

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

”No!” Smith frowned, leaning back on the sofa in an attempt of nonchalance. Kim grinned at his faintly pink cheeks and poked him in the arm.

“Really?” She said, suppressing a laugh at his distressed expression. “Why else would you keep getting shitty about me and Duncan then?”

“Shut up Kim.” Smith groaned, crossing his arms. “It’s so obvious you’re fucking. I just hate you’re sickly happiness, it’s unnerving.”

Kim raised an eyebrow and grinned wider. No matter what the tall man said, his blatantly angry expression betrayed him. His boyish jealousy amused her, and she leaned in closer to his face, watching his cheeks heat up again.

”You’re jealous.” She whispered, breathing out hotly into his neck. “Admit it.”

“I’m not!” Smith denied, his expression panicked by her presence. She let a moment pass as she looked up at him from beneath her eyelashes, smiling innocently at his flushed cheeks and darting eyes.

”Sure.” Kim laughed, leaning back and freeing him from her uncomfortable closeness. Standing and laughing again at his still alarmed face, she gave him a wink and move towards the doorway.

”I’m going to record Flux Buddies.” She said. “Try not to get too upset by mine and Duncan’s blatant fucking.”

She opened the door, and gave him one last look, dragging her eyes over his still red face.

”But you know Smith.” She murmured, her voice dropping to a sultry tone. “I’m always free if you need to, you know, let off some steam.”

The door closed softly behind her, and Smith swallowed loudly. Fuck.


I scrambled it all down without much thought. It isn’t much but I thought I’d Submit it anyways.


“When all of your flaws

And all of my flaws

Are laid out one by one…”

This is unbelievable. Your throat is sore from singing the lyrics to every song so far, and you can’t believe that you are actually here, at a Bastille concert—and right up against the barricade at that—the stage only a few feet in front of you, and Dan Smith, in the flesh, is leaving the stage to enter the madness of the crowd….

And you officially hate being short.

It’s impossible to see where Dan went, but you can feel the shift as people push to get closer. There’s a slight split in the crowd and you can see the back of his grey hoodie disappearing further and further away from the stage that you are so close to. You stop trying to keep track of his whereabouts and turn to watch Kyle bouncing to the beat as he concentrates on his hands, looking up every once in a while to squint into the crowd at Dan and then turn to look at Will. You love to watch them interact in those little way. You take a breath of contentment and close your eyes, getting lost in the music.

You jolt your eyes open as your friend pulls your arm and you feel the crowd press against you as they shift in answer to Dan’s approach. You can only see the bob of his grey hoodie with Dick parting the crowd as he makes his way back to the stage, until Dan suddenly looks up, those piercing eyes glowing, his gaze catching yours.

You notice you haven’t been breathing as Dan makes his way through the flailing hands and arms ahead of you, not breaking eye contact, purpose and determination lining his grin.

And suddenly, he is right in front of you, your back pressed against the cold metal of the barricade railing. You jump over so slightly as you feel a warm hand slide into the front pocket of your tight jeans, the microphone against those thin lips just inches away from yours. Before you have a chance to react, Dan is being helped over the railing and back onto the stage.

“Did he TOUCH YOU?? I swear he was right up against you!” Your friend shouts ecstatically, jumping up and down, her eyes screaming excitement. Your hand wanders to your pocket where you can still feel the pressure of Dan’s touch, and your breath catches when you feel the crinkle of paper.

You scramble to get your hand into the tight pocket to bring out a small note. Your heart stops for a second as you unfold each crease and read, “Text me…” followed by a hardly legible phone number.

“I….I think Dan Smith just gave me his phone number.”


“Show me again.”

You and your friend are curled up in your tent, muscles complaining from a long day of jumping to the music at the festival.

“It can’t be his actual number.” You struggle to keep your hopes down, attempting to talk yourself out of growing excited over this. “Must be a joke. Who just gives out their number like that? To a fan nonetheless….”

“Come on! You never know until you try… just text him.”

