Things anti-sjws need to stop doing:

  • Calling people “retards,” “autistic,” and/or “faggots” because they were wrong. You sound just like the sjws who call people “cishets,” “men,” or “white” for disagreeing with them.
  • Pulling the “Well women in third-world countries…” card because, let’s face it, y’all don’t do anything for those women except use them for your arguments, and it’s ironic because most of these people are pro-GG so video game journalism is also not nearly of a deal as what the oppression those women face. (NOTE: I am not claiming that “manspreading” and stuff like that is oppression either, nor am I an anti-GG, just pointing out that you also prioritize what is honestly a first world problem compared to what those women go through while bitching at feminists for doing the same)
  • Pretending anti-feminists are perfect and never ever protest against someone for saying “I’m a feminist.” I’ve seen anti-feminists say “Well I agree with Christina Hoff Sommers’ views but I disagree with her identifying as a feminist.” I’ve also seen another anti-feminist attack a self-proclaimed egalitarian feminist just for the “feminist” part of the label she uses.
  • Labeling every little fucking thing “sjw” just because it mentions social justice or equality or feminism of any sort.
  • Purposely misgendering someone because you spite them or they disagreed with you. Looking at you, people who call Brianna Wu a “he.”
  • Dedicating your blog to nothing but hating feminists or debunking stuff. This is more of me being concerned for your health than anything else. If hate consumes you too much, it can have negative effects on your mental state. This isn’t me being a sarcastic bitch either, I’m dead serious. I know from experience how this is.
  • Denying that misogyny / racism exists in the first world. Even if not so much in its oppressive form, the prejudicial form will always exist, therefore, misogyny and racism will always exist. Everywhere.
  • Stereotyping feminists as fat, wearing cat glasses, having an unnatural hair color, being hairy, etc. Especially if you also get pissed when sjws stereotype anti-sjws as fat, neckbearded, dudebros, fedora-wearers, etc.
  • Generalizing other fandoms but still being quick to say “Not all bronies!” I hate anti-bronies too, and I agree, not all bronies. But also, not all SuperWhoLocks are crazy yaoi fangirls, not all furries are obsessed with animal porn, not all Steven Universe fans are sjws, not all Vocaloid fans are weeaboos, etc.
  • Fight hate with hate, AKA the thing sjws themselves do. 
  • “I know they’re a Nazi but sometimes they post good st–” Yeah, we get it. A broken clock is right twice a day. Since that is true, let’s go follow people like misandry-mermaid as well, since she also posts good stuff from time to time. Oh wait.
  • Trying to say sjws are “worse” than Nazis because “At least Nazis don’t claim they’re fighting for equality!” Heck, maybe not Nazis, but a few more extreme anti-sjws claim to be for equality when… they’re not.
  • Trying to convert critical feminists or any feminist that actually does believe in equality into egalitarians.
  • Viewing everything as black and white.

Things that anti-sjws need to start doing:

  • Policing the anti-sjw movement more. Make sure people avoid the more toxic anti-sjw blogs. Of course, if you make an avoid list, provide sources and reasons backing up why these types of blogs should be avoided or at least followed by people who are willing to step up and call out their wrongdoings.
  • Taking a break from debunking posts and all that. Post some positive stuff so you don’t get too stressed. Post things that you’d post on a personal blog not related to anti-sjw stuff. Being negative all the time can harm your brain, so treat yourself to positivity; things that make you happy, make you laugh, make you feel at ease.
  • Also take breaks from blogging period. Add stuff to your queue, of course, so your followers will be happy, while you take a two week vacation away from Tumblr’s constant bullshit.
  • Call out all bigots. Not just sjws. Tumblr has its fair share of holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis, extreme right-wingers, and pretty much everything else.
  • Be more welcoming and supportive of critical feminists and equality feminists. The feminist movement needs feminists like them, and in all honesty, we need more feminists like them on our side. As feminists, they have more power than egalitarians, mras, anti-feminists, and the rest of us who aren’t feminists. They can prove to be awesome allies.
  • Being more civil and level-headed in debates (unless provoked, of course). I’ve noticed that being polite, civil, and overall level-headed gets your point across better, and usually both sides come to an agreement as long as both sides remain calm.

