The Color Post: Mixing Bright Colors

Anonymous asked: Any tips for matching coloured shoes with outfits? I have a pair of blue heels that I love but rarely wear because I don’t know how to match them with my outfit unless my shirt/pants are blue. And now I’m eyeing a pair of blue brogues but hesitate to buy them for the same reason. Also, inspired by your website I bought a pair of red pants and a similar bluish-green pair, and I love them! But I don’t know what tops to wear them with apart from black T-shirts

I’ve been super into unlikely color combinations, myself. Color is strange. Like all shades of blues look good together. Hell, blue goes with everything. But mix two oranges and it can look horrible. Sometimes you just have to hold things up against each other and see if it looks good.

Texture is really important to keep in mind. The texture of blue jeans go with EVERYTHING, whereas blue chinos of the exact same color doesn’t. Crazy, huh? And like, brown pants with a black shirt in the same material is a horrendous combination, whereas brown boots and black leggings looks totally baller. Another example: you can die your hair red and wear an orange dress, but put that same red on a sweater with the same dress and people will cry.

Here are some words that might be helpful when starting to think about color:

Neutrals: Color that does not attract attention, like beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white. However, almost all neutrals have an undertone of other colors. Unless they are completely gray with nothing else mixed in. Here are some dark neutrals:

You can see how some are greenish, others purplish.

The easiest way to avoid clashing, is, like you said, to repeat one bright color against an otherwise neutral outfit:

(from: tessetnils.canalblog.com)

You can also use neutrals to offset several bright colors. This preppilicious ensemble combines bright green, blue, and red:

(from scullandoars.tumblr.com)

(from: featherandoar.com)

This is genius: the blazer and tie are neutrals with the sweater’s maroon mixed in. Perfect example of how you can use the undertones in your neutrals to compliment the bright(er) colors.

Complimentary colors: Hues that are opposite from eachother on the color wheel. Purple and yellow can be pretty fun:

(from: diyfatshion.com)

Blue and orange are an excellent choice:

(from menswearstyle.co.uk)

Red and green, however, can be tricky. Because, Christmas. And, just ew. But if it’s an olive green like this that doesn’t scream Christmas, it can look fantastic: 

(from: usgirl.info)

But then, olive/army green is close to being a neutral. That coat would go with anything.

Shades: The same color, just darker or lighter. Check out this genius ensemble. Three different shades of teal. Who would have expected that??

(from waynetippetts.com)

Pastels: Pale and delicate. Most commonly worn in spring. Just think Easter.

(from filippocirulli.tumblr.com)

Jewel Tones: Highly staturated, rich colors, that resemble well-known gemstones. AKA emeralds, amethysts, rubies, topaz and sapphires

YUMMMM (from: aopevents.wordpress.com)

(from: theberry.com)

Jewel tones are notoriuos for looking amazing with brown. Which is why Missy wound up with an entire teal wardrobe (be careful.)

Primaries: Red, Yellow, Blue. The colors with which every other color is made. Think legos, Ashley Yielding.

(from dapperq.com)

Analogous colors: Colors close together on the color wheel that share similar hue and saturation. When placed together, they look very harmonious. No one does it better than Dustin in his oceanic blue and green combo:

(from: closetfreaksblog.com)

Monocromatic: Colors that are the same thoughout. According to Macy’s, it’s in this season. But be careful of overmatching. Sometimes matching too much can look calculated. Unless you’re this dude:

(from: contemporaryartdaily.com Claus Rasmussen at Neue Alte Brücke)

People might try to impose rules on you, but in the end you have to just use your eyes and intuition. The more you think and observe color in the world around you, the better your eyes will become at figuring out what looks good together. Have fun!!

- Sonia


Announcement: Fit For a Femme Joins Our Team!

As Qwear has grown from just me to a full team of quexperts (still working on that one) and with questions and submissions coming in daily from all around the world, I haven’t stopped looking for gaps in our content.

Where all the femmes at, yo??

I know femmes read Qwear — who wouldn’t want to browse daily eye candy and get inspiration for dressing your boo — but they haven’t necessarily seen it as a space for them. I want to change that. 