You bite your lip and enter his number into your contacts under the name, “Dan?” After all, it’s probably not even his real number.

“No, I won’t do it.”

Your friend pouts unhappily, staring at you, before quickly snatching your phone out of your hand and running out the tent into the dark, splashing mud back onto your blankets.

“HEY!” You scramble after her as she runs manically between other tents and towards a small opening.

“I can’t believe you!” You finally catch up, panting in the chill air and whipping her around to grab your phone in desperation. The screen screams brightly back up at you with the words, “Hey, is this a joke?

“Oh my god, you didn’t…”

“Hey, you never know unless you ask. He was definitely staring you down the rest of the show…. felt like he was looking at me but hey, I’m not the one with the phone number.” She grins back at you and you stick out your tongue as you feel your phone vibrate in your hand. Your gaze whips back down at your screen to see a reply.

Who is this?”

You just stare. Someone answered. Someone who may not even be Dan, but you feel your stomach churn uncomfortably all the same.

“Go on! Reply! You’re being ridiculous,” your friend urges you.

“This could be anyone. I’m not giving out any information.” You slide your phone into your back pocket and turn to head back to camp, your mind racing as you stare at the soft ground under your old black converse. This is insane. This couldn’t possibly be…

Your thoughts break off when you hear the tumbling piano line from Alchemy ring out behind you. Sliding to a stop, you hesitantly reach for your phone.

