If you like the idea of recycled jewelry and helping a trans college student be slightly less broke, you should go here and buy one of these groovy bracelets. Because therapy is expensive and being kind to the planet is cool beans.

All bracelets are hand-made 100% from recycled soda tabs (in case you weren’t sure). They’re cheap, lightweight, unique as frick and you guessed it— recyclable! So if you decide you hate it you can just toss that mess in your nearest bin/box/dumpster/other assorted recycling receptacles. 

I only just made my etsy store a week ago, so for the time being this is the only product available. However, I would like to add more things with time, and hopefully when I’m working again this summer and don’t need the extra money anymore the proceeds will go towards buying binders and gaffs for other trans people who need a hand.

Free Feminine Clothing!


Mossimo Navy Blue Skinny Jeans (size 1)

Rue 21 Flare Jeans (size 1/2 )

Rue 21 Light Wash Skinny Jeans (size 1/2 )

Aeropostale Cut-Off Shorts (size 0)

Rachel and Chloe Floral Print Skirt (size XS)


Silver and Purple Round Beaded Bracelet

Red and Gold Cross Necklace

Peacock Ring

Hoop Earring Lot

Curved Colored Earring Lot

Stud Lot (includes fruits with smiles on them, gold roses, and pink studs)

Dangling Earrings

Pretty Square Antique Looking Bracelet

Red Sparkly Scarf

Black Square Purse


Doctor Who Shirt (Small) (This could be for any gender, really)

Doctor Who Bowties Are Cool Shirt (small feminine fit)

American Eagle Red and Black Striped Sweater


Alfred Angelo Lilac Dress (size 0)

Trixxi Black and White Ruffle Dress (size 3)

Gold Floor Length Formal Gold Corset Dress (small)


Beige Flower Flats (size 7)

Polka Dot Wedges (size 7)

Brown Ankle Boots (size 7)

Pink and White Heelys (size 7)

Knee High Black Boots (size 7)

If you are interested in any of these thing, email me at katiemii57@gmail.com!

All you have to pay for is shipping. If you can’t pay for shipping, or all of the price, I’ll try to help you out. <3 

There is nothing wrong with being Feminine

There is nothing wrong with being Masculine.

Femininity is not weakness.

Masculinity is not toxic.