I mean, I’m no femme (whhhhhatttt?), but I never intended for Qwear to be an exclusively masculine/ androgynous blog. Femme inclusivity in queer spaces is something I don’t take lightly! I recognize that femmes need a queer fashion space too, and that they have their own identities and sub-identities that interact with fashion in unique ways. (Yes, femmes can be genderqueer!) Not to mention how many people out there are gender fluid and wear dresses and bow ties interchangeably. Now, just a note, that I totally love, respect, and read blogs that focus on queers in menswear. But from the very beginning, I intended for Qwear to include more gender presentations, and I still care about that.

So to kickoff the start of an even more amazing community and get more of our beloved femmes onto the screen, I’ve invited a VERY SPECIAL FEMME (VSF) to join our team. Please give a warm welcome to my fashion hero, my good friend; she’s an incredible writer, stylist, an all around good human, Fit For a Femme. I’m gushing, but who wouldn’t…

FFAF will be answering your femmewear related qwearies (as well as others too, she’s a Jill of All Trades) and blogging from time to time on interests of her own. If you have any special requests for her, send it our way

FFAF and I have already done a ton of projects together, including

So submit your questions, submit your photos, submit your guest articles, because femmes are here to stay! Oh, and if you aren’t already, make sure to follow FFAF to see more tips and outfits at fitforafemme.com, and on Facebook and Tumblr. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you soon.



Prof(r)esh-to-Party Queer Haircuts

Anonymous asked: I’m hoping you can help me with a hair question. I used to have short funky hair. It was one of those ‘hello-I’m-a-lesbian’ haircuts. I absolutely loved it as it was androgynous enough that I felt it truly reflected who I was. However, now that I’ve entered the workplace (I’m a teacher) I’ve had to rethink my 'do. I’ve grown my hair out to a boring shoulder-length with highlights but I really don’t feel myself. Can you suggest a short cut that can be worn two ways (formal & funky)

Raimi & Lee say: Undercuts!!

It’s all the buzz (sorry, we had to). For folks with longer hair, having a patch of shaved or shorter hair on the side of your head or the back near your neck can be like having a fabulous secret. For work, just wear your long hair in a way that covers the short bit (down, or in a low ponytail), and then just reveal the short hair for party time! Pull it into a high ponytail or bun, pin it out of the way, style it into a pomp, or just sweep it out of the way.

(From: http://www.becomegorgeous.com)

(Believe it or not.. Shawdeen has a rad undercut!)

(It’s Aimmeeee! - Sonny added this picture)


Casey Legler, everyone’s favorite male model, has an excellent example of a versatile ‘do: buzzed to a fade on the sides & long on the top that can be combed over to the side, pomped, or spiked!


(from: http://www.fordmodelsblog.com/)


(from: qaalifornia.wordpress.com/)

Product, product, product:

If you’re a ‘mo like Lee, you probably carry a few different hair products with you! Lee carries at least 3 on any given day (in repurposed lil jam jars) & a comb so they can both resuscitate their current ‘do or change it at a whim for the next event.

From left to right: Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing PomadeGarnier Fructis Style Extra Strong Fiber Gum Putty, Got2B Styling Spiking Glue

Product is what can take Pink’s hair from glam and slicked back to wild and ready to party. 

(from: [left] happyhair.sk/ [right] s1.zetaboards.com)


Every queer’s favorite word! Many folk go from day to evening/ feminine to masculine with earrings, hats, headbands, glitter (my all-time fave), & makeup

(Thanks, Maryse!)

Werk what you have

Doesn’t Alyx just scream “queer professional” to you?

Just because you have a “hello I am a lesbian” haircut does not mean you can’t look profesh! Some jobs may have dress codes which don’t allow shaved heads or other (awesome) cuts, but generally speaking, if the rest of your look is professional, there’s no reason you can’t have a rad, queer haircut. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already got a good headstart on the dapper look.


Mixing Mens and Womens Pieces

Anonymous asked: Hi there! So I just started dressing a tad bit more masculine and I’m finding out that I enjoy it. However, I still want to wear a lot of my more feminine pieces. Any clue on how I can seamlessly blend my new masculine interest with my old feminine clothes and accessories?

I’ve been trying to come up with a rule for gendered clothing mixing, but I can only think of things that would look awesome. Mens belts with girls jeans. Mens polo shirts with womens jeans and heels. Frilly blouse with mens suit. Wrap around shawl over guys pants. Boy shirt over a dress. 

