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Hello! I was in the depths of Tumblr, and I came across the saying "TERF." I don't fully understand what it is. Could you explain it for me? Thanks so much, and have a blessed day!


TERF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists” and refers to a very small fringe movement of feminism — women who argue that no one who is assigned male at birth can be a woman.

They consider trans women to be men who try to invade “women’s spaces”, and they spend a lot of time aggressively policing and invalidating trans people, both online and in the physical world. 

As the trans activist Cristan Williams puts it:

Within feminist and trans discourse, the term refers to a very specific type of person who wraps anti-trans bigotry in the language of feminism. A hallmark of TERF discourse is that it tends to sound a lot like the anti-trans rhetoric coming out of extreme right-wing groups. 

They also argue that FTM trans men are impostors, but are willing to let them into women’s spaces as they consider them women. 

They make use of two lines of arguments to underpin their persecution. One is the idea that gender is nothing but a social construct, and that the only people who can identify as women, are persons who have been raised as a girls. All persons who have been raised as boys have male privilege and are therefore men and oppressors.

Often, however, they fall back on some kind of simplistic biological ideas that only people born with female genitalia or two X chromosomes are “real” women. Because of this their arguments often seem to mirror the ones of sexist men, the main difference being that what the patriarchy considers signs of honor (the penis, for instance), the TERFs consider signs of violence.

This deeply conservative slant is probably also why they find it meaningful to make use of the theories of old, bearded, sexist men to invalidate trans women.

Terms like “transvestic fetishists” and “autogynephiliacs” are often used, even if these are quasi-medical terms developed by men in order to stigmatize trans women and scare male bodied persons from away from non-masculine gender identities and gender expressions.

One typical TERF meme is that trans women are rapist who want to get access to women’s rest rooms in order to threaten them. The fact is, of course, that if there is anyone who has something to fear rest room wise, it is trans women who are forced to use the men’s room.

TERFs have also been working actively to stop trans women from getting health care and the legal recognition they deserve.

Make no mistake about it: TERFism is destructive and bigoted sexism masquerading as feminism. No real feminists — radical or otherwise — want to be associated with this transphobic ideology.

More on TERFs here:

If a man is afraid, he is a “pussy” or has a “mangina.”

If a man is weak, he is a “girl.”

If a man complains or whines, he is being “bitchy.”

If a man isn’t brave, he needs to “grow a pair.”

The biggest way to hurt a man’s ego is to associated with femininity. Being a woman is considered weak, afraid, dependent, and inferior. 

Every time you use gender as means to insult a person, you are committing an act of sexism. 

Hi loves

I’m Caitlin! 

I’ve decided to submit because of how happy I am with myself lately. I have recently started to really take care of my body and love myself for who I am. Im so glad I found this blog, and I’m so thankful for all of you lovely ladies who have modeled what true body positivity really is.  

Spin Magazine: Feminism in 2014: More Than a Trend

This article is kind of all over the place, and the title means well but is a little condescending. Feminism in various forms has been around as long as there have been women, and it’s been a very active culture in the western world for over a century, especially since the second wave of feminism in the 60’s. So everyone let’s stop putting feminism in the same sentence as “trend”, even as it’s presence grows in pop culture.

There are a few good quotes though:

"Beyoncé’s actions marks a shift in how pop stars — and their fan armies — think about feminism, particularly young women who rarely hear an accurate portrayal of the term outside of a classroom.

"Whatever gets ‘em in the door," legendary riot grrrl and Julie Ruin singer Kathleen Hanna tells SPIN over email. “Some people who see that Miley Cyrus or Beyoncé are calling themselves feminists will dig deeper and find out about feminist history and think about how they can continue it and some won’t. But if even one person does, it’s worth it.”

Hanna is a fervent Beyoncé supporter -  something she touched on in a conversation with Grimes at last year’s VMA pre-show. "I used to worry about ‘feminism’ being capitalized on, like in the ’90s by the Spice Girls, etc.," Hanna says. "But when people like Beyoncé step forward and claim [feminism] as positive, it legitimizes the resurgence in interest we’re seeing today." She’d also “like to see men in the music industry asked if they’re feminists.”

Read the full piece here

Sponsor of Missouri’s “father knows best” bill: “It’s not a woman’s body with an abortion. It’s a child’s body”

GOP state Rep. Rick Brattin doubled down on his bill requiring women to get men’s permission for an abortion

"Facing criticism over a push to require women to seek a man’s written, notarized permission before having an abortion, the Republican state representative behind the bill has doubled down to defend it. According to the measure, “No abortion shall be performed or induced unless and until the father of the unborn child provides written, notarized consent to the abortion.

“It took two to come together and create a child, and right now the way it is the woman gets the full say and the father gets no say, and I think that that needs to change,” state Rep. Rick Brattin said in an interview with 41 Action News. “With the women’s movement for equal rights, well it’s swung so far we have now taken away the man’s right and the say in their child’s life.”

Asked about the criticism he’s received over the bill, which includes exceptions for life endangerment and “legitimate rape” but not victims of intimate partner violence, Brattain said, “Well it’s not a woman’s body with an abortion. It’s a child’s body. It’s a child’s life that’s taken. The woman’s life is not altered.”

