Grabe nagFFSNG ako mga ngayon ngayon lang. Hindi na uso pero kasi nakita kong online si ate alexis. Nakita ko pet niya si sephoy edi ako inagaw ko, tapos lumaki na yung presyo niya kahit papano.pero kasi kakabili ko palang bibilhin agad ni ate alexis. Grabe lang hahaha!!

Poy oh Yung dp mo pa hahahahahahahahaha! Peace!




Friends For Sale New Generation | FFSNG

Sino sa inyo ang may account dito? Bilhin nyo naman ako. :D

Natutuwa ako, ang mahal ko na agad, kahapon lang ako nagstart dito, akalain mong may umampon sa akin at ngayon e 2m+ na ang value ko.

Ikaw? May ganito ka ba? Dali, bibilhin kita. ^_______________^

WOW! Just WOW! I opened my FFSng account when i saw this. Last time i open this it was when i just registered here in FFSng then this time is the 2nd time i opened it. May bumibili pala sa akin dito. HAHAHA Naka 1M agad ako. Lols. 

Yung may mga FFSNG account, BUY NIYO NAMAN AKO. :)) 

Nosebleed Syet .
  • Me :you're a flirt ? uh oh I hope you will not flirt with me . hahah ! 'Cause i'm number one hater of those flirts . BTW making someone smile is quite easy , just ride with their jokes even though it is corny . It's not that hard when you have a sense of humor then . Sorry for this late reply , I'm kinda busy last night and i was forgot to open my account here . My bg music ? hahaha. You know what t'was my favorite . The voice was smooth and the message ... Never mind . hahah ! Whenever i heard this Bg music of mine i miss those times when I was broken hearted girl . hahahah . So emo . (//.-) anyway , good morning .
  • Vrai :oh good morning (: much like most of myself i don't really separate what is flirting and conversation :/ usually ppl say i'm a flirt so i just take it as what i do haha so u decide if i'm flirting with u hahaha . ah.. sense of humour :/ that phrase is like a plague.. haha recently in a online thread discussing public defacement of property someone just told me i've got no sense of humour.. too serious D; whoa no idea what u mean exactly by riding with their jokes, but it sounds like laughing along even if u think its not funny? o.o oh no worries.. last night i was fairly conked out anyway.. saying things i shouldn't be saying to people who were listening.. it was like i was drunk, except i hav only drunk alcohol once; i hate the taste. sometimes i get the feeling im an organic cpu :/ need ppl to program stuff into me, like how to court a girl and what is flirting.. perhaps ytd night i caught a virus hmmm ..o.o message in the bg music huh..? *time to listen again* broken hearted isn't fun.. now im of a mind heartless is better haha just a passing fancy..
  • Me : Are you still up ? hahah . I'm so tired this day ! But it was fun . And i so love this day . hahah . anyway , yeah you got it , it's like that laughing with them even it's not funny . Not laughing alone . hahah ! Are you crazy ha ? laughing alone even it's not funny . OMG , i can't imagine that . hahah ! I think Only Crazy person can do that . you don't want the taste of alcohol ? yeah ! it's not fun being a broken hearted . It can only depressed and mAke you ugly !! hahahahha . But i miss being a broken hearted girl . hahahah . just kidding . uh oh . It's okay then . Your not only one that has no sense of humor I'm pretty sure with that. hahahah ! But i'm not belong okay . LOL .
  • Vrai :yea i am o.O did u like delete ur comment 3 times ?
  • Me : yeah because i've made mistakes on my grammars !! hahah sorry . check it again !
  • Vrai :u know its ok if u make a few mistakes.. getting thru tis far into ffs, i've sorta gotten used to it correcting errors and trying to guess what u mean..but like i said before, ur english is quite good ^^ hmm sometimes i find stuff funny.. little things that u may not notice and i've tried explaining it to ppl.. only i will start laughing again or they may not get it still :/ so i just laugh alone fine.. call me crazy ~.~ eh ya i dun like alcohol o.o its bitter and it burns and its just not nice.. like chemicals.. x.x dislike! i tink im gonna be broken hearted again.. that pet i like, .. idk what to do with her.. and my owner just told me he's quitting tonight..rawr ur english quite good but sometimes its hilarious trying to understand u
  • Me : hahah ! thanks for that compliment . And if i'm going to call you crazy ? is there anything that will change ? :3 uh oh . How many times have you tried to drink an alcohol ? He's quitting tonight ? For what reason? :/ hahah ! It's okay to be broken sometimes Just don't expect ! Less hurt . If you like her , just go with it . hahaha ! it's hillarious trying to understand ? Why ? because there's a lot of mistakes in my grammar ? hahah ! K . :3
  • Vrai :hmm nothing much will change.. just a little sad maybe? no matter how, crazy is something that normal people don't want to be, and i like being normal (: uhmm.. once. after a girl made me sad. long ago last time haha .oh, he broke up with his gf.. so he's quitting.. meh. i hav a feeling she has no feelings towards me anyway and its hard to make ppl like u thru the internet, much less a person like me with no skill at courting..ah.. no cos english is not ur first language, sometimes to me it feels like there are gaps in what you say..? its ok! don't worry too much about your english.. i'm sure i'd embarrass myself worse if i had to speak tagalog x.x yours is quite easy to read (:
  • Me :exactly !! Nothing will change if i'm going to call you crazy so why should I ? hahahah ! Don't do that again my friend ! there's so many fish in the sea . I see . :/ But what if his gf will come back ? is he going to come back again here on ffsng ? Why don't you ask her ? hahaha . Don't make a conclusion ! your not that sure if she doesn't have feelings for you . hahah !! you know what sometimes i'm having a hard time to talk to you in english !! hahaha . I'm bleeding !! hahaha . NO ! My nose is bleeding ! hahaha . you're not online ! Goodnight !
  • Vrai :i am online o.O *poke* i just type really LONG comments hahaha. omg its okay! stop deleting them haha you're confusing me.. i was like, i swear u said this before then i realized the other msg was missing! but im going to have to slp soon.. oh ya. and i'll be away from friday to tuesday, so don't miss me k? (: i'm sorry! x.X but i can't speak tagalog D; so i'm gonna have to use english.. :/ sorry.....haha yea after i sobered up that night i swore to myself i wasn't going to do anything that stupid again.. i puked up everything at my friend's place @.@ so embarrassing.. sighs.idk abt my owner.. i hope he tides it over..hmm? i asked her, but she avoids the topic (: she's the wise one i guess..that girl who had me drinking myself silly? i knew her from online too.. nothing good ever comes out of relationships born this way.. its just that i spend alot of time on the net and i know girls from there.. so .. well..gah. feel so nose bleed? u need rest! D; i'll wait for one more msg from u, den we go slp k? i need to pack my com too.. my flights early tomorrow.. i'm going back to malaysia for surgery.. wisdom teeth (:
  • Me :where are you going ? hahahah ! naah . I think i'm not going to miss you hahah ! Just kidding . of course I will . But I know you will come back . noooo ! It's okay ! Nothing to say sorry about that ! Me , i'm enjoying talking to the foreigners like you . I dunno but i just want to enchance my grammar/s !! hahah ! cause I know i'm not that good in english . hahah ! That's good . goodlck . She avoids the topic ? uh oh . I think she doesn't have any feelings for you . Like what you've said to me awhile agoooo . OMG ! that's okay . Move on . hahah ! I'm just kidding ! my nose is not bleeding . Here in the Phil. it's an expression . When one person is talking to the foreigners !! hahaah . Okay you should go to sleep l Not me haha . I'm blogging and i can't sleep . Maybe later . Anyway , happy trip ! goodnight and sweet dreams
  • Vrai :haha i just changed my bg music and pic.. i felt it wasn't sad enuf haha ! u know, once upon a time a friend came to my blog..and he told me, if i wasn't sad before, i would be now.. if i were about to commit suicide, u might just be the last straw haha idk but i felt strangely happy, that although my words were sad i could impact lives like that o.o crazy huh? small victories .haha i'd correct u if u were beside me, but online, its too difficult i'll just try to figure out what u're saying ^^sighs i guess u're just saying what i already knew myself..yea, i'm packing up already. good night..see u when i can online k.. gd nights..
  • Me :is that you my friend ? uh oh ! don't be unhappy ! you should be happy cause you deserve to be !! just don't mind that . For me it's not a big problem though . hahahha !! bad pet ! lol . anyway i have nothing to say just be happy . and happy trip and goodnight ! gah ! take care .
  • Vrai :haha i just gave my beloved pet permission to find a new owner if she doesn't want me anymore.. feels like i tore a piece of myself out :/ gonna shut down my comp.. go to my bed and cry it out or sth.. byebye.. ^^ u rest early too ya.. don't let me bother u..
  • Tae ! Ni hindi ko na din alam kung tama ba yung mga sinasabi ko dyan eh . HAHAH ! Alam ko may mali na akong grammar/s dyan . hahah ! Tryin hard amp !! pero natutuwa talaga ako kapag ganyan mga nakakausap ko nacchallenge aketch ! Minsan di ko na din alam pinagsasabi niyan eh . OO na lang hahah !

