feykro-ronaan said:

Would Irinwe know which people were wanted by the Thalmor and which weren't? Considering that she is still young, exactly how involved in the politics is she?

[ I’d imagine all of the Thalmor justiciars are knowledgeable of the more grandiose criminals to the Dominion, so I suppose she would. Of course, they wouldn’t have a complete list of all Talos worshippers under Empire/Dominion control — apart from justiciar reports, of course. 

As far as her level of involvement in politics, I think it’d be much more based on aptitude rather than age. That being said, no 45 year old elves are going to be components in important delegations, or of any political activity at all, really. Since Irinwe has proved herself to be politically competent, Irinwe is encouraged to be active in politics — by not only Rulindil and Elenwen, but her peers as well, and perhaps even by the council. ]