akaiba asked:

"Fenris... don't." Anders says, voice low and broken.

Anders reached out for the elf, but Fenris pulled his arm away in favour of grabbing a full bottle, refusing to look at the Mage.

“At the Chantry…I thought…” Ander’s is pleading now,he’d thought he’d lost this, lost everything, then for Hawke to step up and support him…he’d had hope again, that perhaps he might come out of this alright…

“Hawke stood for you, we needed to present a united front, things were bad enough as it was without the group falling to pieces.” Fenris spat, then placed his bottle down, leaning heavily on both hands on the table in front of him “After everything…I love…I trusted you, and you were lying, the whole damn time…fucking mages…”

Anders tentatively reached for Fenris once more, but the elf span round, taking up his sword and pointing it at Anders who stepped back instantly, eyes full of hurt. 

“Leave, now, before I kill you myself.” Fenris spat venomously, and Anders ran, the door slamming heavily shut as Fenris dropped the sword and took up the bottle once more, sliding to the floor. “Fucking mages…”