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I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot, and if I need to I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me.
—  Actual quote from Ferguson “law enforcement” officer and 35-year police veteran, Dan Page. But hey, let’s keep focusing on all those unreasonable “looters and rioters”

This is the incident report that the Ferguson police just produce. Now if you don’t know, this morning they FINALLY named the killer of Michael Brown as Darren Wilson. Along with naming Darren as the killer, the Ferguson police are now trying to link Michael Brown with a robbery that happened supposedly MOMENTS before. 

Michael was killed at 12:01 and this robbery was at 11:54. 

There are so many questions.

  1. We’ve seen the surveillance photos they’ve produced that shows someone who looks like Michael being aggressive with a store owner over an apparent box of swishers. (If you don’t know, Swishers are cigar papers you can pick up for like…2 for .50.
  2. They are saying that Officer Darren Wilson was responding to that robbery.
  3. They are calling it an STRONG ARMED ROBBERY
  4.  A strong armed robbery is using, involving, or threatening the use of physical force or violence to gain an objective:
  5. Okay, got that bullshit out of the way
  6. The dispatch tapes that were released mention NOTHING ABOUT A ROBBERY.
  9. THAT’S IT
  10. So how did Officer Wilson FIND OUT about the robbery? 
  11. They’ve now listed Dorian Johnson (THE ONLY OTHER EYEWITNESS WHO WAS THERE) as the second accomplice to the robbery. 
  12. The same Dorian Johnson who has been trying (in vain) to talk with the Ferguson Police Department about Michael’s Death since LAST SATURDAY.
  14. When Officer Wilson sees both Michael and Dorian his initial reaction was "GET THE FUCK ON THE SIDEWALK."
  15. Not any kind of reaction dealing with them being robbery suspects. 
  16. From some of the pictures (I’m not going to post them due to the family’s wishes) if you compare the footage from the store and the footage from Michael’s death, he’s swapped from Nike sandals to Sneakers. This red hat cannot be found (this is speculation).
  17. If the reason Office Wilson approached them was because they were suspects in an robbery WHY DIDN’T HE CALL IT IN? WHY DIDN’T HE FOLLOW PROCEDURE? WHY WOULD HE ROLL UP ON ROBBERY SUSPECTS IN HIS VEHICLE? WHY DID IT TAKE 6 DAYS FOR THIS TO BE ANNOUNCED?

I implore you. IMPLORE YOU to take a look into the presented facts of the case. This is just an incident report, we do not have access to the investigative report. There has been no reports presented of Michael’s autopsy and this report is contradictory of the second eye witnesses report.

None of this makes sense. 

They are putting Michael on trial to dehumanize him, villify him, to make him less human to justify his murder.

And at the end of the day, LET’S JUST SAY MICHAEL DID DO THIS…is petty theft (it was like 5 swisher sweets they say. That’s a two dollars and fifty cents) IS HIS MURDER, HIS EXECUTION, THIS UNARMED SURRENDING TEENAGE BOY, justified by this?


It’s not.

This is murder. Don’t let them put Michael on trial for HIS DEATH.  

Let me get this straight:

Guys like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown smoke pot, drink and listen to rap music: In death, they’re condemned as a vicious thugs who had it coming.

Joan Rivers was caught on camera advocating genocide and cheering on the deaths of innocent kids: In death, is called a feminist icon with a heart of gold and her vile remarks are completely swept under the rug.

OK. That’s fair.

Tear gas is banned in international warfare — and in use in Ferguson, MO


In case anyone didn’t know, the use of tear gas was banned in international warfare at the Geneva Convention. These are human rights violations, people. Ferguson PD needs to be put in front of a UN board as war criminals. They are also arresting and detaining journalists.

Stay woke.

So let me get this straight: the Ferguson PD took the time to write an overly detailed, 18 page police report for the ALLEGED petty theft of $49 dollars worth of cigars, but they didn’t even fill out an incident report for Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown dead? A two page (mostly blank) report for a shooting death, and an 18 page report for cigars??? The Ferguson PD didn’t cover Mike Brown’s body, they left Mike Brown’s body out on the street for nearly four hours, they didn’t write a police report at the scene, they immediately launched a campaign to smear Mike Brown posthumously…does any of that sound even remotely legit?  

