Feminists who focus on the “little stuff” do it because that’s It—that’s the stuff, that’s the fertile soil in which everything else takes root and from whence everything else springs, that’s the way that the fundamental idea that women are not equal to men is conveyed over and over and over again.

When feminist concern trolls like Dawkins whine about the misuse of feminism, talking about feminism like it’s meant to be kept under glass, broken only in case of a “real” and “serious” emergency, they’re deliberately ignoring how culture works. The “little things” don’t happen in a vacuum, but are part of a spectrum of expressed misogyny that forms a systemic oppression of women.
A lot of people call themselves feminists these days.

And yet there’s something that’s always bothered me about what some of them (not all of them; in my experience, it’s more or less never ‘all of them’) seem to be saying. Things like this:

"Women have to live in fear of men. Women should be afraid of men.”

And then the condemnation of men, fully half of the species, is labeled empowerment. But is it really? When people say certain things, I find, part of the real meaning lies in what they don’t say.

When I hear “Men are predators”, I also hear the whispered “And women are prey.”

When I hear “Men have all the power”, I hear the unspoken echo: “And women are powerless.”

And now? I’m getting to be convinced that a lot of people don’t really care about empowerment at all. Not as much as they care about anger. Because the weaker and more powerless people feel, the easier it is for them to be angry - and to feel justified in their anger.

As for me? I think women - at least in a lot of places, at least in places like the US and the UK where most of the people who say these things seem to be coming from - are stronger, far more powerful and in control of their lives and their fears, than such people would ever care to admit.

So now I ask: Which of these views is truly empowering? To teach people to embrace fear - or to teach them to rise above it?


Hilarious Christmas song is the feminist rally cry we’ve been waiting for

There is a time and a place for well-reasoned, nuanced debates about feminism. Sometimes, however, all you really want is a pair of hilarious women singing about bashing the patriarchy and pulverizing sexists while playing stringed instruments. 

That time is now, thanks to the Doubleclicks, a musical duo made up of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber.


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