Messing around with gendered pieces is the BEST. Have fun! Post more pictures in the comments, my friends.

Sources: www.audrey-tautou.rublushingambition.blogspot.comshorthaircutswomen.comannalynnreilly.blogspot.comthisfits.me

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Skirts With Oxfords, Sneakers, and Boots

Anonymous asked: I’m very picky BUT stupid when it comes to shoes. I usually dress boyishly, but sometimes I feel like wearing some cute but not feminine dresses or skirts. And I don’t like sandals and high-heels. Do you have some other nice recommendation? I guess I’m trying to look not too feminine even when I’m in dresses or skirts. Great thanks.

I’m blowin up with ideas for ya. What about Oxfords, Loafers, Toms, Converse, Boots (Docs are a popular choice, but combat boots would look so rad), or flats without super feminine details? Any of the styles at Wildfang should do the trick!

(from: chictopia.com)

(from: elle.com)

(from: withlovefromnisha.blogspot.com)

(from: fabsugar.com)

(from: chictopia.com)

Also check out these posts: Skirts As MenswearSkirts With Street Shoes

Have fun! - Sonny


The Art of Thrifting: Items To Look Out For (Part 2 of 2)

By Guest Blogger, Sarah B.

On Tuesday I covered my pre-thrift guidelines that will help prepare you for a successful thrift outing. As I actually thrift the majority of my wardrobe, I’ve discovered which items are reliable finds. It can be easy to feel frustrated about fit in a thrift store, because there is no universal sizing! (I know, you’re thinking… “Is there ever?!”) Sizing in thrift stores is perhaps more complicated because the clothes come from different decades, and sizes have changed over time. But don’t fear! The items I’ve listed below tend to be better stocked (in a variety of sizes/colors/patterns), more withstanding to previous long-term wear, and most likely to look good on a variety of body types.

Pencil Skirts

Usually stocked in tons of colors/sizes. They’ve been a thing throughout the decades so they’re always well stocked (and often have POCKETS). Look for 100% wool. 

My friend S, rocking out on my back stairs. Complete with recycling and pumpkins.

Velvet Pencil Skirt: $2.00 at Village Discount Outlet (Chicago, IL) 
White button down: $1.00 at a yard sale (Oberlin, OH)
Floral/Paisley Scarf: my mother’s 1970s stock of wonder.
Boots: airstreamapparel Etsy shop
Peacoat: Gap (her own; “on sale!” she says)

Short-sleeved Button Downs
Long sleeved shirts are so great, but they’re maybe my least favorite articles of clothing to shop for. If you don’t have the right shoulder/sleeve fit… they can look sloppy. Also they lose their primness after a few years. Most of the thrifty long-sleeved button-ups you’ll find are fairly worn. However! Most thrift stores have short-sleeved button-ups a-plenty. Fewer folks wear them. They’re better stocked. And more likely to fit you. 

My friend Sara

Multi-Colored Button-Up: $4.50 at Goodwill (Cambridge, MA) 

Oversized Sweaters
Need I say more? They’re meant to be cozy, baggy, and just a little goofy. Keep an eye out for cashmere, chunky knits, and handmade products. A particularly good present for a cuddler. 

Sara again, doped out on Starbursts.

Hunter Green Sweater: $3.80 at Village Discount Outlet (Chicago, IL)
Short-Sleeved Button Down: $2.00 Village Discount Outlet (Chicago, IL)
Collar Buttons (actually decorated bobby pins): Modcloth, Gift.


Most commercial stores don’t sell overalls anymore. So if you want a pair, thrift stores are your friend. Also. If you’re somewhat small in stature (like me) try looking in the teens/kid’s section (even if you have a donk)… it’s cheaper and often carries cool patterns.

(from bluecollarcatwalk.com, modebaroque.blogspot.com, and urbanbushbabies.com)

Can overalls get any more chic? …I didn’t buy these! But! Unique Thrift in Cleveland has an entire section devoted to overalls… all under $6.00!


These buddies will last forever and ever. And they generally look better with age. Tip: if it has a clasp in the back, make sure the clasp actually works! Great for layering.

