So…this is going to be my version of Loki:

With some changes. The desing i found it on google, so it´s not mine xD and  I´m not making it, cause i have no idea of how. Two girls in my town have this anime shop and they make cosplays and stuff. Is still in process :cc 

They also going to make the scepter. And i have to found some great boots, and practice the make up, and change my hair to some darker one…and yeah. I hope that in octuber or november it´s ready :ccc


Guys! omg! I finally have my Fem!Loki cosplay! IT´S SO PRETTY! 

Onegai Yodita (the awesome people who made this) are still working on the scepter ;w; 

Ok, sorry for the bad quality of the photos (my camara has like 4 years with me). So just wait for more pics, with my hair totally black and make up and that stuff. 

No, en serio, necesito producción, pero pronto! La convención en mi ciudad será en octubre, así que ya casi YEY!

So,  finally I have my contact lenses…and now my eyes are green! And, yes, that´s my scepter….just a few days for my femLoki cosplay!

Aunque me duelen los ojos con los lentes de contacto e_e