wobblywoods said:

Robot, alien, 50 foot woman, nos feratu

alien:what is your strangest feature?

  • physical or other?  I guess physical is that I have grey hairs in my 20s (people usually point it out).  Other I guess…sometimes I do or say weird things?? idk

50 ft woman:what is your most prominent strength?

  • I’m a good listener, I’m very observant, and I’m a good artist (if I do say so myself)

nosferatu: what, as a child, did you imagine went bump in the night?

  • well I remember I was afraid of opening the bathroom door in the middle of the night because I always imagined a cartoony-vampire standing right outside (I don’t know why that was scary…).  But I think mostly I was never really afraid of anything that I imagined had a physical shape, I think it was mostly just the dark and the unknown

robot:what is a habit you do without thinking?

  • I pick at my nails, I flip pens, I click pens, I pull at my eyelashes/eyebrows

ednos-feratu said:

42, 23? x

42: Favourite books

Aaaall the Harry potter and the hunger games books. I also really enjoyed looking for Alaska, fallen, perks of being a wallflower and IIIII (five).

23: Fear(s)

Spiders. Being a disappointment. Being left alone. Being hurt. Hurting someone. Loving someone.

And, my biggest fear of all is probably giving up on myself.

Thank you for asking x

wow… cassanda’s portrait in da: i looks amazing also solas’ bald fucking head better not be that shiny i dislike his design so bad whatever made bioware think hey lets base one of em off nos feratu. ffs