hi bunnies! <3

Sarah, 19, US size 12/14 and finally falling in love with it. This is a tummy appreciation post.

*Trigger Warning: Self-harm, eating disorders*

For the past couple of years I have been alright with most parts of my body except for my tummy - no matter what I did, how much I exercised, threw up, etc. it would always poke out a bit. It eventually got to the point where I despised it so bad I actually started cutting it. That got very addictive, but I did get help years down the road and have officially been self harm free for 10 months!! Woohoo!!!

Along the way I realized how important it was to love all parts of your body, pudge and all. It’s taken me a very long time but I can honestly say now that I adore and love my cute pudge of a tummy.


All of you are stunning and so inspirational. And this blog has helped me more than anyone can imagine.


Also, if you want, come say hi anytime, I love making new friends! soggybassethound.tumblr.com. :)