at the beggining i was just going to write a few things that i love about her , but i got a little carried away :) you can’t have me start talking about lauren and expect me to shut up lol

so here are 52 things i love about Lauren Michelle Jauregui :

- Your multicolor eyes. i have a hard time trying to figure out what exact color they are.

- your face, specially without make up.

- your smile.

- your laugh . i garantee you it’s my favorite sound.

- your long beautiful hair.

- your raspy voice.

- your honesty.

- your simplicity.

- your taste in music and also your passion for music.

- your mind . you have most beautiful mind .

- your sassiness . i’m still waiting for the day you gonna sass the fuck outta me.

- your selfies ( something that i also hate ).

- your love for animals.

- your indirects on twitter.

- your funny and dorky side.

- your hate for open doors . (because i also hate open doors).

- your freckles .

- your love for photography and beautiful views.

- your neck veins like when you sing, they’re the most attractive thing i’ve ever seen .

- your love for reading.

- your lips .

- your rare pictures lol they make me laugh.

- your fashion style .

- how your eyes shine when you talk about the thing you’re passionate about

- how protective you are over the people you love

- how you go out of your way to help people and make people happy

- how close you’re and how much you love your friends and family

- how you keep everyone in check

- how you stare at your bandmates when they are singing like they are

some angels sent from above

- how you open up to thousands of people about your feelings either on twitter or tumblr .

-how you put up with our shit everyday and still manage to put a smile on your face and be there for us no matter what happens

- how you make sure to remind us how beautiful we are and beauty isnt about having a pretty face but a pretty mind , heart and soul.

- how lovely and caring and sweet you are , even though a lot of people think you’re a bitch.

- how you love life and try to live it to the fullest

- when you correct everybody’s grammar

-when you speak spanish and the way you pronounce the “R’s”.

- when you scrunch your nose/ when you do the scrunchy face ( i die everytime you do it )

- when you curse

- when you wear beanies

- when you try to hide your inner fangirl but sometimes you just can help yourself

- when you fall for someone , there’s nothing that can hold you back

- when you do accents and make impressions of other people like that woman that hit your van with her car.

- when you wear red lipstick

- the way you dance

- the way you act around kids

- the way you hug people like they are the best thing in the world

- the way you treat your fans, and how you’re willing to stop whatever you’re doing to talk someone out of suicide / cut themselves

- the fact that you fall in love with strangers so often and you probably wont see them again.

- the fact that you are outgoing and love meeting new people even thought you’re shy when it comes to talking on stage.

- the fact that you’re always wearing the ring your abuela gave to you

- i dont know if this counts but i love how much you and i are alike and how much i can relate to you.

i hope you know i really appreciate your existence and i really really love you

(the gif is not mine , credit to whoever made it)