My friend S looking like a hot, queer, female Marlon Brando.

White Shirt: My 16-year-old brother’s closet.
Knit Vest: $1.50 at Unique (Chicago, IL)
Green Flannel: $0.50 at a yard sale (Oberlin, OH)
Jeans: $10.00 at Goodwill (New York, NY) (her own; woaaahhh good find!)
Boots: $12.00 at Goodwill (New York, NY)


Smaller consignment shops might have a limited selection, but large thrift stores will usually have a variety of lace-ups, rainproof, knee-high, and hiking boots. Make sure the heels are sturdy and in tact/that there are no holes in the bottom of the shoe. Don’t be deterred by ugly or scraggly laces. That’s such an easy fix.

mmmm. I love boots!

Dark Brown Boots: $12.00 at Goodwill (New York, NY)
Black Boots: $2.50 at Junior League Thrift House (Evanston, IL)
Tan Boots: $5.00 at Village Discount Outlet (Chicago IL)

Belts, Scarves, & Ties

Just do it. Get those silky smooth pocket squares, kerchiefs, and wrap-arounds. These make fantastic presents. Some stores have grab-bags/boxes full of scarves.

(from: dressresponsiblysj.wordpress.com)

Again, didn’t buy these beauties. I realized that I only had green scarves/ties/belts and was too embarrassed to put a collection of 12 various green shades in one picture. But they usually range from $1.00- $3.00 for scarves and $0.50- $6.00 for ties/belts where I shop.

Hope this helps. Look good, stay cozy, give gifts, and pay your rent on time! Happy snappy thrifting!


AnnMarie and Anne's Dashing Wedding Attire

A Bicycle Built For Two is one of my new of my new favorite sources for queer formal wear inspiration! A beautiful display of carefully picked lesbian and queer wedding photos. I was scrolling the other day and found this dashing couple, AnnMarie & Anne:

Obvi I had to get in touch with them and ask them about their outfits.

AnnMarie (suit, bow tie) told me, “I knew what I wanted to look like on my wedding day from the time I was little. I am obsessed with English styled suiting from the mid century. I am also equally obsessed with classic menswear. I wanted my look to be dapper and polished and really show my personality. I was born a 67 year old man and I really wanted that to show through." She wound up with this amazing vintage, bespoke suit made in 1967, from the Etsy shop, Brightwall, and then she got it tailored. 

Anne told me that she prefers simple dresses, and had surprising luck at David’s Bridal! "I wanted a dress, but I hate shiny fabric, beads, sparkles… Basically most wedding gowns. They just aren’t me. I wanted simple and clean. I found a lot of beautiful vintage dresses that were all too teeny tiny, so against my instincts, we checked out David’s Bridal. And we found the dress! It’s shantung, which is more matte, and structured (learn something new every day). And it has pockets!! Overall I wanted to feel like myself, and for me that means simple and classic, but with fun details.”

Suit: Etsy shop, Brightwall + tailoring
Tie and Pocket Square: Custom made through Etsy shop Divinedomestication.
Vest, Suspenders and Socks: Men’s Wearhouse + tailoring
Shirt: Blank Label
Shoes: Calvin Klein Men’s Felix Oxford, bought on Amazon. 
Hat: Sugarcube in Philly

Dress: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Etsy shop, Walkinonair
Hair comb: Anastasia’s Antiques in Philadelphia
Pearls: AnnMarie’s grandmother’s
Watch: Anne’s grandmother’s

(Photography by Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography)


The Dapper Femme's Starter Kit

Theheartyousingto asked: Hiya. I wore a uniform in school and now wear a uniform at work and have suddenly found myself in my early twenties without a real sense of personal style or rad clothes to wear! Any advice for some necessary basics or tips for getting started on a new wardrobe? I’d call myself a dapper femme, if that’s a thing :) Thanks for any help!

