Princeton mom’s “advice” for women on Fox News sets feminism back 50 years

Want marital bliss? Then stay in your place, ladies!

That’s the latest message from Susan Patton, a.k.a. the “Princeton Mom,” who’s back to tell all you ungrateful wives how to make your husbands happy.

During a recent segment on Fox & Friends titled “Husband Appreciation: Sage Advice For Wives,” the controversial author slammed the modern woman for acting like “an entitled princess.” Feminists “have overcorrected” for past inequalities, Patton asserts, lamenting the fact “women now have become so emboldened by these antagonistic feminists that they have lost sight of the fact that this is the man you married.”

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Please reblog this because it’s important for people to know about this user to avoid

The original owner of this URL is a really bad dude that has also gone by taylormoss7 or ask-an-mra-anything5. His MO seems to be that he reaches out to feminist bloggers and has a seemingly cordial message about bridging misunderstandings about the Men’s Rights Movement - do NOT engage him. Do NOT ask him questions, do NOT visit his blog. He is toxic as SHIT because eventually his messages become straight up death/rape threats. He left a particularly nasty message for misandry-mermaid

And his blog doesn’t get much better. He FREQUENTLY posts about wanting all feminists to die. He blames them for dmab infant circumcision, and it does not matter if you are against it, he hounds feminists about it constantly. It does not matter how many times you tell him - HIM SPECIFICALLY - you are against something, like the idea that a man can’t be raped - he WILL come into your ask box with nasty messages as if you 100% approve of it.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he admitted on several occasions that he had plotted to murder the doctor who circumcised him. He only stopped when he learned the doctor was already dead, and he was sad that it wasn’t by his own hand.

He has also used the n word repeatedly and made expressly anti-Black statements that he wrote off as being okay because he’s 2% gay and would make out with the Black male celebrity he found attractive? So yeah, avoid his blogs.

So please PLEASE save yourself and block this guy if you see him!! Report his blog immediately! He has once again deleted, but I anticipate he will be back. He never stays gone for long.

Please reblog and stay safe

  • Feminist:I believe men and women are equal. I am a feminist, because I focus more on women's issues.
  • MRA:I believe that as well, but I am a Men's Rights Activist, as I focus more on men's issues.
  • Egalitarian:I believe what you two believe, but I like to balance out my focus. That's why I consider myself an egalitarian.
  • Feminist:Cool.
  • MRA:Cool.
  • Egalitarian:Cool.
  • Tumblr:Ew a situation where everyone's happy, this isn't right. I need to try my very best to fuck it up and cause problems for everyone. I'm an sjw.

9 photos that prove these “Women Against Feminism” still need feminism

Anti-feminist woman. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

But that’s not the case for the “Women Against Feminism,” a community of women emerging on Tumblr and Facebook, uniting to celebrate their distaste for mainstream feminist movements. Through photos and signs, these women make their message crystal-clear: They don’t ever want to be called a feminist. 

Here are some examples highlighting the multiple flaws in these arguments, in the hopes that the ongoing conversation about feminism can eradicate these messages for good.

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  • Feminists:circumcision isn't even an issue. It just looks better. Uncircumcised penises just look hella weird like wtf
  • Random guy:I think small boobs on grown women just look weird. I just like bigger boobs
  • Feminist:omg how dare you!? Like I'm soooooo sorry my appearance doesn't sexually satisfy you. Any other unrealistic expectations you want me to live up to, neckbeard?

anonymous said:

Feminism is about women and equality. It's these naked women who pee on pictures of men, then post it online and call it "feminism" that give the movement a bad name. How can you hate feminism? Do you really think every person who stands for it thinks the same way? I just want equality for all women everywhere. But it's idiot blogs like this that think feminism is man hating and aim to shit on every aspect of it.

This is feminism in action. Don’t come telling me that feminism is about equality when this is all feminists do in the real world. Feminism does not mean equality anymore. That ship has sailed. Feminism is now a radical political ideology that does not deserve the right to speak on women’s behalf.

So let me get this straight...

Beyonce performs at the VMAs, and spends most of her performance writhing around sexually. Through her lyrics, she tells women who dislike or disagree with her to “bow down, bitches” all in front of giant flashing lights that read “FEMINIST.” And feminists champion her and feel like she is empowering and liberating women and our sexuality.

But then Sofia Vergara willingly participates (and probably gets compensated) to participate in a comedy bit during the Emmys during the boring Emmys executive segment by standing on a pedestal for everyone to jokingly focus on her and her beauty rather than the dull exec no one cares about. And the feminists RAGE, saying that it’s sexist to objectify such a talented woman?

I’m sorry, feminists. You’re gonna have to help me out. Which part of the hypocrisy am I supposed to overlook here?

anonymous said:

So yeah pretty much the article is about college men being AFRAID to even look at women because they think thats sexual harassment.

But that’s proof of rape culture, according to feminists.

College Guy: “I’d love to go out, get drunk and get laid, but honestly…I’d rather not risk being accused of rape and have my entire future snatched away.”
Feminist: “Basically what you’re saying is that you can’t control your rapist urges.”

College Guy: “No, I would never rape a girl.  I just know there are quite a few guys out there who have been falsely accused and even after the girl recanted, admitting she was trying to cover up infidelity because she didn’t want to get dumped, the college still expelled him and wouldn’t let him back.  It could even happen if a girl’s feelings simply get hurt.  I don’t wanna risk it.”

Feminist: “You victim blaming piece of shit, 1 in 5 women are raped every day and you’re worried about your fucking reputation.  Maybe if you taught men to fucking control themselves they wouldn’t have to be afraid to be around a girl!”

College Guy: “W-w-what?”