Blackfoot-Clearwater Wire Roll-up 2014

 This weekend I got together with the University of Montana chapter of the Wildlife Society, the Backcountry Horsemen of Montana, and Jay Kolbe of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. Our goal was to help remove barbed wire from the Blackfoot-Clearwater wildlife management area.

While the wire had been down for numerous years (as was evident by some of it being buried under ground) it still left a less-than-pleasant mark on the landscape. It not only acts as a deterrent for wildlife to travel freely across the area, but it also generates wildlife and domestic animal fatalities for those which get caught in the wires. These qualities are what generate interest in removing them.

Due to our extensive use of barbed wire from the mid-1800’s on, there are still miles of this stuff hanging out on the American landscape. Nonetheless, with another look at the impressive turnout of this year’s Wire Roll, I think we’re making amazing progress at the Blackfoot-Clearwater!

I’d meant to focus on the railroad but because of how crowded the platform was, I wasn’t able to check the viewfinder so I just put it on automatic, let the camera hang at my bellybutton, and hoped for the best. It wasn’t what I had intended for it to look like but it still looks nice and that makes it somewhat cooler in my opinion