Brattin also said that he expects the “militant feminist movement” to fight him over the measure. 

The bill died in committee last year, but Republicans currently hold supermajorities in both chambers. (The question remains if the measure would survive a legal challenge. The Supreme Court has previously found that requiring a woman to alert her spouse before having an abortion is unconstitutional.)”

Read the full piece here

The sad thing about politics is that “I told you so” doesn’t help anybody. The writing was on the wall and in the daily news - GOP ready to sweep Congress - and women’s lives were on the line, but a ton of people just couldn’t be bothered to vote. Or believe that “voting doesn’t matter”, which is a total win for the powers that be - "Refusal to vote isn’t rebellion, it’s surrender."

This particular a*hole may not get anywhere, but he’s just one of a huge field of conservatives trying to set women’s rights backs by decades to centuries. And they are going to win a lot of battles over the next few years because they’ve got the legal authority to do so. 

Do what you can to fight the measures in your state. If you’re not registered to vote, register now, don’t wait until 2016!

In regard to Humans…

Contrary to popular belief, the word “human” does not necessarily stem from the word “man”. The word originates from the Latin word “humus”, meaning dirt, earth, or soil, and the Hebrew word “adamah”, meaning land or earth. Although we may explore others, we will always be tethered to this planet, our Earth. It defines us, and we must do everything in our power to protect our homeplanet.

[weightloss shaming]


Women are not bad feminists for wanting to lose weight.


not all women want to lose weight to meet societal conditioning.

not all women want to lose weight to please men.

not all women want to lose weight to compete with each other.

not all women who want to lose weight buy into fat shaming.

not all women who want to lose weight judge other peoples’ bodies.

not all women who want to lose weight hate themselves.

not all women who want to lose weight embrace the term fat.  

some do.  some don’t.

If she asks, “could you please not call me fat?” DON’T FUCKING CALL HER FAT.

Reclaimed words cease to be empowering if you thrust them upon women against their will. 


It’s ok to be fat.
it’s ok to love being fat.
it’s ok to be thin.
it’s ok to love being thin.

It’s ok to modify yourself through hairstyles, colors, piercings, tattoos, and fashion.

So why, then, is it not ok for a woman to make her own decision to lose weight?
if beauty isn’t contingent on weight, WHAT is the fucking problem?

If you can’t extend that same acceptance to people who CHOOSE to lose weight, DO NOT CALL YOURSELF BODY POSITIVE.

Stop assuming peoples’ reasons for weight loss, and stop trying “free” people from wanting to lose weight “because feminism.”

That’s not what feminism is.  


YES, some women do feel pressured to lose weight, and do it for reasons that are body shaming and faulty. 
I will NEVER ever deny that.

But you have NO right to assume that’s why ANY woman does it.
ASK her first.  Fucking ask.

It is as valid and as empowered as ANY independent decision a woman makes for her self, if it is something she is doing FOR HER GODDAMN SELF.

Stop giving her a hard time.

Stop doing it. 

I’m so tired of having to school people on this bullshit. 

thank you. 

A conversation with my mother.

Me: Mom, how can you not support my ideas on women’s rights and gender equality? It’s imperative that everyone is seen as equals! For example, did you know that women couldn’t  have their own credit cards until 1970 without their husband’s permission? 

Mom: The men were probably just trying to protect the women from spending too much money. 

Me: What?! First of all, that’s not even the point, second… oh I give up. 

Kudos to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Isn’t Taking Any of Gamergate’s Threats, Tells Them Off Spectacularly

Jimmy Wales responds to a critic of Wikipedia’s deletion of a #GamerGate page that was compiling a list of anti-GG writers which could be used as a harassment resource.

"I’ve recently seen web pages in which people who are – and I don’t know how else to put it – vicious assholes – are gathering data to attack the personal lives of volunteers. It is very difficult for me to buy into the notion that gamergate is “really about ethics in journalism” when every single experience I have personally had with it involved pro-gg people insulting, threatening, doxxing, etc.

No, not all pro-gg people. But there’s a huge contingent to the extent that for good people – and I respect your letter and assume good faith that you are a good person – the name “gamer gate” is toxic.

Even if 90% of the supporters are good and 10% are bad, the bad are poisoning the message for everyone. That’s not an evaluation of right and wrong, just an observation of a clear fact.

You see, a big part of the problem is that #gamergate is not a movement, but a hashtag. And so there is literally no way to have any quality control of any kind. There is no way to see what is or is not a position of gamergate.

I have had several people over the past weeks say to me “It is not about misogyny.” I was prepared to believe that. But discussions usually very quickly move to attacking a female game developer for events surrounding her personal life. That’s sick.

The contingent of people who are interested in putting pressure on institutions within game journalism to expose corruption need an actual organization – with a mission statement, with a board of directors, with elected people who represent the movement. Barring that, you should very much expect the media to continue to accurately report that the Gamergate community is associated with online harassment and misogyny. But actually, in fact, it is.

Bravo! Read the full letter here, plus the email he is responding to.