This High Tied Top will go with pretty much anything and can be dressed up or down with jeans and skirts. Available at Modcloth for $29.99 (2 left! Grab now)

Blazers also go with everything. Structured Blazer, available at Topshop for $130

Yijie Laced Shoes, on sale at YOOX for $128

Here’s a complete list of everything I think a dapper femme should have in their closet:

  • At least 2 dresses, one playful, one fancy
  • Several skirts for easy mixing and matching. American Apparel and ASOS have great simple skirts!
  • Cute tops that can be dressed up for down. H&MAmerican Apparel, and Modcloth are perfect for this.
  • Several T-shirts: Scoop necks and V necks
  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • A Blazer. Try Topshop or H&M
  • Chinos
  • Belts: Brown and Black
  • A Pair of Jeans
  • Shoes: Black, Brown, Street Shoes, Flats, strappy sandals
  • A few button-ups. Try the Gap or H&M
Lose the Tassels, Baby

Anonymous asked: Hi! I have a huge bag problem, and I believe there are many out there who do too! Its so hard to find a multifunctional bag that can looks great when I wanna look more femme, but not too caught-under-the-armpit in that overly girly way. Something for someone who lies somewhere in the middle :)

I totally know some people in the same place. Here are some ideas for mid-femme bags:

Camp Director Tote, available at Modcloth for $54.99

Anna in Teal, available on Etsy for $45

Square Shape Leather Backpack - Tan Brown, available on Etsy for $150

Louche Denk Handbag, available at joythestore.com for $46.50

Farm Rucksack, available at Makr for $160

The weekender, available at Everlane for $95

Warehouse Color Block Satchel, available at ASOS for $63.32

Two tone canvas bag, available on Etsy for $39.00

Happy carrying!

- Sonia

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Comfortable Heels with Fit For a Femme

Anonymous asked: Hi Qwear, do you have any recommendations for comfortable femmey heels (especially the kind that can be worn to work)? I like how heels look but I usually find them uncomfortable if I walk around in them for too long.

Why not go to the expert, Fit For a Femme? She says:

Welcome to the fold! I am a firm believer in comfortable heels. The sight of an otherwise impeccably dressed woman hobbling around in her heels; or worse, traipsing around city streets barefoot, torture devices dangling from a manicured hand, is one of the saddest around. It’s equally important to feel at ease and proud of your appearance in the workplace so that you and your colleagues can focus on your brilliant skills and whatnot! I’ll share a few pairs from tried-and-true brands, but don’t miss my special tips at the end of the post. 

VC Signature Prunella Taupe, $250 (plus an extra 30% off with code HOLIDAY) at Vince Camuto. I can’t imagine a more femme take on the nude staple, with that metal cap-toe and the dainty stud detailing. I nearly left the brand out, but I have a pair of nude snakeskin pumps from the VC line and they are a real pleasure to wear, even on treacherous little brick lanes in Boston. Check out their Signature Prima as well, and for some holiday glitz, the velvety Verona!

Seychelles I’ll Have Another, $110 at Seychelles. I bought a pair of their insanely high platform sandals a year ago and haven’t looked back since. They’ve survived the beach, two weeks touring the UK, and endless shenanigans in SF on foot; and I never suffer for it. With plush leather linings, a thick heel, and that critical hidden .75" platform, these heels are literally built for comfort. In brown and fire engine red as well. 

Franco Sarto Cicero, $69.99 at Piperlime and Lord & Taylor. I have these in a demure red suede, and they are surprisingly cushy. They’re very easy to wear, have a subtle pin-up vibe, and the suede is much richer looking in person, believe me. They come in a range of bold shades and patterns, and would be a tremendously femme way to punch up a work outfit!

Adrienne Vittadini Polenta Bootie, $99.99 at Amazon. Just picture these with a sleek pencil skirt and silk pussybow blouse! The brand’s styles can definitely be hit or miss, but they also have a killer boot and patent leather penny loafer that are very on-trend. The leopard print calf-hair ankle boots I have by them are fantastic and wear well. Generally affordable and definitely worth the hunt. 

J. Crew Collection Sasha Snakeskin Pump, $375 at J.Crew. I haven’t owned a pair myself but the brand is pretty widely reviewed as carrying a very comfortable, work-friendly line of pumps and heels. Plus, everything else they make is pretty outstanding, so I feel good about recommending them. Wait for a sale to save some of that hard-earned dough, though, because they are on the expensive side. 

OK, now for those tips: 

1. Test the shoe out, whether it’s in the store or on a clean surface in your home. Never assume the shoe will “break in” or get more comfortable with wear. If it doesn’t feel good right away, it will probably only get worse. I’ve had to put down many a beguiling shoe because they didn’t pass this initial test, but you’ll be glad of it. I know I am!

