Tea as fertilizer?!

I am a huge tea drinker. I drink about 3 cups a day at least. 

Some of my plants - my peppermint and my broccoli have yellowing leaves. That means, usually, they are missing nutrients, especially nitrogen. I’ve been reading lately that used tea leaves can be applied to the garden as fertilizer!  This can be done by either applying the tea leaves to your soil, or when you’re done with your tea, allow the leaves to steep again for a few days in warm water, and then use the tea as a fertilizer  :) 

I’m brewing my tea leaves right now. I’ll let you know how it goes. =] Give it a try and please message me what happens!

nuclear-pikachu said:

Do you think Pauly would scream during labor? Basically, what do you think Pauly's labor would be like?

OOOOH you’ve done it now!

You opened the can of worms! Prepare for labor vomit!:

Okay, first of all, bat labor works differently than human labor. While Kitty will probably display traits of her cat DNA from Dell, it won’t be apparent in labor. So we can cross off cat labor as a resource.

I haven’t found anything good about bats giving birth, except that their bodies are able to regulate when they actually fertlize the egg, so they can have sexual intercourse in the fall, and then actually be impregnated in the middle of spring, when there is lots of food around. They usually have one baby, though twins can occur, more commonly with red bats. I don’t know what Pauly is, so a single would be more likely from this side of the DNA. Because of Dell’s cat DNA, though, a multiple birth would be more likely, as cats usually have litters of multiple kittens.

Fast forward however many months to the birth itself.

As I’ve established, Paulina was raised in a very different manner. She spent much of her childhood in a completely dark area, relying on her ears and eyes, and is comfortable in the dark. She would probably wish to labor in semi-darkness, maybe with some scented candles or something.

In the first stage of labor (early labor), she would probably get false alarms for a few weeks. Just mild cramps. She wouldn’t raise a fuss over them, though she might be crankier than normal when they come up for seemingly no reason. When labor does really seem to be starting (and no, she wouldn’t know because her water broke, doofus), she will probably wake up Dell and make him stay awake until its over by punching him when he goes back to sleep. At this point, shes not in any immediate pain, just every ten-to fifteen minutes, theres a contraction, and they eventually start closing together. She probably sits there and argues with Dell about various things for when the baby comes, and maybe watches something with him. This stage lasts several hours.

When her contractions are about six minutes apart, thats when they start getting more intense. If they decide to call anyone, nows the time (Pauly’s been keeping Dell from calling wolf on anyone, after Spencers false alarms). Despite the pain, Paulina is probably just being aggressive at Dell and probably yelling at the tv a lot. Its important that she stay hydrated, but she probably argues with Dell about it. This stage lasts about three hours.

This stage of labor, transition, is probably about the worse for Paulina, though its only forty minutes. The contractions are two minutes apart, lasting just as long, and intense. Shes probably cursing up a storm, but shes not screaming, shes probably repeatedly arguing with Dell and Mac, if Mac is there, that she can’t do it, before arguing with herself that she can and cursing some more. Shes probably making high pitched keening sort of noises through the pain. At this point, its most likely that shes squatting or kneeling on all fours in their bedroom, using the bed as a support. Shes probably wanting to lie down because shes tired, but its not a good idea, so shes not allowed to. Music of some kind is playing in the background.

Second to last stage, delivery. In this, Dell is probably either supporting her, kneeling in front of her, or ready to catch Kitty. Pauly isn’t feeling stressed, though shes still making the keening noise when contractions occur. Kitty is probably born in under half an hour, as the pushing stage can be rather short. Once Kitty crowns (which for Pauly, will burn), the birth is through in about five minutes.

FINAL STAGE HAHA TRICKED YOU. Final stage is the placenta. Like a cat, Kitty is probably blind and deaf at birth, and her wings are scrawny, if she has them. Her umbelical cord will be so short that Pauly has to hold her. It takes about ten minutes to deliver the placenta, which is dealt with. In the meantime, Kitty is embraced with loving affection and mild scolding for the way she entered the world. Once the umbelical cord is cut, the labor is over and I’m done writing this!

Sorry if this is a little over-descriptive, I was just trying to be as helpful as possible!

anonymous said:

You could you know, I read in the scientific journal they devloped a way for women to have children with both as the parents. No men required. They take cells from one and fertlize the egg of the other with them.


"Interesting, but it would probably not be a mistake? It sounds difficult. I’m not sure what you’re implying. I am a safe sexual partner. I will not accidentally get Kya pregnant, thank you."