Dread Wolf

Over time, many came to associate the words with many things as they pass them by -  On the streets, on the walls of the alienage, on the shiny glass of corporate downtown, sprayed on the pristine facades of the Chantry building. A warning. A rallying cry. A beacon of hope. A reminder - that the Dread Wolf is watching. 

THERE IS PRECIOUS LITTLE WE KNOW ABOUT FEN'HAREL, for they say he did not care for our people. Elgar'nan and Mythal created the world as we know it, Andruil taught us the Ways of the Hunter, Sylaise and June gave us fire and crafting, but Fen'Harel kept to himself and plotted the betrayal of all the gods. And after the destruction of Arlathan, when the gods could no longer hear our prayers, it is said that Fen'Harel spent centuries in a far corner of the earth, giggling madly and hugging himself in glee.

What will you do when the Dread Wolf finds you?

I found the blizzard scene to be a powerful scene over all. There you are- alone, hurting, probably thinking you’ll die before anyone can find you and in the distance you can hear wolf howling. I was honestly expecting some wolf ambush to happen but it never did. 

Like many others, I like to think Fen'Harel was guiding Levallan and just as she’s about to collapse, he’s the last thing she sees. 


I’m sure this has been noticed, but just to be redundant and say how much I both love and hate (in an impressed way) that all the signs are there for who Solas is.

Such as this ambient dialogue in the beginning with Lavellan, during the tiny banter tutorial bit.

Solas isn’t just referring to himself as just an elven apostate that gets turned away because he tries to share knowledge, something he does actually touch on later. But that Dalish superstition says that Fen’Harel himself cannot be trusted and so they attack Fen’Harel. Any knowledge given by Fen’Harel is a trick, nothing he said is to be trusted.

Take for example Merrill’s story with the Keeper and the courser, where Fen’Harel tries to tell the wisest and kindest Keeper to turn on Dalish beliefs (incorrect beliefs that we know now) and instead the Keeper basically sicced his courser on the Dread Wolf.

Basically Solas is telling Lavellan in the vaguest way possible that he is Fen’Harel, that he is attacked and discredited by the Dalish because of WHO he is.

So yes, by the Dread Wolf I love these small foreshadows and hints so much the second time through. May the Dread Wolf catch your scent.

Solas' Rebellion and the Fen'Harel Allegory

The god Fen’Harel was asked by a village to kill a great beast. He came to the beast at dawn, and saw its strength, and knew it would slay him if he fought it. So instead, he shot an arrow up into the sky. The villagers asked Fen’Harel how he would save them, and he said to them, ‘When did I say that I would save you?’ And he left, and the great beast came into the village that night and killed the warriors, and the women, and the elders. It came to the children and opened its great maw, but then the arrow that Fen’Harel had loosed fell from the sky into the great beast’s mouth, and killed it. The children of the village wept for their parents and elders, but still they made an offering to Fen’Harel of thanks, for he had done what the villagers had asked. He had killed the beast, with his cunning, and a slow arrow that the beast never noticed.

This is a story of Fen’Harel found within The Masked Empire. I believe that it is an allegory for Solas’ rebellion. Solas wanted to save the slaves, but he couldn’t do it all at once. He needed time to plan and build his rebellion. So he fired his arrow( the rebellion) into the sky. It would strike the beast (the elvhen pantheon) unaware, but it wouldn’t be immediate. Solas is pragmatic and fatalistic. He knew that in order to save future generations, there would have to be sacrifices.

In Inquisition, Solas often speaks of having to make difficult decisions for the betterment of the populace. He believed that his rebellion would only end in a better life for the slaves and servants of the Gods. However, once he wakes up and sees the squalor the elves have been living in, both Dalish and not, he second guesses himself.

This is especially clear in the fade at Adamant, as the terror demon draws on his deepest fears. My best interpretation of what it says to Solas goes as follows: “Tell me, rebel. Did your victory mean nothing? Pride does not exist.” Meaning, that by destroying the hierarchy of ancient elf society, he also stole from them their pride.

Long story short, Solas isn’t evil, nor is he necessarily benevolent. He wanted justice for his people and was willing to pay a high price for it. He simply failed in doing so the first time. Will he be any more successful on his second attempt? Who knows. He’s obviously learned a lot from his mistakes, but despite his arrogance he still doesn’t have perfect foresight as evidenced by the events of DAI.

“The Flower Offering”

Eventually Elaina stopped worrying over why she didn’t have bad dreams anymore.

(I think this wont be the last dalish mononoke-themed peice..I’m working on a comic)

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