“Hi!” the guy says brightly.

“Get the fuck off me, asshole,” Gerard forces himself to say, desperate to scrabble back a little cool, or at least to appear less like this is the greatest night of his young life.

He was sure it had sounded like less of a question and more of a commanding knock down/chance to escape in his head. But the guy just giggles and shrugs.

“No,” he says back. “I’m Frank Iero. I don’t think we’ve been introduced. But it’s okay. We’re going to fall in love, get married and have babies. Not all tonight, though. No rush, right?”


Title - Daddy

Author - Me

Rating - NC17

Pairing - Frank/Gerard/Ray


The place wasn’t quite as Ray had thought it would be; it was grander,
finer, bigger than anywhere he had ever been before, and Ray Toro
was not one to ever associate with the lower classes.

Gerard Way had called him out of the blue, and basically made him an
offer he couldn’t refuse. He couldn’t exactly recall why he and Gerard
had drifted apart after graduating from college - Gerard had set up his
own computer business, and Ray had taken a job with Microsoft. The
years had passed, and then one day Gerard had called him, talked to him
like it was only yesterday they’d been frat brothers, and offered him
a great job with the best salary Ray could imagine.

On the way up to New Jersey, Ray wondered if Gerard was still the same.
Despite the success of his company, Gerard stayed out of the public eye
almost altogether and Ray didn’t remember seeing even a picture of him
in the last couple of years. In college, he had been your
stereotypical gothic nerd, brilliant in his studies, and
positively evil in his spare time.

Gerard had always liked the ladies. As Ray recalled, he had liked pretty
little boys even more. Not many people had seen Gerard’s twisted side,
but Ray had learned to appreciate it, to even partake in some of
Gerard’s evenings of pleasure.

Pleasure for them, that was - not for the hapless boys who were
foolishly drawn by Gerard’s endless supply of money.

Ray had ocassionally wondered how those boys had gone back to a normal
life after a night with he and Gerard. Of course, Gerard had been the
perpetrator, and he had mostly watched but…Ray smiled as he
remembered the “toys”, as Gerard called them, and the looks of terror
on the faces of those young teenaged boys when they realized just
what Gerard had in store for them.

Yeah, those were the days. He wondered if Gerard still did that…

Gerard had greeted him at the door with two wet kisses to his cheeks
and a crushing bear hug. He had laughed at Ray’s hair and had some
formally dressed servants take his belongings upstairs to the finest
guest suite. Gerard had bought an apartment for him in the most
expensive area in the city - one of the perks of the new job - but
tonight, Gerard had said, they would catch up. Have dinner and talk
business. And, he’d added with a twinkle in his eye, have a little
fun - old-skool.

They had dinner in a vast dining room, and ate five courses, then
retired to the drawing room, as Gerard called it. Ray had never pictured
Gerard as a drawing room type, but with the amount of money Gerard had,
Ray guessed he had to differentiate between the million and seven
rooms in his house somehow.

"I know what you’re thinking," Gerard grinned.

"Oh?" Ray asked, leaning back on the silk covered sofa, "what am I
thinking, G?”

"Where the little boys at?" Gerard threw his head back and laughed and
Ray smiled too.

"I admit, the thought had crossed my mind. You still do that?"

"Do I ever - things have changed slightly though."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I only got one now - prettiest damn thing you’ve ever seen.
16 years old, face of an angel, body of a god, and I got him
for a bargain.”

"You what? You bought a kid?"

"Sure did," Gerard smiled widely, "you’d be surprised what people will
do for money. Mom wailed her heart out, but Dad signed the custody
papers over to me and took the cheque for two million.”

"Shit, G." Ray shook his head incredulously. Damn.

"I kid you not, Ray. So, what say you take a look at him?"

Ray shrugged, then smiled.

"You’re nuts, you know that? What the hell - bring him on."

Gerard sent one of the maids to get his boy, and a few minutes later
there was a knock on the door.