You feel your heart skip a beat and your hands shake slightly as you pull your phone back out of your pocket, the bright screen glaring at you, taunting in the dark,


~~~~~ anonymous ~~~~~

Bellarke modern AU

Imagine that the gang (like O, Jas, Monty, Finn, Raven, Miller, Wick, Murphy, Linc, Bell, Clarke, Maya, Harper, Monroe) goes camping. Bellamy is in love with Clarke, but ofc doesn’t tell her because he thinks he’s not good enough for her and that she would never feel the same way. Then he overhears Clarke talking with Raven ABOUT HIM. Talking about how this little trip is hard for her, seeing him shirtless and not touching him, sleeping in the tent next to hers, how she feels she can’t control herself anymore. AND THAT NIGHT BELLAMY IS WAITING FOR HER IN HER TENT LIKE


anonymous asked:

Hello! Love your writing very much, so I decided to ask you) Could you please write something of a time when Jane & Lisbon were already together but they didn't want the rest of the FBI team to know, so they were trying to hide it? There is just something so exciting about it

Hidden Lover
1, 652 words

He felt her warmth against him and a content sigh in his ear as the morning sun illuminated the Airstream’s interior from between the window slats. He could feel her soft skin across his bare chest and nearly molded into it. He turned to plant a soft kiss on the tip of her nose to wake her up, but before he could, there came a series of loud knocks on his trailer door that jolted Lisbon awake and had them both sitting up looking at where the sound had occurred.

"What time is it?" Lisbon whispered sleepily, using the blanket to cover herself. "Who the hell is knocking like that?"

"I don’t know!" he whispered back. "Who is it?" he replied to the loud knocking.

"It’s Cho," the voice yelled from the other side of the door. "You’re over an hour late. Abbott’s pissed. He’s been trying to get a hold of you, but your phone is off.” Cho explained. “Lisbon’s too. Any idea where she is?”

"No," Jane lied, letting Lisbon crawl over him in an panic before getting up himself. "I don’t know where she is."

"You turned off our phones?" Lisbon, wrapped in a blanket around her naked body, mouthed, picking up her cell from the table and shaking it at Jane. "You always leave one on, Jane!”

Jane shrugged his shoulders. “We didn’t exactly want distractions, remember?” he told her, picking up his own phone and turning it on. “Is there a case, Cho?” he asked loudly.”It was clothes and bodies everywhere! You made me turn them off!”

"I can fill you in if you open this stupid door," Cho told him. "Your neighbors are staring at me like I am nuts. What are you even doing in there? Wait, don’t answer that."

"Uh…" Jane stammered, pointing to Lisbon and then the bathroom. "Okay, just a minute. I have to put on some pants."

"I’m not going in there! You can’t hide me in your bathroom!" Lisbon protested.

"Hey! This is your rule, Teresa!" Jane reminded her, picking up her strewn-about clothing and shoving it in her arms. "I’m just adhering to it."

"Oh, you are so going to be in trouble for this," she told him. "You could have told him you’d meet him at the FBI for God sake’s!"

Jane shrugged his shoulders at her and half-pushed her into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and reaching for his clothes. A minute later, Jane pulled the Airstream door open and allowed him to enter as he tucked his shirt into his pants and buttoned up his vest.

"Who else was in here with you?" Cho asked, looking around before swinging his eyes to Jane. "I heard two people in here. Where is the other person?"

"Huh?" Jane asked, his mask going up right away and showing nothing across his weathered face. "Probably the radio. I prefer that to the alarm on my phone. Speaking of which," said Jane, changing the subject easily, "I must have turned it off and forgot to turn it back on last night."

"Funny," Cho sniffed. "Must have been what happened to Lisbon’s phone…" Cho trailed off, checking his watch. "I think I better try calling her again."

There was a split second where Jane almost didn’t catch it. “No! No,” he said. “Uh, don’t do that. I’m sure she’s already at work. Why don’t you have a cup of tea?” Jane offered.

He knew that Lisbon had turned her phone on before going into the bathroom. If Cho called it, her phone would ring in the bathroom and they would be found out. He had to keep Cho busy.

"I don’t like tea," he told Jane bluntly. "But I could go for some coffee."

"Okay," Jane smiled. "Sit down at the table there and I will get you some."

"You’re a messy sleeper," Cho commented, nodding at the sheets all tangled and a pillow on the floor. "Kind of messy for one person. Whatever. Not my business," he said.

"Yeah," Jane agreed, looking through the cabinets for a clean coffee mug. "The bed is lumpy. I usually like soft things to lie on."

He could hear the muffled groan coming from the bathroom and hurried to cough, covering the sound from Cho’s prying ears. Jane set to work brewing the coffee, turning to Cho and smiling. The awkward minute’s silence was interrupted, blissfully, by the coffee maker humming to a stop. Jane poured the coffee into the mug and turned to hand it to Cho, but nearly dropped it at what he saw in front of him.

