April 14th marks the remembrance of the brutal Anfal campaign. Although the campaign began prior to this date, the Ba’athist regime launched the largest Anfal operations in the Germîyan areas in the South/Southeast of the province of Silêmanî on this date. In 1988 Saddam began a genocidal campaign code-named Anfal, a carefully planned eight-stage operation where 182 000 men, women and children were killed. This was part of a wider genocide that began decades earlier as hundreds of thousands of innocent Kurds perished as families were torn apart and over 4500 villages were destroyed. The genocide saw the use of chemical weapons countless times, most notably in Helebce, the disappearance of boys and men of any ages and the killings of Feylî Kurds in the 1970s and 1980s. The Kurdish nation continues to seek political, legal and moral recognition of Anfal as a genocide according to the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention.


Character design for Animation

Week 2: Super-heroes
Creating a super-hero from town/state/country that we’re from.

So I did a buff short Maldivian man who replaces all fishermen in the Maldives. He can squirt fish or any fish product like ‘rihaakuru’ (fish paste) from his magic dead fish. He doesn’t really need to defend himself from anything, but I thought the shield looked cool anyway. He’s always in extreme super-hero poses; kinda like Johnny Bravo. Also, he can summon any sea creature by blowing on his conch shell. The bullet holder thing (what are those called?), holds fish filled with toddy whenever he needs to revamp his energy. After suggestions from people, I’ll simply call him Thakuru.