I have generally avoiding even mentioning Anita, mainly because she’s not a journalist she can say and make anything she wants, but what the fuck.

I went through her site and youtube, and I still cannot find any content other than her Tropes vs. Women videos. Which are already paid for. She got 158,000 dollars to make them. It was kind of a big deal.

So, why is she asking for monthly contributions? And why is she asking for them through her own personal site, where, unlike Patreon,

  • Nobody gets to see how much she’s receiving a month, allowing transparency
  • Nobody gets to see whom is contributing money to her
  • And there’s no way for her to offer more content if certain goals are met.

And while I’m at it, let’s look at the text on her donation page.

All Feminist Frequency videos are available on YouTube to watch and share for free without any advertising. We are a 501(c)3 non profit charity and we rely on generous donations from viewers to make these educational videos possible.

Do you mean the videos you were paid 158,000 dollars to make, are making at the most glacial pace imaginable, which are also the only content you’ve produced?

So let me get this straight...

Beyonce performs at the VMAs, and spends most of her performance writhing around sexually. Through her lyrics, she tells women who dislike or disagree with her to “bow down, bitches” all in front of giant flashing lights that read “FEMINIST.” And feminists champion her and feel like she is empowering and liberating women and our sexuality.

But then Sofia Vergara willingly participates (and probably gets compensated) to participate in a comedy bit during the Emmys during the boring Emmys executive segment by standing on a pedestal for everyone to jokingly focus on her and her beauty rather than the dull exec no one cares about. And the feminists RAGE, saying that it’s sexist to objectify such a talented woman?

I’m sorry, feminists. You’re gonna have to help me out. Which part of the hypocrisy am I supposed to overlook here?

I am not your good feminist.

I will not follow the herd.

I will give you the facts.

I will tell you to end your hysteria.

I will stand up for men’s rights.

I will stand up for women’s rights.

I will stand up for human rights.

I will make sure that not only equal rights are achieved.

But also equal accountability, responsibility, and expectation.

I support my sisters, not just cis-ters.

I support my brothers just the same.

I support those who are both a sister and brother.

And I will not stand for my movement’s name to be tarnished by misandrists, transphobes, racists, and other bigots alike.

I will not pretend misandry is a joke or nonexistent.

I will not stand for gender specials.

I simply will not stand for tucutes.

Overall, I will not stand for your bigoted minds.

If ‘real’ feminism is for equality, we need to call out the bigots and PROVE that to those who have been hurt by ‘fake’ feminism.

I’m out!

  • Feminists:No means no! We need to respect women's consent and boundaries!
  • Male allies:Yeah!
  • Feminists:Ok remember that thing we learned just now about respecting women's "No?" Please leave this one word, feminism, for us since we literally built this movement, and deserve to have a title with which to refer to ourselves.

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a lot of these women on tumblr that call themselves feminist reek of misandry and hypocrisy. Feminism isn’t about women only, it’s not about men being worse than women. It’s about equality. Equality for all genders.
This is not an anti-feminism post. This is a pro feminism post. All these anti-feminist here should realise that it’s not feminism they are against but the people who label themselves as feminist but do the complete opposite of what a real feminist would do.


"Some Men"
A Subway Story
India ink on copy paper. I think I like the messy look. It is an attempt at loosening up without copying my inspirations too much ( Kate Beaton, Hannah Krieger, etc).

On another note, I know balls and smaller hips etc make it more comfortable for men to sit with legs a little apart. Thick thighs, especially at that time of the month, also make it more comfortable for ladies to sit with legs a bit apart. Neither of those comfort issues justify spreading out so much as to take up somebody else’s seat/personal space/opportunity to sit.

9/10 times it happens, it is men doing it. Men don’t usually do it to other men because they don’t want to touch each other. But they don’t mind squishing against and dominating a woman’s space, and they don’t mind teaming up so that the seat between them is unusable.

I don’t think this makes men evil. I think it is societal and subconscious. For example, the guy with the glasses offered his seat to an old woman. She declined, so he stayed spread out on me, but that goes to show that he could be considerate. He probably wasn’t even aware that the reason he was comfortable invading my space was because of societal power dynamics between genders. He is used to it. It is, well, his privilege.

Maybe I should have said something. I tend not to want confrontations on subways, though. (More power dynamics at play, I guess.) So instead here is this silly comic, which I hope made you chuckle and/or think about how you act on public transit.

Im so fucking sick of antifeminists saying “men get murdered and raped more than women” SHUT THE FUCK UP 90% of murders are committed by men so its men killing men women have nothing to fucking do with it. And 25% of all crime is domestic violence on women so yup again men hurting people. And getting raped equally?? Is that a fucking joke. 90% percent of rape victims are women. And yes men do get raped no one fucking said they didn’t


hey hey!

My husband’s new job is delayed (boss lady has been stranded somewhere in Central America?), as is the promised salary advance, and we are absolutely drowning after slow sales and too much time spent waiting.

If you know poverty, then you know how it goes: there was not enough money to cover the rent check- so it bounced, causing the phone/internet/utilities to pile up, triggering an avalanche of overdraft fees.
Our account is currently negative more than $400- even after two weeks of deposits.

Now this financial disaster is impacting everything: I’m out of several prescriptions, food is running incredibly low and I’m constantly going hungry, we need a new car battery asap, I can’t afford textbooks or mandatory online access codes. I couldn’t even scrounge up $10 cash to visit the school clinic today to address my current sinus/lung/kidney/bladder infection situation.

My father has refused to cosign a small student loan, and then changed his mind after agreeing to purchase my books. My sisters refused to pick up my meds or loan me cash to see the doctor. D’s doing odd jobs and running the shop and doing everything he can.

I know. I know this kind of thing seems to happen to us repeatedly, but that is exactly how the cycle of poverty works.

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I also have a PayPal donate button on the bottom right side of my blog, and I’ll add the cheaper books I need to my Amazon wishlist.

Thank you in advance for your love and support.