On the floor, right at Cho’s feet, was Lisbon’s white laced bra. A flicker of horror ghosted over Jane’s face as his eyes fell to the bra and bounced back up to Cho’s face, whose eyes were on the coffee. Jane swung himself around and came to stand over top of the undergarment.

"Hope it’s hot enough," he told him. "I don’t make it often."

Meanwhile, Jane’s toes got to work trying to pick up the material of the bra. Unfortunately, his toes couldn’t hook it properly and it fell, most regrettably, onto Cho’s booted foot.

"Damn it," Jane whispered under his breath.

"What?" Cho asked, bringing the mug to his lips.

"Enjoy it!" he told his colleague.

"Let me get my shoes on while you drink that, and then we can go," he told Cho.

Sitting on the edge of the messy bed right across from Cho, Jane grabbed his socks and shoes from their place on the floor and dropped one of his socks closer to Cho’s feet. Stealthily, Jane grabbed his sock and Lisbon’s bra in the same hand. While Cho was sipping the coffee, Jane balled up the bra and placed it in his pants pocket, finishing putting on his shoes.

"I’m going to see the bathroom before we go, Cho," he told him. "Finish the coffee."

Cho grunted an answer, and Jane opened the door to the small bathroom, hurrying to close it behind him as he turned to face Lisbon, who was sitting on the closed toilet lid with a scowl on her face.

"I think you owe me, actually," he whispered very slowly, off her sour look. "We nearly were caught, Teresa."

"How so?" Teresa mouthed. "I was quiet!"

Jane reached into his pocket and produced her lace bra in his hands. She gasped softly and snatched it from his hand.

"It was on the floor!" he told her. "And on Cho’s shoe!"

"On Cho’s- for God’s sake!"

"Relax! I got it before he saw it," Jane assured her. "He’s out there drinking coffee. I had to lure him because he was gonna call you! You turned on your phone. He would have heard it."

Lisbon narrowed her eyes at Jane, but he knew she couldn’t be mad. He had saved her from humiliation and from Cho seeing her undergarments.

"Do you have a radio in there, too?" Cho called out. "We have to go, Jane. Abbott will be pissed if we don’t get back soon. I need to call Lisbon. It’s not like her to be late."

Jane gave one last fleeting look to Lisbon before opening the door and slipping out, closing it behind him. Cho was now standing, his mug drained of coffee.

"Yes," he said. "Let’s go. You can call Lisbon on the way back to the office," Jane offered.

"Can I use the bathroom before we go?" Cho asked. "The coffee was a little heavy on the bladder."

"Uh…" Jane stammered. "It doesn’t flush. That’s why you didn’t hear a flush when I came out. Broken. Sorry!"

"Fine," Cho told him, heading for the door. "This trailer is a piece of crap."

"Thanks for saying that about my home, Cho," Jane chuckled. "Nicest thing anyone has ever said about it."

Jane led Cho out. He peeked back inside just as Lisbon came out of the bathroom, still wrapped in the blanket. She threw the blanket onto the messy bed and turned her attention to Jane, her naked body in plain view. She held up the bra he had given her and shook her head.

“Your fault!” she mouthed, hinting at his need to fling her clothes all over the place the night before.

He sighed, turned around and shut the door behind him. As Cho and Jane got into the car, Cho dialed Lisbon’s number. After getting through to her, he told her she was late and had to get to the FBI offices.

"Lisbon is never late,” Cho commented. “Wherever she is, must be one hell of a good place to be.”

"I’m sure it is," Jane commented. "She’s probably wrapped up with something."

And they spent the rest of the ride in silence.

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A prompt with middle names: swan queen constantly say henrys full name when he is in trouble and then emma annoys regina and she gets the full name treatment. After a while Emma and Henry try to retaliate but don't know regina's middle name so they constantly change it until they say the right one and its not quite the middle name you would expect of an ex evil queen. :)

Thanks for the prompt, mandyrosask.

“Regina Priscilla Mills, come here!” Emma shouts across the house beside a snickering Henry. They wait in weighted silence for a few moments, and then a red Regina storms into the room, shaking her head in obvious distaste.

“Do you really think my name would be something so atrocious?” Regina scoffs, crossing her arms and leaning forward in an intimidating stance. “You’re going to have to try harder than that.”

Emma and Henry had picked up on Regina’s habit to call them by their full name (middle name and all) when she was annoyed, so they had devised a plan to figure out the brunette’s middle name so they could return the favor—Henry called it Operation Mosquito. But it had proved difficult to discover the guarded woman’s full name. They had gone through dozens and dozens, from Rose to Marie, to Genevieve to Midnight. But nothing had been correct. Emma rolled her eyes, determined to find out.


