Y-yes, finally!! Please and thank you, o wonderful magic anon. Back we go!!


Y-yes!!!! We did it, friends!!! We survived the magic anon!!! Drinks are on me!!

Ha! ..uhm, I mean, being a lady wasn’t the worst thing in the world, don’t get me wrong! It was alright, I guess, and you guys made it kind of fun when you weren’t asking me to be weird.  But I’m glad to finally be back to normal, or as close to normal as I can get, ha!

So, with that all said and done with, let’s get back….to…..

………………..oooooof course my outfit didn’t change back.

One moment, please.


It’s kind of amazing…what with all the LQ I’ve drawn over the years I never drew Fem LQ fanart? Well, there’s a first time for anything! I love LQ’s glasses and hair…and yes, of course appreciation with continue with a loose quote on HQ’s part in long haired GLORY.

N-nothing lewd, I said!! Besides, that outfit is bad enough as it is… why the hell am I wearing a skirt for, anyways? I wasn’t wearing one before, and what’s with these stockings?? I, I guess it’s an all right outfit overall, but I still feel weird wearing it. 

This whole thing just feels like shameless fanservice… or like someone out there hasn’t drawn girls in a while, and desperately misses it. Something like that. 

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[A-aahahaa!! o-of c-course you’d go and r-request that I do something s-silly like this again, w-wouldn’t you, Mistah Ink?? Sheeeesh. I, uhm, guess I can’t really deny this, though, can I? …W-well uhm, I mean, I could, logically, b-but I’m not going to, b-because, uhm, you, and, uhm, w-well, yeah, n-nevermind!!

A-anyways, though!! Don’t know why you’d think it’s a d-delight or anything, to hear me p-prattle on here like some sort of idiot! My voice sounds like, I don’t know, awful??  I don’t know. I-i’m too nervous to do this, r-really, y-you’d know that! No idea why I even decided to.. it’s weirdly shameless of me, t-this whole thing is. 

T-this whole magic anon experience has been weird, h-honestly, I don’t really know if I’m a b-big fan of it!! I-i, uhm, h-hope it ends soon, r-really. H-haven’t w-we all h-had enough of this?]


Y-you guys are so weird, sometimes!!! Well, many times. 

I, I don’t know what Ink will think? I don’t think he’d mind, per say, he s-seems to be fine with ladies too? He’s got plenty of female friends too, you know. I, I mean… I don’t think it’d make much of a difference. I don’t see why we wouldn’t talk still or anything. I’m still just me, still just some low quality loser here. It’s not like- 


h-ha ha WELL t-there you have it!!!!! S-straight from the source a-and all!! H-ha!! O-oh that’s a funny one!! Ha ha ha hee ha!! Y-yeah!! So t-that’s the end of that I guess!!!!! 


(Hee hee. I mean ha.)

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[A-aha, t-thanks! I, I guess I’m not really used to so many people suddenly deciding to call me cute all at once.. theres, uhm, a lot of you in my inbox. So, so thanks for that, I guess!

Anyways! I don’t think I have a really deep-south accent, though! Does it come across as that? Maybe a little more midwestern, honestly. See?  ..I, I guess hear?

(A-and no, I totally didn’t write this out beforehand or anything, d-don’t be ridiculous. I am t-totally as calm and cool and collected speaking out loud as I do in my writing, l-let me just tell you that. H-ha ha. Ha.) 

A-anyways, enough of that. Don’t know when I’ll be changing back, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be soon. ]


….y-you guys really are interested in him and I, aren’t you? Sheesh. I’ll answer this one, but after this y’all gotta bugger off for a bit, okay? Okay. 

He… h-he doeslook a little intimidating, yeah. I mean, it’s tough for me to tell, since I haven’t actually met him in person, but he reminds me that he is sometimes, c-cos it’s easy to put it in the back of your mind. I, uhm, tried to measure out eight feet, just to see how tall he actually is… only two more than me, but it seems like a lot! And, uhm… his curse seems a bit distressing too, although I’m moreso just concerned for his own health. B-but yeah, I understand how people would think that he’s intimidating.

But… but he’s got a gentle heart, too. A real sweetheart. And, and he listens to me when I talk, or when I’m prattling on, and he looks out for me, reminds me to eat or take my medicine, which is a bit ridiculous that I’d have to have someone remind me to do those things, but w-when I was on hiatus.. I, I mean, you guys saw how b-bad I got back then, when I fell out of routine? T-thankfully he was still talking to me, then, b-because otherwise, uhm, I… I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t be answering you guys now, really. S-so, so you have him to thank for that, for me still clogging up your dashes. It’s his fault! Ha. 

…anyways. He’s. He’s a very dear friend, and, uhm… a precious person to me. And I … I hope I can meet him so-… erm, meet him one day. Even with my hesitations, or nervousness… p-perhaps just this once, I’d like to be selfish.

Hee hee.

(…..I mean, ha. )



You know, I didn’t… really notice the static, for a long time. It was just how everything looked, around here. T-then when Stove came over, I noticed that around him, it all looked… I dunno. A lot clearer? L-like the static wasn’t affecting where he was. S-same with those anons w-who came to visit earlier… so I think, I think it only applies to my surroundings, not just w-what I’m looking at.

F-from my perspective, anyways, I’m not sure how or w-why y’alls view is always so distorted. Maybe it’s because it’s w-what I’m… I dunno, projecting for y’all to see? S-so… so it all goes through my filter a-anyways. Hmm. But then it always looks worse, from my end, b-because I’ve got d-double the static on it! H-ha ha…. hrm.

