I have generally avoiding even mentioning Anita, mainly because she’s not a journalist she can say and make anything she wants, but what the fuck.

I went through her site and youtube, and I still cannot find any content other than her Tropes vs. Women videos. Which are already paid for. She got 158,000 dollars to make them. It was kind of a big deal.

So, why is she asking for monthly contributions? And why is she asking for them through her own personal site, where, unlike Patreon,

  • Nobody gets to see how much she’s receiving a month, allowing transparency
  • Nobody gets to see whom is contributing money to her
  • And there’s no way for her to offer more content if certain goals are met.

And while I’m at it, let’s look at the text on her donation page.

All Feminist Frequency videos are available on YouTube to watch and share for free without any advertising. We are a 501(c)3 non profit charity and we rely on generous donations from viewers to make these educational videos possible.

Do you mean the videos you were paid 158,000 dollars to make, are making at the most glacial pace imaginable, which are also the only content you’ve produced?

I need feminism
because whilst growing up,
I was told feminism meant;
you despised men,
couldn’t shave,
did not wear a bra.
that feminists were “unladylike”
that you weren’t a “real” feminist if you shaved
and decorated your face with make up
I need feminism
because I don’t believe in stereotypes
Or discrimination
I believe in equality.

  • Men:Rape culture isn't real and rape isn't even that common. You're just paranoid and probably flattering yourself. Not all men are rapists, okay?
  • Men:*capitalize on women's (justified) fear of sexual violence and profit from selling pink pepper spray and other pink self defense weapons specifically to women*

So, even though the VMA’s were 3 days ago, I’ve still been seeing people from the 5sos fam sending hate to Harmonizers because Fifth Harmony won the Artist to Watch award (I have also gotten hate on this blog and my fifth harmony blog). Yes, I get that you wanted 5sos to win but you have no business saying that the awards were rigged, because if that were the case 5sos didn’t deserve to win the Best Lyric category either. Fifth Harmony won because their fans are some of the most dedicated fans that I have seen. And for them to be a smaller fandom and STILL beat 5sos is a big achievement. I’ve also seen people call them ‘talentless’, ‘shitty’, and ‘flops’ among other insults. The pictures above show that when Fifth Harmony performed, the VMAs had the most viewers, while 5sos had the least people tune in when they performed. Don’t insult them when far many more people tuned in to watch Fifth Harmony, and Fifth Harmony aren’t even ‘on the radar according to some of you.
Now on to sexism. Many of you have commented on Fifth Harmony’s ‘Reflection’ album art calling them sluts, whores, gross and that they ‘should cover up more’ and yet you turn around to drool over 5sos when they are half naked. (This applies to ever girl group and female artist who have dealt with double standards btw). Now don’t get me wrong, I love 5sos. I mean I wouldn’t run a blog dedicated to them if that weren’t the case. But to go out of your way and insult Fifth Harmony based on their clothes and say that awards shows are rigged because ‘who the hell are they?’ is way out of line. I will repeat again that I love 5sos (and Fifth Harmony), but please do not slut shame (they literally had to ban comments on their ‘Bo$$’ music video because of the degrading and slut shaming comments), call them talentless, etc just because 5sos didn’t win one award.

In no fewer than 500 words, please describe ways in which feminism has ruined a game that you like. Please cite examples and be descriptive. Provide evidence that feminism was directly to blame for the negative impact that it has had on this game. I prefer MLA-style citations. Please do this for no fewer than (3) games that have been negatively affected by said feminism.

Because I can’t think of a single goddamn one.