Earth-200782 & The Femmetastic Four

Appearing in Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #25

Reed Richards’s space flight mutated bacteria that killed all Earth’s men. Sue Storm became the rocky Ms. Fantastic and led the Femmetastic Four, partnering with Nova, She-Hulk and Medusa.

"To the Femmetastic Car!"

No school! No work!….. Decided to have a chill day. My fave outfit…comfy as fuck! No make up…. But u kno lip stain is a must…… These are the days I live for….. Can I just share I got this top for less than $5!! #femmetastic

cookie86 those are three people’s collections. My miniscule one is furthers on the right. My friend jfg22 has TWO WHOLE TRAVEL CASES FULL. It was lovely femmetastic day of self-care and love. :)

I need love in my life...

because I’m so empty right now. I’m like super depressed sometimes. Being fresh out of High School with 3 jobs, not going to college but trying to start a business…ugh…exhausting, but I feel like I haven’t done anything.

Some days I’m excited and motivated but others I just want to run away from my life. Be somebody else.

I constantly have to relieve stress. I think I need somebody in my life that will brighten my day.