As it’s not that big of a secret, we all know if you go to raves you are bound to see people high off molly, ecstasy, etc. and you might be someone who does. The only thing I can say is BE CAREFUL who you’re around and BE AWARE of people when consuming. Also DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT OFFER/AGREE TO SELL TO ANYONE YOU DON’T KNOW!

Just this past weekend at Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland (it was my first festival and, I, myself had an amazing time) 4+ of my friends got ARRESTED for possession/intent to sell!



2 of my friends we’re sitting at the boom box stage and had taken pills for themselves. While sitting and taking a rest from dancing they were approached by two people, one claimed it was his birthday. He then proceeded to ask if my friends had any pills because it was his first time popping and he wanted some. My friends only had a half of a pill from earlier but said no, which was the smart thing to do. The under covers kept nagging and asking for pills but my friends kept denying it. Then the narcs sat down with them and this is when my friends should have left and walked away. At this moment, one of my friends finally grabbed the rest of the pill and gave it to the guy just so he could leave. Basically entrapped my friends! When he gave him the pill the guy offered to give him money (now that there’s money involved it’s intent to sell) but my friend turned down the money! He just wanted him out of their faces. Not even 45 seconds after that they told me they were bum rushed by police dressed as attendees of the festival. They were told it was the police and to put their hands behind their back, when they did the police told them to act like they were having fun and dancing OR THEY WOULD TAZE MY FRIENDS…all while they were being taken to the “jail” room at the Shoreline. After paper work and blood being drawn (for proof of being under the influence) one was taken to a male center and one was taken to a female center. They were both released on bail, for now.


One of my other friends is in a group of people and one of the people in the group agreed to sell a pre rolled blunt to some (who happened to be a narc). After the sale went down, just like my first two friends, in about 45 seconds or less my friend was stormed by police and taken away. Even though he wasn’t apart of the deal he was guilty by association and was still searched. He happened to have more than just molly on him so that’s what he was hit with in his charge. The same thing happened to him. He was taken to general holding and had tests done.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not my friends fault. They should not have done what they did, BUT I do know they are not bad people and a majority of people at these events are doing WORSE things than them! I ALSO DON’T BELIEVE IT IS INSOMNIAC OR OTHER BIG PROMOTERS HIRING THESE UNDER COVERS! One of my friends from the first story said the officers at the holding station told her it was the Venue/City’s Police Department that hires all of these under cover cops trying to catch people. So PLEASE don’t blame promoters or DJ’s for this.

If you still are going to do what you want to do, like I said, just be safe and aware of your surroundings. Always deny you have anything and if they try to force it out of you WALK AWAY!


A Call to Arms...

… not really, nothing that drastic! I do need everyone’s help though, if I may borrow a moment of your time.

At the behest of one of my friends, I am once again getting my arts and crafts ‘business’ back up and running! I plan on getting together enough stock to be able to get a booth at craft fairs and maybe some flea markets/traders villages, and even taking commissions.

That being said, what I can do is extremely broad and eclectic, and I have no one real theme to it. Since there is a lot that I can do, I need suggestions! I cannot sew/knit/crochet (though I can macrame), and have dabbled in everything from cosplay props and costume pieces, renaissance fair garb/props/jewelry, Sculpey and other similar materials, wood working, epoxy/resin, decoupage, mosaic/grouting, painting… the list is endless.

I have a Facebook page for what I’ve done in the past called Eclectic Creationism, and a Pinterest album of what I can do/would like to do. If everyone would be so kind as to either reblog this with your suggestions/requests, comment on the post, or send me an ask/fanmail or a message on FB on my page or in the comments to the individual pictures, I would be eternally grateful.

I also would very much appreciate any sort of a signal boost one might be able to provide.

Seeing the usual bunch of self-declared “skeptics” wanking about how “Mabon” is a “made-up holiday” and how “our ancestors” didn’t celebrate the autumn equinox so “neopagans” are “stupid” etc etc.  Do they…really think we don’t know the facts they’re presenting as if they were somehow amazing and radical?

It’s particularly ironic - I would have thought that they would be more in favour of a festival based on scientific fact and observation than on historic or quasi-historic “folk customs” etc?  (And, um, “our ancestors” surely includes the Romans, at least culturally, for many of us, who…invented the term?)

I mean, hell, I don’t use the term “Mabon” for the holiday, and as you’ve seen I get annoyed by people misrepresenting what agricultural stuff goes on at this time of year, and when it was historically celebrated, but…what a *weird* reason they have to shit on people’s religious practises.  Also the “it’s a modern invention so it’s invalid” - so are a LOT of festivals (such as Remembrance Day) which they don’t object to at all, and I would have thought a modern holiday “invented” for logical reasons would be less objectionable to such people too?  But apparently not.