This Is How Ridiculous Gender Inequality Sounds

Sexism seems even more absurd when applied to everyday situations.Created by Girl Pants Production, a new video called “How Gender Inequality Sounds To Normal People” parodies subtle sexism by applying it to everyday experiences. The video reveals just how problematic this behavior is.

See more examples of how ludicrous gender inequality sounds here. 

Buzzfeed has asked the Avengers: Age of Ultron director why he left Twitter, and “harassment from feminists” was not his answer.

Speaking with Joss Whedon over the phone, Buzzfeed got straight to business after over 24 hours of the Internet speculating why he left the social media site. Was it militant feminists, they asked?

“That is horseshit,“ he said.

Rape culture doesn’t necessarily mean that we as a society condone the act of rape or think that it’s good. What rape culture does mean is that we normalize rape and we make excuses for it. We blame rape survivors for their own victimization and we tell women that because they didn’t behave or dress in a certain way that it’s their own fault for being sexually assaulted.
—  Marina Watanabe, 2015

Have you ever watched a disaster movie and asked yourself, “how does this modern woman facing imminent death in the zombie apocalypse find the time to keep her armpits looking so fresh and hairless?” Perhaps you and your dog have enjoyed a night in with the television on, when you turned to her and asked, “wouldn’t she be more comfortable fighting vampires in yoga pants and a pair of sneakers? Those boots have no arch support!” Or maybe you’ve found yourself screaming in a crowded movie theater, “did the aliens steal all the bras?! Where are all the bras?! Dear Zeus, if you must make these women run for their lives, at least allow them their supportive undergarments!!!”

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or just your everyday life, we know Smart Girls like you are out there saving the world!

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Friendly reminder that women actually earn more on average than men when they’re still in the workforce. And women earning less later in life is not a bad thing because they decided to have children and it’s their choice and raising a child is a beautiful thing and should not be discouraged :).


This Teen Wants Her School To Know: “If My Shorts Make You Uncomfortable, YOU Are The Problem.”

“Warm weather is starting to settle in around the country and school administrators are sharpening their pencils getting ready to impose their dress code restrictions on students… or shall we say their female students.

In schools across the nation, girls have been at the center of dress code wars, and not just for baring skin, but also for things like dresses and leggings that expose the female form. Oh mon Dieu! Not the female form.

Even a five-year-old kindergarten student was reprimanded for wearing a maxi dress to school that had spaghetti straps. It goes on, and on, and on.

But girls aren’t covering up, they are taking a stand. Posted anonymously to Imgur, one 17-year-old student is getting a jump on things by hanging these (above image) notices throughout her school.

Clearly, school dress codes are not going away anytime soon, but we think they need a serious makeover. Developing policies that do not unfairly target and shame girls, or underestimate boys by assuming that they can’t possibly behave properly around girls who show any skin or their figure in any way, would be a step in the right direction.”

Read the full piece here

GO KIDS GO!!! It’s pathetic and outrageous that teen girls have to fight against double standards instead of the adults - AKA school staff -dealing with sexism and harassment. 

Victim blaming and female shaming, what a great educational environment! JK.