"Come in, Frankie," Gerard called, and into the room stepped the most
magnificent thing Ray had ever laid eyes on.

He was a little thing, no more than 5’5 or so, slender and firm in his tight jeans and girl’s tshirt.
His face was soft and young, his eyes huge; they were an odd color. An enigmatic greeny-brown.
His glossy dark hair fell over his eyes messily. His skin looked like silk, and
Ray longed to touch him. His cute little button nose was pierced with a silver ring, as was his full lower lip.

The boy looked at him, and Ray felt the familiar tingle of excitement -
those lovely eyes were full of fear.

"Come here, Frankie," Gerard ordered, almost kindly, "Do you have a kiss
for Daddy?”

Frankie walked across the room and leaned down obediently, placed a
chaste kiss on Gerard’s lips.

"Good boy," Gerard smiled, " now - this is my good friend Ray. Ray is
going to use you some tonight - would you like that?”

"Yes Daddy," Frankie said, looking at Ray. Ray shivered at the sound of

the soft, childlike voice.

"Go kiss Ray," Gerard told him, "let him taste how sweet you are."

Frankie went over to Ray and leaned down - Ray closed his eyes and
accepted the kiss, which was more open than the one the boy had given
Gerard. Frankie’s lips were the softest thing Ray had ever felt, and his
tongue was shy. And Gerard was right - he was sweet. Sweet and minty.

Frankie pulled away, and Gerard said, ” Come here, baby - sit on my lap.”

Frankie went over and sat on Gerard’s lap.

Just went and did it. Like a robot, or a slave.
Ray was extremely impressed.

But Gerard wasn’t. He was frowning.

"Frankie," he said sternly, "How do we sit on Daddy’s lap?"

Ray watched in amazement as Frankie stood up and undid his pants, slid
them down to his knees. No underwear. Goddamn. He’d have to ask Gerard
whether he shaved or waxed the kid: he was completely smooth. Nice
dick - pretty small, cute balls. Ray liked. A whole lot.

Frankie remained standing, and Gerard delivered a stinging slap to his
remarkably pert bottom. His butt, though slightly pinkened by
Gerard’s hand, was otherwise unmarked, Ray saw. Gerard had obviously been
saving him for this evening. How nice.

"For forgetting," Gerard said, "now, sit down."

Frankie sat, his bare ass against Gerard’s pants, and Ray felt himself
begin to stiffen as he watched Gerard play with the boy’s dick, stroking
it up and down. Frankie spread his legs a little to accomodate Gerard’s
touch, and Ray almost laughed. Gerard’s own personal sex doll.

"Well?" Gerard asked, "What do you think of him? Little treasure, isn’t

"He’s beautiful, " Ray said, shifting in his seat and feeling the
sweet friction of his zipper against his hard dick, “You did good,

"I always do good, " Gerard said, and kissed Frankie’s cheek. Frankie sat
with his arms loosely around Gerard’s neck, and Ray couldn’t believe how
still he was being, especially since he was clearly becoming erect in
Gerard’s hand.

Gerard must have trained the kid well.

"So, he’s the only one you use anymore?" Ray asked. He couldn’t say he
was surprised.

"Yep - my one and only. I don’t even really bother with the ladies
anymore - Frankie here’s as good as it gets.”

"No ladies? He must be pretty damn good."

"It took awhile to get him to behave, I must admit," Gerard said, and
as he spoke, Ray saw him slide his hand under Frankie’s butt, and heard
Frankie gasp as Gerard inserted a finger, “At first, he was a very bad
boy - I used to have to tie him up to keep him still. Now, I just tie
him up for fun!”

Gerard laughed uproariously, and Ray smiled. Gerard always had liked
bondage. In fact, he’d tied Ray up once. Damn rope burn hadn’t gone
away for weeks.

"After a few good beatings, he got the message," Gerard
continued, “He’s not perfect - sometimes he still cries too much and
I have to knock it out of him.”