May bago akong pinagkakaabalahang laro ngayon. Sabi nung sa nakita ko, bago daw yun sa Facebook. Sinubukan ko. FFSNG. Wala ka masyadong gagawen. Mang-uuto, manloloko, magpapauto at magpapaloko ka lang. Paramihan ng pera. Tapos ang nakakawili pa, e yung may malaki kang tsansang maging amo ng mga kakilala mo. Alam mo yung pakiramdam na parang alagang aso mo lang yung top sa school niyo. AJEJEJEJE. Hanggang ngayon parang ayoko na silang pakawalan.

Eerr !
  • Him :By the way my friend, I know you don't want people to flirt with you. But would it be okay if I flirt with you a little? I like to flirt(in a respectful manner) and you are so beautiful and friendly. Please?
  • Me :(sa isip isip ko. This man is crazy! alam na nga na di ako nakikipag flirt tas magtatanong mag magpplease pa?! haaay ! Mga tao nga naman. Di marunong magbasa ng about me section. Snob para dyan! :3)
Palit Tag ulit ?

Yung owner ko sa FFSNG , madalas palitan yung tag niya sa’kin . Kanina pag open ko eto yung nakita ko . Napansin ko agad agad eh . ahhah ! Ang lakas ng toyo :3


hahah ! Nagtataka ako nung una bakit yun yung sinabi niya sa tag . yun pala may sinabi ako sa kanya . hahaha .


pero nagjjoke lang naman ako dyan eh . LOL .


hahah ! Sana nga yung sinabi niya eh oo makita na ! hahah . Ang kulit niya . Nakakatuwa siyang kausap . Pero wala yan ah ! Kuya ko na yan eh kahit di pa niya sabihin age niya sa’kin LOL .