Low-carb veggie pizza-bites with feta-cheese

I’m ( like most human-beings :D ) a big pizza-lover therefore going low on carbs means missing out on one of my favourite dishes. What I tried to do with this is creating a substitute that is low on carbs and doesn’t take ages to make.

Feeds 2-3 people.

That’s in it:

- zucchini ( 1/ big )
- eggplant ( 1/ big )
- olive oil ( 2 tablespoons )
- pepper + salt
- feta cheese ( 1 )

- pizza sauce ( ca. 250 ml )

I experienced that different people do very different pizza sauces so I’m not going to include a recipe here. But I want to recommend to make your own pizza sauce as it’s way easier to control what is in it than in bought sauces ( beware of extra sugar, flavour enhancers, dyestuff … additives in general).

1. Preheat oven to 200 degree C.
Make sure your trays are in the oven to heat them up too.

2. Cut up zucchini and eggplant in slices ( around 4 mm thickness ), mix them in a bowl with salt and pepper and let that sit for about ten minutes.

3. Cut up feta-cheese in small cubes ( 5 mm x 5 mm )

4. When the oven has the right temperature take the trays out and cover them with aluminium foil.

5. Place the zucchini/eggplant-slices on the tray one after another.

6. Top each slice with a teaspoon of pizza sauce and 2-3 feta-cheese cubes.

7. Bake for about 20-25 minutes until the feta turns slightly brown.

8. Take the trays out and place the bites carefully on plates.

One of my favourite dishes, bon appétit.