Ray nodded. Gerard always liked to hear the boys cry for awhile, but if
they didn’t shut the fuck up when he told them, it earned them a hell
of a whupping.

A sharp slap of flesh on flesh reverberated around the room, and Ray
looked up from his recollections. Frankie whimpered, his lower lip
jutting out, his eyes shimmering with tears. The red mark on his
thigh showed where Gerard had hit.

"Sit still!" Gerard barked, "And you know what happens if you cum from
just my finger.”

"I’m sorry, Daddy," Frankie almost whispered, and Ray’s dick throbbed.
The deliciousness of subserviance never failed to arouse him.

"You will be if that little dick gets too excited, " Gerard
warned, “hold it.”

Gerard looked at Ray and sighed, “He’s too much of a slut for his own
good sometimes - stick my finger up his ass and he starts to squirm
like he’s in heat. Can’t seem to cure him of it.”

Frankie took a deep breath and Ray could see his muscular thighs
trembling as he tried not to have an orgasm. He would have felt for
the kid…but he couldn’t help but wish Frankie would cum, so he could
see how Gerard would punish him.


"Yes, Daddy?" Frankie’s voice was unsteady, strained.

"Did you see Dr Bryar today?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"He got you all ready?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Good. I think we’re ready to go upstairs."

When they entered the room, Ray’s dick got so hard it hurt. Just the
type of place that Gerard had always wanted. Large, sparsely furnished,
almost clinical. A rack of “toys”, all Gerard’s old favorites -
vibrators that were so big they could never be comfortable, whips,
plugs, cuffs, rope, shackles on the wall. There was a bed with
shackles at the head, to render sweet little Frankie helpless against
his Daddy.

Gerard was truly a sick, sick man. Ray had never looked forward to
anything more in all his life.

Gerard closed the doors and bolted them. Frankie whimpered and Ray looked
at him. The kid was shaking. It was no wonder.

"Frankie," Gerard commanded, "take your clothes off, baby, show Ray just
how pretty you are.”

His cheeks flushing a gorgeous shade of humiliation, Frankie slowly
undressed until he stood before them, naked.

"Fuck," Ray muttered, running his eyes over perfection. Every inch was
tight, muscular. Frankie was exquisite.

"Nice, huh?" Gerard grinned.

Frankie looked at the floor, thoroughly ashamed under Ray’s hungry
gaze. He had gotten used to Gerard - well, as much as was possible -
but to have this stranger study his nudity was stomach-churning.

"Did he come with the pierced nipple?" Ray questioned, "Or did you
give him that?”

"A little touch of mine," Gerard said, as if complimented on a piece of
art, “Got a friend in to do it. It was all sterile, of course, but
still - made him scream.”

What Ray would have done to see that…

"Since you’re our guest, " Gerard went on, "you get to decide what
we’re going to do. What game would you like to play with my doll?”

Ray walked over and walked slowly around Frankie, inspecting the
flawless, evenly tanned skin. He stopped behind the boy and ran a
hand over the slight curve of his butt.

"Well, " he said, as though considering many possibilities, "He’s
perfect, Gerard. A little too perfect for my liking. You think there’s
something we can do about this ass?”

Grinning evilly, Gerard walked over to the far wall and selected a
whip. A short strip of leather that he had used many times before.

"I suggest this," he told Ray, walking back over, smiling widely when
he saw the fear in Frankie’s huge eyes. Ray took the whip and
stretched it out in his two hands.

"Looks good, G - where should we put him?"

"Frankie, " Gerard said, condescendingly, as though he were talking to a
small child, “Where do we go?”

Blinking back tears, Frankie walked over to the bed and soundlessly
bent over, his upper body resting against the silk sheets.

"Good boy," Gerard praised, "Now, I want you to keep quiet, you hear

"Yes, Daddy."