Honestly I’d list more on both lists but I’m tired, so here’s this and goodnight.

Feel free to add more.

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There are times when I’m about to eat something and I think “Maybe I shouldn’t, I’ll get fat” but then a voice in me says “Nicki Minaj would whoop your ass if she caught you treating yourself like this” and then I happily eat what ever I was about to eat and that’s why I think Nicki Minaj is a very important rolemodel to all women no matter age! 


I just came across this gif but could only find a small version, sorry for the blurriness! 

Here’s the clip:

32 Incredible TED Talks by Black Women that Will Inspire You

“With the driving theme of “ideas worth spreading,” TED Talks have become a widely known online media platform. With the goal of having leaders from different backgrounds and fields share their stories, experiences, and thoughts on a wide range of topics, TED Talks are equal parts entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

From doctors, poets, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, activists, novelists, and everything in-between, there have been a large number of influential Black women to present TED and TEDx Talks in recent years on diverse and rich ideas. Here are 32 TED talks by Black women to get you motivated, no matter what field you are in or where your interests may lie. Everyone and anyone can take something away from these women’s powerful and moving presentations.”

See the full list here 

I always hear this narrative about feminist women vs non feminist women. Feminist women won’t let non feminist women be. We fight them, we harass them, we bully them for their own choices, their own identification and we just can’t handle women not IDing as feminist.

The truth, from my own observations, is very different. I have personally never seen feminists rallying and taking shots at non feminist women. I have rarely seen them complain about non feminist women.

The issue is with ANTI feminist women. Those who are proud of their anti feminism, who display it proudly, who are scornful of feminists. These women who declare that they don’t need feminism and imply that because they don’t personally feel they have a use for it then no woman does.

There have always been women against feminism, we know that. We can also see that women against feminism have not been quiet about their feelings, but vocal and aggressive towards feminism.

The anti feminist narrative attempts to conflate non feminist and anti feminist, as if they are the same thing.

They are not.

It’s just another way to try and make it seem like feminists just can’t STAND anyone else having opinions and to make it seem like feminists systemically silence women every time feminists try and fight against anti feminism.

To make feminists themselves seem anti women and anti choice.

This is a very deliberate narrative, it’s not an accident.

the signs as girl power anthems
  • aries:bad reputation by joan jett and the blackhearts
  • taurus:hard out here by lily allen
  • gemini:just a girl by no doubt
  • cancer:pretty girl rock by keri hilson
  • leo:grown woman by beyonce
  • virgo:respect by aretha franklin
  • libra:hollaback girl by gwen stefani
  • scorpio:do it like a dude by jessie j
  • sagittarius:do my thang by miley cyrus
  • capricorn:how to be a heartbreaker by marina and the diamonds
  • aquarius:independent woman by destiny's child
  • pisces:q.u.e.e.n. by janelle monae/erykah badu

Consent Can Be Withdrawn At Any Time and 10 Other Things You Need to Know About Consent

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Dear people who send me “dick pics”,

Um, Hi. How are you? Actually, scratch that- I don’t really care. Why did you send me a picture of your penis? Did you think it would make me feel happy/sexually aroused to know that the sight of my ass made you whip it out? It’s funny because that’s literally the opposite of how it makes me feel. Crazy, right? Mostly it makes me feel unsafe. It reminds me that there are troubled, disgusting people in this world who think my body is on display for their sexual desire. Maybe you didn’t know, but it’s scary to be open and confident w/ your body. Especially in a wide open public forum like the internet. And whether you meant to or not, you simultaneously scared the shit out of me and almost made me lose my lunch. Right now you’re probably thinking “Damn, can’t this angsty bitch take a joke?” The answer is: No. I can’t take a joke. Especially when the joke is a visually agressive image of your dickhole.

Stop sending me penis pictures. I don’t like it. I’m not into it. You know who you are.

#Feminist #effyourbeautystandards #honoryourcurves