A-anyways, I don’t control it directly, n-no. B-but it seems to be affected by me? L-like, when I’m more distressed or w-whatnot… then it always looks worse. T-to me, and y’all. It seems to respond to my moods, I guess. L-like it’s an entity of itself, w-watching me as well.

K-kind of creepy, w-when I p-put it like that. H-ha… h-ha ha….


…….. I-i, uhm…. i-is that a compliment?? I, uh, I’m s-sorry!! T-that my blog causes you s-such, uh, such turmoil, uhm… 

Y-you uh, if m-my blog gets to be too much, you, uh, y-you should go look at funny v-videos!! On the internet, t-there’s a lot of funny videos o-out there, t-they can cheer you up! And, uhm, g-grass is really great too, like, f-fresh grass… and s-sunlight! V-vitamin D, I think it is, it’s important f-for you and c-can improve your mood, s-so, so going outside f-for a bit, uhm, c-can help you w-with feeling sad.

Uhm… m-maybe I should p-put s-something funny, or cute on my s-side bar over t-there… s-so y’all d-don’t feel too sad reading my blog. H-hold on….

T-there!! W-wow, I’m s-so cheerful and happy!!!! W-wow!!! 


O-oh, uh. B-back at this again, i-it, uh, it seems?? H-ha…. h-ha ha ha….

W-well all right then!!! Q-questions, I guess you can ask them, and t-they’ll be… different, or something, b-because now I’m a girl I guess?? S-since, uh, y’all responded well to it and all last time, so. Uh. Y-yeah, y’all know the drill.



Hmmmm…. I, uh. T-that’s what he said, wasn’t it? I still feel bad about it though, b-because I don’t really remember him at all. I d-don’t remember meeting any once-lers, actually, b-before my factory… but then again, l-like I said before, I don’t really remember too much about back then. For, uh, w-what I assume are obvious reasons, at this point….

A-as to how Stove found me… I’m n-not too sure, honestly. Though I’ve b-been thinking, I think we once-lers have like.. s-some sort of t-tracking sensor? Or something like that, w-where we can find each other… I mean, I s-see other once-lers visiting each other a-all the time! H-how do they find each other? Especially when they’re in the m-middle of nowhere… I dunno, i-it’s, it’s just a theory of mine, h-ha ha. 

(T-though it’d b-be nice if it were true, I g-gotta say… if I were to ever try to v-visit anyone, I d-doubt I’d be able to find them. W-with me being me, and all… hrm.)


Hmmm… h-hairclips actually a-aren’t that bad, I gotta say!! My bangs are l-longer for some reason, s-so they keep the bulk of them out of my eyes. M-maybe I should get some w-when I turn back, though, since my bangs are already long… o-or I could trim them, b-but, y’know. Priorities.

A-and hmm…. i-it’s, uh, it’s a little embarrassing b-but I don’t think I could? I, I mean I switched into this shirt, and it fits well enough yeah, but my collared shirts are k-kind of a slim fit… w-well I mean, they once were, like a f-few months ago… n-now they’re a little baggy. But it’s, uh…. well. T-they don’t fit as well w-when I’m like this…. I’ve g-got a different shape now. 

(T-the magic anoned shirt is cut differently, actually! I w-was looking at the seams earlier. Isn’t that weird? I mean, I guess since it’s a different shape that it has to fit… eh, I’m n-not a really fashionable person anyways, so never mind.)

The skirt is k-kind of un-necessary, though, I’ll g-give you that. But I tried, and I d-don’t fit into my pants now… t-the black ones, I mean. K-kind of annoying, I gotta say, but I mean… w-wearing a skirt isn’t… t-that bad, I guess? H-ha ha….

(Anyways, I’m w-wearing my pajama pants right now, but shhh! I’m t-trying to appear like a professional a-ask blog here!!)

O-oh, is he now? H-ha, that’s funny… l-lots of people seem to be undergoing transformative magic!anons right now, actually.

I-it looks like it’s just his highschool version, though, so even if I could interact with him- her? - in the first place, I wouldn’t be able to? P-plus, I don’t think any version of them knows I exist, h-ha… yeah.

…a-and even if, somehow, hypothetically, I was able to interact with the genderbent highschool version of another onceler who I’ve never spoken to before? My hair’s too short!! So it’s all just a bust. You can dream on about it if you want, though, anon. Sorry!

O-oh!! U-uhm!! T-this is a surprise!

N-n-not at all, Mister Thneednight, sir!! N-not upset at all!! U-uhm, t-thank you for the compliment, then!! Uhm, t-that you think I’m, uh, y-yeah, I think.

(H-hope you’re doing well over where you are, b-by the way….and, uh, tell Nega I said hi, too. Except he’s kind of a kid now, isn’t he, so, say… ‘howdy’? How do the kids talk these days? Hmm.)


T-thanks, all y’all who said I was cute or whatever, but please, contain yourselves, okay? It’s just a magic anon, y’all are used to these sorts of things around here, right?? And, and besides, its only for a day. So, yeah. Don’t get your hopes up or anything.

(…p-please let it only be for a day???)

Also, I’m not going to f-fondle myself on camera either!! I wouldn’t do it as a guy, why do you think I’d do it now? 

Y-yes, this!! I-i mean, my outfit’s a little different, sure, but I’m still LQler!

So please, behave yourselves, sweethearts. No need to treat me any differently than you normally would. I mean, you can ask specific questions relevant to this, erm, situation I’m in, but nothing too lewd, okay? 

(……actually, considering how y’all normally are, perhaps I should try raising my expectations a little, eh? Ha… lest we forget the butt pervert incident.)

(we’re forgetting the butt pervert incident by the way)