The first lash wasn’t so bad. By the fifth, he was gritting his
teeth, his hands fisting in the sheets as he tried not to give in to
the pain. By the tenth, he had buried his face in the bedclothes,
sobbing silently, as he was used to.

When he’d counted to twenty, he finally heard Ray say, “I think that’s
done the job, don’t you, G?”

"Very nice," Gerard agreed, then ordered, "Frankie, stand up."

Frankie stood, quickly wiping away his tears and hoping his eyes
weren’t too red. Gerard didn’t like it when he made himself unpretty.
His ass stung desperately, his raw skin burning, and he prayed that
they wouldn’t do anything too bad. He didn’t know Ray, and he hoped
against hope that he wasn’t as mean as Gerard.

He stood by the bed as Ray went over to the shelf and picked up one
vibrator, then another. Then a bigger one.

"Can we use this?" Ray asked, excited as a kid in a toy store.

"Of course," Gerard said, "How do you want him?"

"On the bed, " Ray said immediately, "On his back, shackled."

Frankie didn’t wait for Gerard to tell him. He lay down, biting his lip
and praying for this misery to end, and obediently raised his arms so
Gerard could cuff his wrists. The shackles were uncomfortably high, and
they made his arms go numb and his shoulders ache after a few

Ray knelt on the bed, and Frankie spread his legs wide. Ray grinned at

"This kid is something else," he told his old friend, "I want one of

"No can do, Raymundo," Gerard laughed, "This one’s mine. But you do good
at work, and we’ll see if we can fit you in a couple of nights a

Ray positioned the vibrator at Frankie’s entrance, and Frankie’s eyes
widened in panicked terror, until Gerard exclaimed, “Wait!”

Ray looked at Gerard in confusion, as Gerard produced a tube of lubricant
from his pocket.

"Lube?" Ray asked, "You’ve gone soft, G."

"Nah," Gerard disagreed, "It’s just, he’s so tight, it’s pretty damn
impossible to get something that big in him - the lube doesn’t make
it any more comfortable, I assure you.”

"He’s still tight? How long have you had him?"

"Six months now - and he’s as tight as day one. Stick your finger in there, try him out."

Ray roughly forced a finger into Frankie’s unprepared hole, and Frankie
gasped, his whole body tensing.

"Goddamn," Ray said appreciatively, "Clamps right down, don’t he?"

"Uh huh - so you’ll have to use this."

Gerard handed the lube to Ray, who squeezed a large amount onto two
fingers and forced them inside Frankie. Frankie pulled at the shackles
and tried to move away from Ray, but Gerard hissed in warning, “Frankie!”

So he kept still, trying his best not to cry. Ray’s fingers didn’t
hurt, as such, at least not compared to the kind of pain he was
accustomed to. But he was embarrassed, and he knew what was to come,
and it was more than enough to being moisture to his eyes.

Ray finished, then generously lubricated the vibrator.

"Enough?" he asked Gerard, and Gerard nodded.

"Should be - you’ll still have to push real hard to get it in,

"Not a problem," Ray announced, and forced the full length slowly but
surely into Frankie’s trembling body.

Frankie cried out, but Gerard slapped him across the face, hard.


Frankie knew better than to disobey. He sank his teeth into his lower
lip and let the tears flow silently down his face as he felt himself
being torn. Ray thrust in and out with abandon, forcing against the
resistance he felt until it relinquished and let the violent
intrusion continue.

Frankie’s dick twitched and spat pre-cum, and his cheeks warmed with
shame. He didn’t mean to cum, he never wanted to - he just couldn’t
help it. And it didn’t even feel good…

A few agonizing minutes later, he couldn’t control himself any
longer, and he orgasmed hard, his body shuddering uncontrollably, and
he bit his tongue to stop from making any noise. He wasn’t allowed to
cry out when he came, unless Gerard specifically told him to. He had
learned that lesson the hard way.