Emma blew a strand of hair out of her face, snuggling up closer to Regina. Regina’s face was resting on her chest, and they were sitting in comfortable silence. Until Emma broke it.

“Is it Willow?”

“No, dear.”




“Thank God not.”

“What about Eleanor”

“Wrong again, Emma.”

“Well then what the Hell is, Madelyn?” Emma yelled.


“Wait,” Emma sat up, looking at Regina’s face which had abruptly became closed off, “It’s Madelyn?”

Regina slowly—almost imperceptibly—nodded, closing her eyes and refusing to look at Emma. “Yes, Emma, congratulations.” She said sarcastically, but Emma knew to look past the sarcasm and see the self-consciousness.

Emma’s immediate thought was that Madelyn didn’t suit Regina, the ex-Evil Queen. But then it crossed her mind that maybe Madelyn wasn’t matched up to the guarded Madame Mayor, but it was perfect to Regina’s soft and sweet side, the side Emma had grown to know and love.

“Regina Madelyn Mills,” Emma whispered, kissing Regina’s eyelids for each name and then a light peck on the lips for her last, “I think your name is beautiful, just as you are beautiful, and everything about you.” She waited a second for Regina to open her eyes and look back at her, her eyes reflecting the love she felt for the savior. Her savior.

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Prompt: fast-pitch softball au, Korra as the catcher and Asami as the pitcher, on the same team. *pitchers and catchers are known to have a special bond ;)

This took me very long because i don’t know anything about softball. hopefully it turned out ok :)

Korra lugged the bucket ofsoftballs and her duffle bag towards the home base, dropping the bag unceremoniously as she began setting up for practice. She put on the padding and was in the middle of clasping on her mask when Asami made her way out of the changing rooms with a glove already on her hand.

“Well you seem eager to practice,” she yelled to Korra as she walked over to her spot on the field.

“What can I say, it’s not every day that I get to spend a whole afternoon practicing with the great Miss Sato.”

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Drarry 11!

11: Things you said when you were drunk (From this post)

Yaaay, Sarah is the first ask! Thank you dear :D


“Potter, your hair is atrocious,” Malfoy drawled, settling his lithe body onto the couch beside Harry. Harry groaned, rolling his eyes. Even though Malfoy had been part of their friend group for just as long as Pansy and Blaise had, he was utterly obnoxious when drunk.

Harry sighed, getting ready to take a swig from the bottle of Firewhisky was holding, but Malfoy reached over and nabbed it right from under his nose. Case in point.

“Gimme back my Firewhisky,” he grumbled, quite inebriated himself. Malfoy tipped his head back, taking a long draught from the bottle, and Harry tried not to pay attention to his pale, bared throat as he did so.

“In due time, Potter,” Malfoy winked at him.

Harry huffed a sigh and snatched the bottle back. He was too sober to deal with a drunk Malfoy right now. He took a long swallow of the whisky, feeling the pleasant burn ricochet down to his stomach.

Malfoy pulled his socked feet up onto the couch, smirking at something across the room. “Ron and Hermione sure look cozy,” he nudged Harry, motioning with his head. (It was still weird to hear their given names from Malfoy’s lips, though Harry was the only one whom he still referred to by surname at this point.)

Harry followed his gaze, sighing when he found that Malfoy was indeed correct. Something about alcohol encouraged the two to put their hands all over each other, even though they had been married for several years now. Harry predicted they’d be retreating to their bedroom shortly.

“I wish I could get laid tonight,” Malfoy intoned lightly, and Harry squinted at him. Was he trying to flirt? Or was it just a statement?

Assuming the latter, Harry shrugged. “I mean, yeah, me too. Getting laid is good. Sex, you know.” Merlin, he wished he was more eloquent when intoxicated. The words just didn’t seem to want to come to him.

“Well, what do you say?” Malfoy asked, winking again.

Harry’s jaw dropped, and Malfoy took the opportunity to steal the bottle back, taking an amused sip.

“Wha—Malfoy, you can’t just say something like that!” he exclaimed, mouth suddenly dry.

“Why not? You’re fit, we’re friends, and I fancy you,” Malfoy grinned at him, then giggled nervously. “I can’t believe I just told you that. Merlin, I’m going to be so annoyed with myself in the morning,” he rubbed a hand over his face.

Harry grabbed the firewhisky, taking three burning swallows in quick succession and wincing as they went down. His hands were starting to tremble, and he wasn’t sure whether that was from the alcohol or because of Malfoy. “All right, yeah. Fine,” he nodded.

Malfoy raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

“Er, yeah. I wouldn’t mind that, I think,” he confirmed, the alcohol dampening his nervousness down to a manageable level.

“Great,” Malfoy grinned again, putting a hand on his thigh. “Guest room?”

Harry nodded, then stood unsteadily, holding a hand out for Draco. “Come on, then.”

Harry swore he heard Ginny mutter “Finally!” as they left the living room.