Buzzfeed has asked the Avengers: Age of Ultron director why he left Twitter, and “harassment from feminists” was not his answer.

Speaking with Joss Whedon over the phone, Buzzfeed got straight to business after over 24 hours of the Internet speculating why he left the social media site. Was it militant feminists, they asked?

“That is horseshit,“ he said.


Friendly reminder that women actually earn more on average than men when they’re still in the workforce. And women earning less later in life is not a bad thing because they decided to have children and it’s their choice and raising a child is a beautiful thing and should not be discouraged :).


“Before Bobbi Gibb, it was widely believed that women weren’t physiologically capable of running long distances. Though women were not allowed to run the #BostonMarathon at the time, Gibb dressed in men’s clothes and snuck into the 1966 race, finishing ahead of two-thirds of the men. “I knew that I was running for much more than my own personal challenge. I was running to change the way people think." 

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What I honestly don’t understand is when people make not wanting to see period blood( in ads etc) into a giant feminist issue.

No, it’s because even though I’m female, periods gross me out and it has nothing to do with being against women, it’s just not wanting to see biological waste. 

A Bunch Of Famous Men Debate If Amy Schumer Is Hot Enough For TV On ‘Inside’

If Amy Schumer isn’t talking about sex on her Comedy Central show, she’s poking fun at her body. Tuesday night’s entire episode of “Inside Amy Schumer” was dedicated to both, as she rounded up an all-star cast of male actors to debate her “f–kability,”which she often discusses on the show.

“Happy Birthday Gloria Richardson! A major Civil Rights activist, she led the early 1960s Cambridge Movement in her hometown of Cambridge, Maryland. She turns 93 today” 

Photo: Gloria Richardson pushes away a National Guard bayonet, 1963 .




anonymous asked:

Hey!! Why are you a feminist??

…Because my great-great grandmother committed female infanticide as she bought into the idea that girls are useless because we can’t ‘carry on the family name’. Perhaps because my great-grandmother had bound feet that crippled her for life just because ‘lotus feet’ made girls marriageable. 

And because that legacy still lives on today in that my relatives insist I must eventually want to get married and have kids, that I shouldn’t be ‘so ambitious’ about my career and find a nice guy to settle down with after uni. Even though they never say this stuff to my guy cousins because it’s automatically assumed they can balance work and family. 

I’m not going to insist that people (esp fellow women) must label themselves one way or another because that’ll just be reproducing a marginalisation of their voices. But…if you’re coming with me with the whole ‘feminists are bad, you shouldn’t call yourself that’, sorry no. None of that ‘lol feminism used to be good but it isn’t anymore.’ Feminism has always been a flawed movement from the very beginning due to issues of imperialism, ethnicity, class, trans issues, homophobia etc and it’s obvious to me as an East Asian woman. I call myself one because it’s what the women who campaigned to ensure I wouldn’t be living in the same type of conditions as my great-grandparents labelled themselves with. I call myself one cognisant of how- like any movement- it has issues within it, and that it’s my responsibility to call it out too as long as I consider myself a feminist.

You need to do your share of housework all the time, of your own accord, without procrastinating, without being asked, without making excuses. Recognize that our domestic habits and our internalized ideas about unpaid domestic work are hugely gendered and hugely benefit men, and accept that it is your responsibility to fight against this. If feminism is the theory, clean dishes are the practice. Over the next week, take note of how much housework you do as compared to women you live with and note where it is or is not an equitable division.
White Victims of Racism & Hate Crimes

Since Tumblr racists insists on claiming that white people aren’t in any danger and you can’t be racist towards them…

…And I guarantee you that there are more stories like this, hiding deep in the dregs of the internet because nobody has the sense to care.

If you think that any of these people deserved to be attacked, that their lives are worth less or that these attacks don’t matter because the victims are white, then you are a racist, plain and simple.