2. Leather linings are a great sign that you’re looking at a potentially comfy shoe. If you want to add even more cushion (and I always recommend doing whatever’s necessary to feel and look good!), buy insoles, like these ones, or even the cheaper drugstore 3-packs should do. The heel pads especially make all the difference in the world.

3. If you’re nervous to start out with a heel, try a wedge! They give you a lot more support and you still get that leg-lengthening effect and height that traditional heels provide. Zappos has over a hundred to choose from in tons of styles and at many price points. 

Hope that helps! 



TONIGHT! (Wed, Nov 28) Ice Cream and fashion icebreakers with FFAF and myself (Sonia) at J.P. Licks in Jamaica Plain (659 Centre St) at 8 PM! RSVP on Facebook, or to meee at sonia@qwearfashion.com. Bow ties and/or comfortable heels recommended.

Modcloth and Femme Simplicity

Modcloth is one women’s clothing store where I feel right at home. They have original retro, vintage inspired, and, well, adorable pieces by indie designers. Their clothing embodies the kind of simplicity that us lesbabrons dig (as recently blogged about on Effing Dykes). Their descriptions are queer inclusive. They follow me on Twitter. Basically they are the best. Here are some of my favorite summer get-ups: 

The Sonia Sees Cute Queer and Walks into Traffic Frock, also known as the Flower Show Dress. Available here for $139.99

Smile Like You Marine it Bag, available here for $93.99

Thought an andro dress wasn’t possible? Think again. Coach Tour Dress in Spearmint, available here for $47.99

Flat Hunting Belt in Yellow. Available here for $13.99

They have THE cutest vintage bathing suits, like the old photos of your grandma. Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Black, available here for $89.99.

Wanna be Brighter Than Sunshine for realz? What’s the Scoop Neck Top in Gold, available here for $12.99

Emerald Island Earrings, available here for $7.99.

Upon the High Seas Shorts, available here for $57.99. Perfect for that whale watch you’ve been planning.

Sail Bow Flat, available here for $32.99

Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress in Orange, available here for $59.99. Available in my heart any time.

Symphony Femme

Anonymous asked: I’m going out with my girlfriend to the local opera house to see an orchestra play. I’m guessing it’s a formal event, so how do I go about dressing for something formal, but not go all out? I’m quite feminine (and I have long straight brown hair) but can sometimes wear more androgynous clothes.

You’d want something conservative with classic, subtle colors. Maybe something like this:

(source: dreamstylediary.com)

Peter Pan Collars, bow ties, and berets

Decked up in peter pan collars, bow ties, and berets, our Austrian-based friend Emma is going through a lot of popular trends right now in both femmewear and menswear. Any one of these outfits would be perfect for your next soiree.

YESS. It does not appear that Zara has this exact sweater anymore, though they still feature the style in these tops. Not what you’re looking for? Luckily, Etsy has 3,483 hand-made goodies with peter pan collars!

An example of successfully mixing pinstripe and plaid. Also, that bow tie… amazing. Armstrongs Vintage has an online store on ebay, linked to below.

There’s been a big trend lately of all black and white outfits (Janelle Monáe anyone?) Limiting it to these colors lets you play around with texture and ruching.

Follow Emma: http://ma-jeunesse-fout-le-camp.tumblr.com/

Teal is Always a Yes. ALWAYS.

Ashley Aaron, the blogger of glitterpolitic.tumblr.com along with Erin Majestic Legay is showing us her teal vintage stylings. Since teal is Missy’s favorite color, I asked her if she’d like me to say anything about it in her honor. She responded, “Teal sneaks up on you because it is a bright and bold jewel tone and goes really well with brown. it’s so easy to be like, ‘oooh! look at what a neat color that is! that would be a great accent color in an outfit!’ and then BAM. you own so much teal you can make a full outfit of teal clothing before you realize it.” Word.

  • Cardigan: Gifted by Majestic
  • Skirt and Scarf: Thrifted
  • Belt: Gifted from Majestic
  • Tank: U.N.ME
  • Tights: Joe Fresh
  • Boots: Seychelles

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