Let’s review:

1. the Ferguson police didn’t even full out the Mike Brown murder incident report until ten full days after the shooting

2. when they finally got around to filling out the police report, the ONLY info they completed was the name of the victim, the shooter, and the date they filled out the “report”. that’s it. that’s all

3. Missouri has an open “sunshine law” that requires them to make nearly any police reports publicly available immediately, so for over ten days they violated that law too

4. [EDIT] Most importantly let’s never forget what caused this needless death murder - Darren Wilson racially profiled, then stopped, then harassed, then fatally shot an UNARMED Mike Brown 6 times for the “crime” of walking-while-Black, aka jay walking, NOT for alleged petty theft, because at the time Wilson had no idea about any cigars or any alleged theft

Ferguson is a perfect example of a sundown town, and from beating up innocent Black drivers, to repeatedly tear gassing and threatening unarmed protesters to routinely racially profiling and profiting off of Black drivers, Ferguson is showing over and over just how little they truly value Black lives

#Darren Wilson is a dirty cop #The Ferguson PD is corrupt #This is what a police coverup looks like


If…IF there’s even just one honest cop in the Ferguson PD, now is the time to step up


The Persistence of History?


The site of the courthouse where the U.S. Supreme Court once ruled that “Americans of African ancestry had no rights which the white man was bound to respect" is located only 12 miles away from the town of Ferguson Missouri. Today, the civil rights of black Ferguson residents remain subject to the whims of the nearly all white police force

It should also be noted that like many American police forces, the Ferguson PD and the Missouri National Guard have a documented history of involvement with the Ku Klux Klan as well a Neo Nazi presence in their ranks

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NOTE: This is among the earliest video of Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO shortly after being gunned down by Ferguson PD.

This video is being posted here not to sensationalize an already tragic event, but to share further proof that counters the police’s false claims of Brown being armed and part of a struggle with the police.

This camphone video is 10 minutes long. Please watch and share. As you watch, note that several things are clear:

1) There is no evidence in this video of a weapon of any kind near Mike Brown’s body.

2) Voices on the video of residents and witnesses are heard stating that Brown wasn’t armed yet was shot multiple times. Several voices claim Brown was shot again as he laid on the ground.

3) The police are seen here showing no concern for getting Brown’s body off the street.

4) at various points, Michael Brown’s Father and his Aunt show up and attempt to get clarity but are escorted away…

All the video and audio evidence runs counter All of this runs counter to the Ferguson police’s claims of Brown as an aggressor or combatant.

From somebody that worked a law enforcement job, here’s why this latest crap coming from the Ferguson police is BULLS**T,
1. If Brown had truly been a robbery suspect, they could have said so DAY 1.
2. That’s not procedure for the apprehension of a robbery suspect.
A single patrolman would have called into the dispatch that he may have suspects in sight and request backup. Especially since there were 2 walking when he saw them. You don’t know if one or both of them is armed.
3. What happened to that silly telling them to get out of the street story.
4. Even if he did think he was a suspect, hell what Black man do they NOT consider a suspect? You still DON’T SHOOT AN UNARMED PERSON WITH THEIR HANDS RAISED.

The Federal Aviation Administration has banned aircraft from the airspace 3,000 feet above the ground in Ferguson, Missouri, effective this afternoon until August 18. 

The ban has been put in place “to provide a safe environment for law enforcement activities.” 

According to the FAA notice, relief aircraft operations “under direction of St. Louis County Police Department” are allowed in the airspace, and commercial planes landing and leaving from the St. Louis Lambert Airport are exempt.

A police department spokesman told Brian Ries of Mashablethat the decision was made after a police helicopter came under fire on Sunday:

Spox: “That decision was made immediately when our police helicopter came under fire Sunday night, due to hostile scene…”

— Brian Rie$ (@moneyries)

August 12, 2014

The spokesman confirmed that the banalso includes the media:

Does that include media? I asked. “That includes media. The only people who can go in there are first responders.”#Ferguson

Journalist are being kept from reporting in Ferguson.  FAA closes Ferguson to media aircraft.

Additionally, Ferguson PD is keeping media on the ground away from the protests.


So I’m feeling pretty powerless over here but I made some 100% free posters in red, black, and white that would be cheap & easy to print. For all your protesting needs! Post them up around your neighboorhood, school, local PD dept—anywhere! Hand them out during protests! Make graffiti stencils out of them! Spreading them is proven to help increase public outrage!

(I would also love to see photos of them in use if you want to send them to me!)