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Nokia Preparing to Launch New Offline Maps App for iOS

After pulling its RIGHT HERE maps app due to incompatibilities with iOS 7, Nokia is headed back to Apple’s mobile platform with a brand-new offline maps application that will compete with Google Maps and Apple Maps. The app is in the final stages of development and anticipated to land before completion of the year, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Nokia’s previous version of HERE Maps for iOS

Nokia is presenting its brand-new maps app to customers who’re tired of their existing navigation apps and are searching for an alternative solution.

‘I am persuaded people are trying to find options,’ Mr. Fernback stated. ‘Google Maps is an excellent option for numerous, their maps work effectively, but it’s actually looked the very same and done the very same for a long time.’

Nokia’s will set its maps apart from its competitors by providing offline access to both navigation and searching. The new Nokia maps app will be offered free of charge in the iOS App Establishment once it passes through Apple’s App Shop evaluation procedure.

Apple’s Maps has been greatly criticized given that it introduced along with iOS 6. The business slowly has actually been enhancing its mapping experience, including features such as Flyover and expanding the points of interest readily available to users, but substantial changes are still in the works. An overhaul of the underlying maps infrastructure and the addition of major functions such as public transit directions could’ve been bumped from iOS 8 and pushed off to a future iOS version due to internal strife at the company.

Nokia HERE Maps 終於重回 Apple App Store

Nokia HERE Maps 終於重回 Apple App Store

Nokia HERE Maps 最近「基本上」登陸了 Android,但大家可能已經不記得 Nokia 在去年的 12 月時,因 iOS 7 兼容問題而將 HERE Maps 從 Apple App Store 下架了,現在它終於重回架上啦。Nokia 的 SVP Sean Fernback…

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