Please stop sharing the ferret in a toilet roll tube picture

It’s likely the ferret is stuck and distressed. It’s probably having its lungs squeezed by the tube. I’ve heard several horror stories of ferrets getting stuck like this. Please don’t give them to your ferrets to play with and don’t share the pictures.

I had a little bit big bit of a scare today. Momo had an accident right in front of me, and it was literally an explosion. Yellow, lumpy (white chunkies), runny, bubbly mess… (Sorry for the visual, but ha, that’s owning ferrets for ya). In a panic I take photos and examine the accident, and check the handy dandy poop chart! As far as I could tell it was in my mind parasites (cause I assume the worst) or undigested food/matter… I bag the evidence, and she has ANOTHER accident - same deal, but even chunkier! I examine closely, chunks are quite hard. I call my vet, and he seemed perplexed and made an ASAP appointment for me (on his lunch break because he wasn’t accepting appointments today… bless him), I call my boss in a panic thinking I’m going to need surgery for Momo (again), and may need the following day off. Crying and rambling - I had an epiphany! I heard a weird “chewing” noise earlier on in the day and assumed it was Niku chewing on my baskets, chewing stops and I think nothing of it. Bad Idea. I moved my couch to find a partially eaten white eraser - BINGO. Momo has been recovering from the blockage all day now (and has recently been let out of isolation), and we canceled the vet appointment, and she had some egg/pumpkin mix - and her poops have been improving during the day.

So here is what we can get from this:

1) Keep any chewable items away from ferrets, always double check toys, or any objects for missing pieces and/or bite marks.

2) Keep a can of pumpkin (or some ferret safe laxative) on hand in case of emergencies.

3) Have a good Ferret knowledgeable vet on speed dial! And other ferret knowledgeable friends to help you through <3

4) Stay calm and collected (which I didn’t), but work quickly to solve the issue.

5) Separate your ferret from the business if you’re worried about parasites or some form of contagion, and so you can monitor their eating/drinking/pooping etc. And bag the evidence for the vet!

6) If you’re worried their not eating, give them something they will enjoy (egg/healthy treat) to keep food in their system.

7) Learn from your mistakes

Momo seems to be recovering well :)