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I'm on the autism spectrum. I literally don't believe in things unless they are in front of me. I do believe in animal rights, I never said I thought animals were here for human benefit. Most people in the world don't have a brain, though, so it's important for us to educate ourselves. And no zoo I have ever been to has kept their animals in shitty, tiny cages but maybe I've just been to the 6 exceptions in the US and the 1 exception in Guatemala. Sorry I offended you so much.

Oh, so you don’t believe in dinosaurs then? Or any other type of wild animal that you have yet to see in person? Just because you’re on the autism spectrum doesn’t mean you have the right to manipulate someone else’s life for your own benefit.

By saying “animals deserve to be confined so that myself and other people can learn from them” is saying “animals deserve to be used for human benefit.” If you believe that animals should be confined, used, and exploited for humans, you do not believe in animal rights. You believe in animal exploitation and oppression. Huge difference there. By saying that, you’re treating animals as objects, and ignoring all of their rights and needs as sentient individuals.

People lacking brains is not an animal’s fault, and it is no justification for an animal to be confined and exploited just because someone out there “wants to learn.” There are a myriad of ways that people can educate themselves on wildlife without animal exploitation being involved. Regardless of the conditions captive animals are living in, that animal is still kept in an incredibly small area, deprived of most natural behaviors and experiences, and will live out their life in misery and boredom. Just because you look at animals behind bars and can’t acknowledge the utterly barbaric nature of it all doesn’t mean it’s okay. Like I said, if you want personal interaction with wildlife, cool. Go bird watching or whale watching. Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation center. Go take a walk outside and examine animals in their natural habitats, or travel to other countries and go on nature/wildlife tours. There’s absolutely no reason why any human should think they have the right to capture an animal and keep them locked up and dominate their entire existence all so that they can learn something from them.

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If you could go anywhere, where would you go? :3

Probably England. I’d love to visit Gabquius and Jean and to just see the places I once visited again. x.x

If you guys weren’t scattered that much over the US, I’d choose the US because I could visit more people at once then but… England~<3

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I know I reblogged a satirical Easter thing earlier, I hope it wasn't offensive to you! If it was, I'm really sorry and I can tag things like that for you in the future if you would like. :)

Your blog is your blog, you’re free to post whatever you like. And so many people have posted things that I don’t even know who all posted what. I eventually just blacklisted “Easter” because so far I hadn’t seen anything relevant. Don’t worry about offending me though, you’re more than welcome to share something you find funny.

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Every time I see your posts tagged "my brand!" I read it in the guy's voice from that commercial and start laughing. Best about me tag ever.

OMG I just saw this ask. BUT THANK YOU. I actually kinda sorta totally stole it from Avery because I thought it was more brilliant than just an “aesthetic” or “GPOY” sorta tag. I literally wanna shout MY BRAND erry time I use it. It’s gr9

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Hello Lexi, this is me sending you a random message about my day, which is going well except New England decided to be cold and that's pretty lame. How are you?

Aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. I wish it was cooler here! I mean, it’s been a pretty mild summer but it’s still 80 degrees out and I hate it.

I’m doing pretty well. Gonna go get Mexican food with a friend and then tonight I’m going to play A Machine for Pigs so hard I’ll piss myself.


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Ah, it is sort of an American injoke, I suppose. That really shouldn’t have been ported to other countries because it doesn’t work the way it does in America. :P Aretha Franklin also agreed to be in the commercial, so keep that in mind.

You know, that she agreed to be in it wouldn’t have done much. The injoke thing and the fact that there’s one with Devito too kinda shows a lot more of their original intent than that does.

I’m now actually only mad at whoever decided to introduce the lady spots to the German audience anymore. Because they alone just… communicate something completely different.


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Not necessarily. Some people are just insecure about their bodies without other people telling them to be. I’m willing to bet a lot of people hate their bodies or think they’re fat even if no one ever said those words.

There’s no reason to actually say that you don’t find a certain weight as attractive as another to let someone else feel it.

I’ve only been bullied for a relatively short amount of time for my weight, but there are enough “passive” things to make me feel bad about it.

The way my best friend, who naturally always had a much lighter frame than me, was always chosen over me by guys I liked.

The way my mother looks at me sometimes or some things she says (in fact, my relationship to my mother is probably an unnecessarily complicated one - she’s wonderful, but I think she’s also making many of my problems worse than they need to be).

The way some people I liked turned me down, gently but for the obvious reason that they could not see me as a woman due to my weight.

Or the way clothes don’t fit my body when I go shopping for them.
The worst thing of all probably is clothes. Because when my thighs rub against each other until there are little holes in my pants and when something that looked nice on me once only makes me look like a badly-stuffed sausage all of a sudden, then I just want to cry.

People don’t need to tell me that they find me ugly. They wear it on their sleeves anyway.