this [accused of being anti-otherkin] person should kill themselves……stay positive fellow otherkin!! *japanese emoticon* dont follow this person dont send hate to them! *tags url and has a link to it* im a good person *sends anon hate and death threats* uwu

incredulousbeliever said:

(Star Wars, Qui-Gon Jinn) Qui-Gon Jinn is feykin and nothing will convince me otherwise. The reason he couldn't appear as a human Force Ghost at the end of Revenge of the Sith wasn't because he hadn't learned enough, it was because human wasn't his true form! He is a shape-shifting Fey mutt with dryad, sylph, flower fey, and unicorn heritage. Evidence? Legend has it that if you kill a unicorn, you will become only half a man. Look what happened to Darth Maul!

actual canon evidence qui-gon jinn is otherkin right here folks ^^^

Otherkin: everyone knows that certain features make a blog a TROLL BLOG! nobody in their right mind would believe them uwu

Young impressionable person that’s new to tumblr: yeah but that doesn’t mean I wont or know any better

Otherkin: *continue to make asses of themselves and send people anon hate and death threats* remember if anyone catches you just say you’re a troll blog!! uwu