This is my defense when I don’t feel good enough to work, but do it anyway because I have to maintain a fucking image because my father in law owns the bar. This means not only do I have to maintain an image with the drunks that come in, but I also have to maintain an image with other employees and set an example for the bartenders, which means I work when I really just want to curl up and cry and try to will the pain away even though I know that won’t work.
Pic 1: infinity scarf and basic make up routine aka weapons of war
Pic 2: before
Pic 3 and 4: I guess I’m ready

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so when I was off college and physical health/depression was really bad, I gained quite a lot of weight. I wasn’t what you’d call ‘fat’, but I was starting to not fit into my size 12 (UK) jeans. something needed to happen before it got out of control.

I’ve been trying to lose some since starting college. obviously all I can do is walking in the way of exercise, but it does burn a lot of calories when walking on crutches.

since being at college, I’ve swapped all my crappy snacks for healthy choices. and I’ve been walking a lot. the difference is absolutely amazing.

First week, I lost 3lbs. Second week, I lost 1lb. and this week, the most active I’ve had since starting college because it was my first full week of hardcore lessons, I somehow lost 5lbs.

I weight 11st 2lbs at first. I now weight 10st 6lbs, after three weeks. my first aim was 10st, and I am still aiming for that. but once I lose the 6lbs, I may go a little further. Depends what my body looks like.

I now fit not only into the 12 jeans that were getting tight, but I also fit into jeans that I didn’t at all. one pair, I bought before gaining weight, and they didn’t fit me. Now they do!

I’m honestly so proud because it’s not at all easy to lose weight when disabled, as you know. I’ve still been eating as much as ever, but it’s the right things, and I am amazed at the effect!

With chronic illness you always have to have an escape plan for any commitment, and it sucks because you don’t want people to know that cancelling plans is forever at the back of your mind, but it’s simply an unavoidable part of being chronically and unpredictably unwell. I think that’s why I have such a great fear of obligations, because with chronic illness it’s vital that you have a way out of things, and you feel physically and mentally trapped if you don’t.

Part 1 is all about going to school when you have a chronic illness. Thank you so much to Ali for putting this together. I hope you find this helpful, and th…

It’s that time of year, everyone is dreading going back to school, especially when having a chronic illness can make everything ten times harder. 

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