joey-mccoy said:

Wait- your launching a magazine?! Congratulations! \^^/ Is it a fashion-type magazine like this blog? Or photography-related? I'm sorry for asking so many questions, I must have missed something. ^^; Anyway, congratulations on the new HUGE involvement and I wish you all the best with it! *cough and your blog is gorgeous* *and so are the men... xD*

I am indeed! Its called FETYSZ. Its mostly a fashion magazine, but there will be stuff about music, lifestyle and more. 

Have a look at our Facebook page :D

And thank you so much for your lovely message :D x

Niestety kretyn jest krawcem i ma fetysz
Uwielbia szyć i ryć ludziom berety
We własnym sam ma burdel oraz pstro
Niesie ujmę, tak to ujmę: Samo zło
Prosty rachunek, totalitarne dno
Debil plus trunek, czyli des-pe-ra-do
—  Pokahontaz - Desperado2 ft. Buka, Kleszcz