Character’s Information:

✘ Name: Esmeralda Lovett
✘ Faceclaim: Emmy Rossum
✘ Age: 29
✘ Birthday: October 14th
✘ Relationship Status: Single
✘ Species/Race: Fae
✘ Powers/abilitiesTelepathy, Electrokinesis, photokenesis, advanced healing, Dimensional Creation, Teleportation, illusion Casting (beginning stage) Psychometry
✘  Hometown: Los Angeles
✘ StatusTaken

Life Then:

Esmeralda Marie Lovett was born to a French father and a Creole mother in the heart of Los Angeles; her father being a chef and her mother being a teacher.  Despite being born in the city Esme felt like she never belonged there; it was too fast for her and the people were too rude for her liking.  She made very few friends but she didn’t mind. Esme enjoyed the freedom of being alone sometimes, she didn’t have to ask questions, she got to do what she wanted to do.

As she got older she became more outgoing and got involved in more activities; one of those activities was the swim team. One night after practice she was walking home when she became startled by something, what she assumed was a rabid dog at first, but when it got closer she noticed that it was much bigger. She realized that it was a wolf and it happened to be injured. Instead of being frightened she felt sorry for the creature leading it to an abandoned building so it can heal. When she came back the next morning to check on it she was surprised to find a human instead of the wolf, baring the same wounds as the wolf did. He introduced himself to her as Tristan and her curiosity kicked in wanting to know more about what he was and what else was out there.

He explained what he was and why he was injured. They formed a bond and even after he left the city they still kept in touch.  Not long after he left she started to grow into her powers.  At first she was confused, especially since her parents seemed to have no idea what was going on. After confiding in Tristan she found out that she was fae. He then told her that he knew of a few faes down in New Orleans and that she should get in contact with them. By the end of the week she had left her home in LA and went to New Orleans to find these people.  She found one who took her in and trained her with her powers.

She finished school there and went to the nearby university taking up Art. Though not long after graduating from the college she came home one night to find her parents dead. Unsure of who had done it, or why, she left the states deciding to travel abroad, for her own safety. She was in Rome when she felt a sudden urge to go back to the US, more specifically a small town in California.  Once back she realized that the town was a beacon of some sorts that attracted various kinds of beings to the town. Despite that she grew to love the town and decided to stay there. 

Life Now:

When she decided to stay in Beacon Hills she also decided to go by just Esme.  It made things easier for her, especially since as far as she was concerned the person who killed her parents was still out there.  She got a job at the community college as an art professor and eventually saved up enough money for her to open up her own gallery.

She is now on the road to fully open her shop, weary of some of the current residents of the town, but overall loving what she surrounded herself with. She has started catting up a few residents, some she could tell what they were, some were a little harder to figure out, but she didn’t let that turn her away from getting to know people.

Character In Depth:

✘ Hobbies: Art and Photography
✘ Strengths: Honesty, caring and Confidence
✘ Weaknesses: Too trusting
✘ Quirks/Habits: Not given
✘ Likes: Sunrises and chocolate
✘ Dislikes: Fake people and dishonesty
✘ Talents: Photography
✘ Zodiac: Libra
✘ Sexual Orientation: Straight
✘ Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and French
✘ Distinguishing Marks (tattoos, scars, etc): None
✘ Alignment (Good, neutral, Evil): Neutral

Character Connections:

Peter Hale: Upon meeting him she was intrigued by him but she couldn’t quite figure out why. He was the first werewolf that she met in town and despite knowing about his past she can’t help her slight attraction to him.
 Lucy Jenner:  Lucy is the only other fae that Esme has met and grown to like. She also admires the girl’s strength and personality

What are fairies?

Fairies are like people but really ssmall and have wings. They can do magic things like have glitter on them when they are flying and they leave trails of glitter. They have wings that are like butterflies wings but other shapes and colors too. They are very pretty and they never are overweight.

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