He closed his eyes and silently wept with relief when Ray pulled the
vibrator out and inspected his ravaged entrance.

"He’s bleeding," Gerard said.

"Can I fuck him?" Ray asked.

"With a condom - only I get to ride bareback, know what I mean?"

Frankie kept his eyes closed, trying to concentrate on something other
than the ache on his shoulders and the searing pain in his ass. At
least this meant he’d get to see Dr Bryar again tomorrow. He liked Dr
Bryar. He had to do embarrassing things to him, but he was always so
nice and kind, and best of all, gentle. Frankie wasn’t used to being
treated gently.

He felt Ray’s hands on his hips, bringing him back rudely from his
thoughts, and suddenly, without warning, Ray had pushed into him, and
Frankie screamed with pain.

"Be quiet!" Gerard yelled, and his flat hand met Frankie’s already tender
face, so hard it made him dizzy.

The pain was incredible. It overwhelmed him. Frankie squeezed his eyes
shut and tried to take it, but he wasn’t even aware of whether he was
being quiet or not.

Another slap let him know that he wasn’t. He bit his lip until he
tasted blood, and whimpered when he was slapped again, and then
again, and he heard Gerard screaming, “Shut up, bitch!”

Frankie wanted to talk, wanted to beg this stranger to stop, that he
couldn’t take it anymore, please, please stop, and he was slapped
again, and only seconds later, yet again.

He felt Ray shudder above him, and then Ray was out of him, and
Frankie was finally able to relax, if only from relief.

"You little fuck!" Gerard yelled, and Frankie opened his eyes to see
Gerard undoing the shackles, his face red with anger.

"I told you to be quiet!" Gerard yelled, "Didn’t I tell you?"

Frankie’s wrists slipped out of the cuffs and fell, his arms too numb
to control yet.

"I’m sorry, Daddy," he begged, trying to squirm out of Gerard’s rough
hands, “Please don’t hurt me, I’m sorry!”

"Not sorry enough," Gerard spat, pulling Frankie from the bed by his
hair. Frankie screamed and Gerard kicked him in his stomach, causing him
to fall to the floor, gasping desperately for breath as he sobbed

Ray watched as Gerard rained blows down on the helpless, crying boy,
so hard that bruises immediately began to form, which Ray thought was
almost a shame, because he was such a beautiful little thing. Almost too
beautiful to tarnish.

But not quite.

Ray watched until Gerard had beaten him to semi-consciousness, then
stepped forward.

"G, come on, stop it," he reasoned, "You don’t want to hurt him too
bad - come on, you’ve done enough.”

Gerard stepped back, breathless and sweating from his exertion.

"You’re probably right," he told Ray, "Couldn’t have him out of use
for too long, now, could I?”

Ray knelt down, and inspected the delicate face, marred by Gerard’s
fists, the closed eyes already swelling nicely.

"I think he should see a doctor," Ray said, stroking the messy dark hair -
it felt like silk in his fingers.

"I’ll call Bryar," Gerard said, "He’s used to dealing with this. He’s
too damn nice, but I don’t trust anyone else.”

Gerard left the room, and Ray lifted the boy’s battered body onto the
bed, covered him with the sheets.

He smiled as he ran his fingers down the smooth chest, hard stomach.

He could get very used to this.

Every table seemed full. Only, these weren’t the usual patrons of the cafés Frank worked in. There were no yummy mommies with children at their knees, no writers tapping at their lap tops. There was a guy over there with a beard to his waist sitting with a woman with waves tattooed all over her arms, and a boy with what looked like implants on his forehead, almost like horns.

There were piercings and ink and all manner of body modification as far as the eye could see, and crazy-assed clothes too. Frank smiled. Ink. The chances of Frank getting work here had, he felt, just doubled.

"Take a seat," a guy said, brushing past Frank bearing a tray loaded with steaming mugs and teapots and plates frothing with creamy cakes, held high above his head. "I’ll be with you in a minute."