evidence why N harmonia is ur #1 pokemon boyfrie

  • "I actually kind of liked you a little."
  • he thinks ur his other half or his ~opposite~ how freakin anime destiny can u get
  • he’s supposed to be ur enemy but is pretty intrigued by you and asks ur opinion on shit a lot and leaves like a badass in b&w after encouraging you to follow ur dream how sick is that
  •  ”[Name!] Is it because of that Trainer that my heart wavers now? Were the words of the Pokémon in Accumula Town really true? Does that mean [Name] is an ideal Trainer?”
  • he’s so conflicted over his own allegiance that he decides to grab on to your ideals 
  • he finally makes up his mind after two years that he wants to go on a journey and decides to meet you to say thanks
  • and also confess his feelings for u
  • im not kidding "And there is also a Trainer I want to tell how I feel…"
  • also when you ride the ferris wheel with him in bw2 he literally cannot shut up about the trainer from two years ago “You… remind me of that Trainer.Now that I think about it, we both rode this Ferris wheel, too. Making dreams come true is hard… I wonder if we will meet again…”
  • the boy’s smitten with you he probably doesnt even realize it
  • don’t deny it

in conclusion N was a very good pokemon boyfriend and no amount of hot dad professors or cute NPCs can take his place yea