Well, this is it, the final day of my #‎91daysofdrawing artist residency at the CCA Glasgow. Thank you to everyone who have supported me along the way. 

I will be taking a short Tumblr break (only a week) to gather my thoughts and rest a little, but I promise to be back soon, answering all of your wonderful questions and drawing my pink feminist heart out.

A very special thank you to all the people who’ve been supporting me online ever since I started this little pink project. Without you, I would’ve spent the last 91 days, the last 3 years, talking to myself. I’m thankful that we’re in this together. <3

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Much like schoolroom dress codes, what is considered workplace “appropriate” is often structured around cultural norms where the ideal is based around the white male gaze. Anything that doesn’t align with it is considered inappropriate, so womens’ attire is expected to conform or else the wearer faces the consequences.

Those could include comments behind your back and to your face, less opportunities, or even formal complaints.

In a less subtle form of discrimination, dress codes can go beyond unspoken rules and even be codified in employee handbooks and policies. Legally, dress codes cannot impose a greater burden based on gender identity – so if your workplace is reaching beyond and forcing you to don an expensive skirt or heels, you may have legal reason to take action.

A donor gave the Girl Scouts $100,000 but told them they couldn't use the money for transgender girls

SO THE GIRL SCOUTS ARE RETURNING EVERY PENNY. Why? “Girl Scouts is for every girl, and every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout if she wants to.” The Girl Scouts now need our help to raise back the $100K they’re losing in order to support EVERY girl. 

Go check out their indiegogo page and tonight if you can spare a dollar!

익명 회원 질문:

I need feminism because the man who molested me was drunk and therefore I have been told that he shouldn't be blamed or held accountable, and that it wasn't his fault and he didn't mean to. And the sad thing is that if I had been the one who was drunk people still wouldn't believe that he should have been held accountable.

Thanks for sharing this with us! Your story truly does mean a lot and I hope you have a good support system to help. <3

-The Daily Feminist 

I can’t wait for the day, when I don’t have to keep my sheild up. When I’m not always ready for a fight. When I don’t have to defend and explain my sexuality to anyone. When I can tell you I’m gay and don’t have to face the follow up questions about how I can know without having had sex with a man. When I don’t have to hear you make jokes about how I have to sleep with you to know I’m sure. When I don’t have to be scared.