I am loving this Kindara app! A little while ago I posted about the dangers of the pill and how it is possible to have a safe, effective, natural method of birth control. I’ve been successfully using the Fertility Awareness Method for about 6 months now but only recently found this app. I use to have to print off charts but this makes it so much easier being on my phone. It is so simple to use. This method of birth control works by charting your basal body temperature and cervical fluid every day and using these signs to know when you are fertile (in case you want to conceive) or if you have already ovulated and therefore extremely unlikely to fall pregnant. This method when used properly is 98% effective which is the same as condoms. This is a really effective tool for understanding your own gynaecological health even if you are wary of using it as birth control. The app has an extensive amount of information about the method, how to chart etc but I would still recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wescheller as it is basically the bible if the method! It does take a few cycles to understand your body and read the signs and to be confident but it is do much better than the health risks involved in using the pill and also great for people who donor want to use condoms as it is hard to find vegan ones. It is also excellent for Catholic as it is the only method approved by the Pope for natural family planning! Oh and this picture is not my actual cycle, I found this one on google, I started using the app halfway through so it’s not complete! Unfortunately it’s only available for iPhones but they do have a website www.kindara.com with info and also a tumblr blog in case you want to learn more about this method, of course you don’t need this app it is just really useful! If anyone want to know more just ask ☺✌ #FAM #Fertilityawarenessmethod #nfp #naturalfamilyplanning #naturalbirthcontrol #birthcontrol #thepill