The story of this photo is a couple of years old but it just came across my Facebook feed again so I wanted to share. Facebook may be allowing this picture now instead of zapping it after it appears, I’m not 100% sure, but they have still the nipple double standard, breast feeding pic removal, removal of photos of gay couples kissing, and more ongoing discrimination issues in their editorial policy.

Meanwhile jailbait pages or harassment pics stay up for ages because they “don’t violate the Facebook terms of service.”

Read the original story here: Facebook ‘Removes Image Of Breast Cancer Survivor’s Double Mastectomy Tattoo Over Nudity Violation’ 

I don’t think that Facebook is specifically trying to oppress women and LGBTQIA+ people, but like a lot of privileged folks, their team just don’t think about other people’s experiences, and about how their own prejudices and internalized sexism informs their editorial decisions.

They’ve come a lot further on LGBT issues, for example the ton of gender options they now offer, but it took them forever to get there. And with their “must use real names” mandate they have seriously messed with a lot of users who don’t go by their birth name a ton of valid reasons, many of them gender/identity related.


How Every Company in America Can Save 23% on Wages

Okay, this is now officially my favorite video debunking the fraudulent gender wage gap.


Come as you are, whatever you are.

As a man in society I’ve never had to worry about having to cover up my nipples because for some reason we sexualize women’s nipples and not mens. A naked body is a naked body. Nipples are apart of all of our bodies. This is what it would look like if men had to hide their nipples. And if you think this looks ridiculous, what’s more ridiculous is that women have to do this. We should all be equal. Women should be able to show their nipples without ridicule and sexualization of them. Please reblog this