xshahad1x said:

Don't you dare to say that ! your blog is perfect, seriously if you are planning to leave tumblr I will travel the world to your house, crash into it, and force you to keep blogging bc your audio edits are the best, you can make me laugh like a freak, cry & fangirl within minute, you have the power to change the mood of anyone who listen to your edits, so yeah DON'T THINK OF THAT AGIAN :) Love you 💕

You just made me cry. Seriously it baffles me that people actually get moved by my audios. I sometimes forget that even though I might not see it, tons of strangers are actually listening to them. This message is beyond perfect, and it made me realize that there are so kind and friendly people on tumblr. I will probably never leave! *I am going to save this message and look at the whenever I feel down again*


A little something..

I just watched the finale.. And wow, I want congratulate everyone who worked so hard to get this result. This show is so amazing and so underrated. Bryan and Michael are such great writers! The animation was so good, the episodes’ music was fantastic, the fights were phenomenal,the voicing was strong,etc. Everything was perfect. They know how to sacrafice characters and their power.

It even made me cry. And I never cry for movies nor tv shows. I have never been so excited to watch a seasons finale of any show. It was an emotional rollercoaster.. My heart was beating so fast through the whole thing. I’m shocked. In a good way though. I never thought that a tv show could be this good. The episodes were perfect.

If Bryan, or any crew member on Tumblr is reading this, I just want to thank you. Thank you for creating this awesome show! You are so talented. The whole fandom loves you! (well,not really at this moment,but it’s part of the proces we’re going through after every Book)

And this is for the fandom, guys, just one last hiatus.. Let’s make the best of it, and let’s take it easy,shall we? 

Thanks for reading (if you actually did). Now I’m going to cry.

njood727 said:

Hello , i really didn't know how to begin but i'm a fan of your blog and especially your confessions so i wanted to ask you about what you like about dongwanii for me i fell in love with him (although his not my bias since i don't really have a bias in shinhwa 😁) after reading his blog posts and seeing the way he think and of course his voice so what about you :) (thank you and sorry if wrote too much )

Awwww…you are so sweet!! Thank you my dear! I love writing confessions and replying to ask so no sorry is needed! ^_^

Wannie Oppa!!! This is an ask that will gain a long happy reply from me because he was my bias for a while before Andy xD And I don’t think I have talked much regarding how I feel about Wannie Oppa other than the fact that I kept asking myself why he is not my bias and I think he is the most handsome man in Korea.

Similar to liking Andy, the reasons that make me like Dongwan changes throughout my time being a SHCJ.

In a previous post about Junjin, I mentioned that many times, the reason which makes me like someone spark from sympathy. And that was how I first noticed and got attracted to Dongwan right at the start. Because as a non-SHCJ at that time, I mistook that he was not as close to the rest and Eric hates him so my heart started to lean towards him gradually. That was the first reason why I like Dongwan.

Subsequently I started researching about him on the internet. So after knowing that Oppayam was being scouted, I started realising, “Hey, this man is actually good-looking!” And he became the good-looking lonely serious entertainer that I liked. Still not an idol yet.

I started to see the fun, cheerful and witty side of Oppayam during the MT episode of Shinbang. With my previous impression of him, I was shocked that he joined in Minwoo’s farting exercise. At that point I realised he was actually close to the rest and not the gloomy guy in my mind. I like how funny he is in God of eloquent. I like how talented he is in writing when they were to come out with a passage about Park Chung Jae. I like how serious he can be at times.

By that time I already like Wannie a lot, but I still thought he was just a pretty face (I didn’t believe he can sing). Then I become a real SHCJ. Oppayam’s voice is just……How can anyone being scouted for look sing so well? Talking about unfairness…but again I later found out it wasn’t fairness or unfairness. Oppayam is a person that put in a lot of effort in everything he does. That is why he is good in singing, acting, cooking, photography, writing etc which brings me to my next point.

Another turning point, or rather more reasons to add on to why I like him, was during “Cheer Up Mr Kim”. In an interview, the Shinhwa members mentioned that the character was like the younger Dongwan and he was healing himself when acting in the show. My first reaction: “Ya right, that erowannie is like Mr Kim?!” I did not believe. But once again, Dongwan surprised me. I started to know the righteous, humbled, having high moral compass side of Oppayam.

I like how as a young man, he told SHCJ “Shinhwa is not respobsible for your life”, how he lectured SHCJs for skipping classes to stalk them, how he ride his bicycle around their dorm areas on Sunday asking sasaeng fans to go to church. Most young entertainers at that time would only listen to their Company and try their best to please fans. But at that age Wannie already had his own set of moral compass. He did not care if he was being hated, he just need to voice his opinion when he thought it was the right thing to do. I am not a Christian, but I am just impressed by Oppayam asking fans to go church!

After he became older and famous, how he gave back to society quietly and not making it known to public is just respectable. I feel he wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he is donating money and doing good, he just thought it was something so normal and there wasn’t a need to publicise it. That was why when his ex-manager told the media about how Dongwan helped him, Dongwan was shocked (this is a personal view).

There are just too many reasons why I love this man. The more I get to know this man, the more I respect and love him. The paragraphs above are not every reason why I love him. It was just describing the different phases.

Looking beyond Erowannie and the surface things, why I love Oppayam is because:

  1. I love his attitude. When his mind is set on doing something, he gives his all.
  2. I love how he manages his life. He works hard, plays hard, knows when he is getting too stress and force himself to take breaks. I like how he has a life not only in the entertainment industry but outside too.
  3. I love how he did not think he is a star, even though he is definitely one ^_^
  4. I love how he improves himself as a person (in terms of character). Like the burp incident with Eric. Wannie said he stop burping loudly outside.
  5. I love how health conscious he is, I like how he makes himself quit smoking. Although he still pick it up again when he is stress =’(
  6. I love how he always tries to explain for his members like when he kept defending Hyesung here. And when Andy was wearing the mask and can’t speak, how he helped to convey what Andy tried to say.
  7. I love his moral compass.
  8. I love how wise, knowledgeable and well-read he is (the wise things he provided us with in his blog).
  9. I love how he stands up for his friends (Minwoo and bitch incident).
  10. I love how he constantly improve himself and finds new hobbies (editing videos, skiing)

O.O I had never known but when writing this post I realise Oppayam has surprised me many times.

Sorry for the slightly late reply because I just got so much to write about Oppayam xD And thanks for the ask! You might not have realised but just push my thought of quitting Tumblr far far away!


One of my very old Oppayam gif. Wonder if it is working xD